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The best water fountains for keeping your pets hydrated

Pets need readily available water they can get to easily, especially when you’re away. Water fountains are a fun way to get your cat or dog to drink their daily water intake and prevent dehydration. Water is essential to pet health aspects like digestion, moisturized skin and fur, and proper immune system function. Fortunately, we’ve narrowed down the list to these leading brands to help you decide.

Water fountains are more appealing than regular bowls, but they’re also more sanitary in some ways. They’re built with filters that trap dirt, metals, and hair particles. When a fountain has multiple small parts, however, it’s important to clean them thoroughly to prevent bacteria and mold.

Keep in mind that most fountains are wire-powered, so consider possible areas at home where you might display this drinking reservoir. Most fountains have a capacity of 2 to 3 liters, which means you may need to replace the water every few days. Take a look at which products might be best for you.

Vekken Pet Fountain

Best Overall

The Veken 2.5-liter capacity fountain is considered the best overall choice, thanks to a provided silicone mat to catch water, three included filters to trap common pollutants, and a quiet, BPA-free water pump. Choose from three modes including waterfall, bubble, and gentle stream depending on your pet’s disposition.

Wonder Creature Cat Water Fountain

Best Value

In terms of value, Wonder Creature’s water fountain is the best choice if you’re looking for a steel top model with replaceable filters. If your feline is a messy drinker, the provided silicone mat protects your floors from getting wet. At night, your cat can immediately locate their fountain thanks to an LED indicator to guide the way.

Catit LED Flower Water Fountain

Best Design

The Catit fountain is a floral-topped reservoir with well-designed, sculpted petal bowls that allow your cat to drink when the pump is off. Its large, 3-liter reservoir extends vertically, saving you floor space. When water levels are low, the LED nightlight gently reminds you to refill the tank.

Your pets feel their best when they’re properly hydrated, especially if they’re physically active or often explore the outdoors. Water fountains for cats and dogs offer them an opportunity to stay hydrated all day and night. Helpful LED night lights, customizable water settings, and powerful filters are only a few features your pet will enjoy when you try one of the water fountains on our list.

Best Prime Day pet deals for 2021
Two cats climbing obstacle course

Amazon Prime Day is here, but let’s not forget about our most important friends - our pets. Whether you have a whole party of pups at home or have some reptilian friends, Prime Day is an ideal moment to snag a few products that will make both you and your pets happier. From accessories to toys, we have discovered some of the best Prime Day pet deals. The best part is that the discounts don’t just apply to expensive items, most products you can think of will be discounted.

Items that may have normally been out of reach will be slashed in price on Prime Day, so you need to get in on the action. From basic necessities like leashes and pet beds, to fun toys, you can’t miss out on these cyber deals, especially since they’ll be delivered straight to your home and there may only be a limited quantity. Even if you don’t have any pet products in mind, browsing through the deals will be worth it. We know there is an immense number of items to sift through, so we decided to pick out a few of our favorite pet deals.
Best Prime Day pet deals 2021

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Why You Need to Stockpile Cat Food and Litter Today — But HURRY!
deals for days pet food litter

While it's easy to think that sales events like Prime Day or the Walmart Prime Day sale are all about big discounts on equally big TVs or other gadgets, this is also a fantastic time to stock up on the essentials like cat food and cat litter. As part of the Walmart Deals for Days sale, the huge retailer has added some fantastic discounts on cat food and cat litter so you can stockpile your beloved kitty's favorite products while saving yourself plenty of cash. You'll need to be fast though as -- like with all sales -- stock is strictly limited so we can't see these offers sticking around for long.

So, why should you get stockpiling? Simply put, there's no real disadvantage to doing so! Walmart's cat food is generally available in bulk so it's often well priced but with Walmart Prime Day sale discounts involved, it becomes even better value. That's the same when it comes to Walmart's cat litter too.

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Best Prime Day dog bed deals for 2021
Black and white sleeping dog

We all spend time trying to find the perfect mattress for ourselves, so let’s do the same for our dogs. From material, memory foam padding, size and thickness, we all take the time to figure out what works for us. Whether you have a new puppy or a beloved pooch getting up there in age, they deserve a dog bed tailored to their needs. Luckily Amazon Prime Day is here, from June 22 to the 23rd, so you can procure a brand new dog bed for your furry friends.

Prime Day dog bed deals will give you a variety of choices to choose from. You may finally be able to get that dog bed you’ve had your eye on, but it’s been out of your price range! To help you out, we’ve collected some of our favorite dog bed deals this Amazon Prime Day. 
Best Prime Day dog bed deals

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