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Cat curled up in a ball while sleeping in grass

Video: We’ve seen some weird cat sleeping spots, but this feline’s is the strangest

Cats love to sleep in weird positions. Check out one of the strangest we've seen and learn more about why they choose weird spots to nap in.
Hamster in a glass box

How to potty train a hamster (yes you can)

Here’s everything you need to know on how to potty train a hamster. Your furry friend will have a cleaner and better-smelling cage if you do.
Bottle feeding a newborn puppy

How much should newborn puppies eat? Follow this feeding chart

Follow these guidelines and the newborn puppy feeding chart to figure out how much food your puppy should eat at each meal.
PETLIBRO Granary automatic cat feeder with cat nearby

Making the lives of pets and owners better: This smart cat feeder has a camera

The Granary Camera Feeder is a smart cat feeder from PETLIBRO that allows you to check in on your pets remotely and even interact with them.
Striped cat sitting on a bed in the bedroom

Why is my cat peeing on my bed? The real truth (and how to stop this gross habit)

Your cat peeing on your bed is one of the most irritating things possible. We discuss your cat’s peeing problem, the causes, and the solutions.
Woman feeding dog in kitchen

How to cook chicken for dogs the right way

Feeding chicken to your dog can be both delicious and nutritious. Here are the right ways to cook chicken for your four-legged friend.
Tabby cat sitting in a litter box

The coolest cat litter box options for your furry friend

Choosing the right litter box depends on your cat's preference, size, the cat litter you use, and the space you have available. Check out these cool options.
Gray cat lying on a white comforter at the foot of a bed

Does your cat sleep with you? You should be thrilled

If your independent cat sleeps with you, you're doing something right. Here are the reasons why he might choose to cuddle up by your side at night.
A yellow Labrador retriever puppy lies in a crate

Wondering how to start crate training your 8-week-old puppy? Here’s what you need to know

Crate training your puppy has many long-term benefits. Here's how to crate train your 8-week-old puppy with ease.
A Yorkshire terrier poodle mix dog wears a diaper and sleeps in a fluffy bed

How long does a dog stay in heat? Here’s how you’ll know her cycle is over

Learning how to spot the beginning of a dog's cycle can be easy, but how will you know when she's done menstruating?
Dog stares at a basket of laundry

Love funny dog videos? This pup jumped in the dryer to get at that nice, warm sleeping spot

Dogs love laundry, before it goes in and when it comes out warm. This funny dog video takes one pup's dryer obsession to its natural conclusion.
Burning incense and tabby cat

Is incense bad for cats? 4 important things to consider before using it in your home

Is incense bad for cats? Do you love the smell of it but worry about the potential for harming your feline friend? This is everything you should consider.
Chihuahua lies down on a soft rug

These are the 5 dogs with the least health problems, so your furry friend sticks around for a long time

What breed of dog has the least health problems? Consider getting one of these five healthy breeds with the best longevity and fewest issues.
A closeup shot of a black lab wearing a red leather collar.

Signs of inbred dogs – and all the reasons why inbreeding is controversial and problematic

There are telltale signs of inbred dogs. Here's how to spot them and the tests that can help you out. Plus, the issues with inbred dogs.
A school of rainbowfish in a tank

Check these 3 things immediately if you have fish swimming at the top of the tank

When something goes wrong in your aquarium, there are signs. Here's what you need to do if your fish are swimming at the top of the tank.
A cockapoo lies on their back on a chair, covered in Halloween candy

My dog ate Halloween candy – here’s what to do even if your dog has no symptoms

Halloween candy is delicious, but it can be dangerous for dogs. Here's what to do if your dog gets a taste of something they shouldn't have.
PETLIBRO Glacier on the shelf and nice backdrop.

Your pets deserve better: PETLIBRO’s Glacier ultrafiltration fountain can help

The PETLIBRO Glacier pet water fountain uses ultrafiltration to clean and freshen up water for your pets because they deserve a quality beverage too.
Man in a plaid shirt hugging his dog

How long can an old dog live with a heart murmur?

Has your dog been diagnosed with a heart murmur? Quit Googling "old dog heart murmur life expectancy." Here's what to know.
Three tabby kittens snuggling in a gray cat bed.

How much should a kitten weigh? Here’s what the experts have to say about the kitten weight chart

Here are expert guidelines on how much a kitten should weigh and what you can do to help her get to the right size.
A small puppy sleeps in their owner's arms

Video: Dog snoring isn’t that unusual, but this pup sounds just like a cartoon character

Have you ever seen a dog snore? This one looks funny while he sleeps but it could mean he needs a check up at the vet.
German shepherd puppy stands next to an adult German Shepherd with a stick in their mouth

How much exercise does a German Shepherd need? 4 warning signs they’re not getting enough

Exercising your German shepherd is necessary for their health and happiness, but how do you know when your dog is getting enough activity? Look for these signs.
Cat eating from their food bowl

If your cat is overeating, here’s what you need to know about their health

Is your cat food-motivated, bored, or actually hungry? Here's what you need to know about your cat's overeating habits and how it affects their health.
Brown rabbit held by owner

Here’s how to clean a rabbit properly

Pet rabbit grooming methods are unique to them. We offer details and tips on how to properly and safely clean them.
Close-up of a black cat face

Why suspicion around black cats rises around Halloween

Suspicion around black cats rises during the Halloween season, and there are a few reasons why that go back thousands of years.
Poodle mix puppy wearing pink sweatshirt sitting on a lap

How to make dog clothes from baby clothes in 4 simple steps

Repurposing old baby clothes for your dog is easy and sustainable. We'll break it down for you in a few steps.
Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever lies on teal couch upside down

Why do dogs sleep on their backs? The adorable reasons will leave you feeling overjoyed

If your dog sleeps on their back, you should be one proud pet parent. This position is one sign of a comfortable, happy pup!
A dog mom holds up a treat for her pup on a walk

How to give a dog a pill: This dog medicine trick makes it look easy

If your dog won't take a pill no matter what, you might want to try this trick that's gone viral on TikTok. Plus, we have a few tips of our own.
A beige Akita puppy stands on their back legs inside a pink wire playpen

Is a puppy playpen better than a crate? Here’s what to consider before you buy one for your dog

Both crates and puppy playpens are useful additions to any home with a dog, but how do you know which one your furry friend needs?
Gray cat being held by the scruff of the neck

Why scruffing a cat is something you should never do according to experts

Experts advise against scruffing a cat, as it can cause stress. Instead, try out one of these techniques to restrain a cat.
Guinea pig eats an apple

Can guinea pigs eat apples? Yes, but there are risks involved

Here's what you need to know about the safety of feeding guinea pigs apples. Plus, we'll dive into the foods you should and should not offer your pig.
Dog with human and orange suitcase

5 must-see, dog-friendly places in New York to visit this fall

These dog-friendly New York spots are fantastic to visit with your pet. Check out one of the five best places to visit in the state!
Tan dog playing with a green ball

Teaching your dog respect training is easy – here’s how

Respect training for dogs isn't easy, but it can be done. Your dog will feel happy and safe with you, and you'll have a best friend who behaves.
Two white kittens looking curious

Why does my cat stare at me for no reason? Good question – we dug up some answers for you

Why does my cat stare at me? There's usually a reason — or perhaps a few. Here's what to know and when to be concerned.
A great dane lies in the grass

Video: This Great Dane proves dogs can be better seatmates on a plane than people

What could make flying better? Sitting next to a beautiful Great Dane who seems to be loving his flight experience.
A marble countertop with miniature pumpkins and fall-themed dog treats

5 easy-to-make DIY dog treats that you can make for your pup this fall

There are pumpkin spice lattes for humans, and these DIY dog treats for your pup... because no dog should miss out on yummy fall ingredients!
Tortoiseshell cat sitting in front of a vase of flowers

Tortoiseshell cat health problems to worry about, according to experts

Tortoiseshell cats are gorgeous cats beloved by pet parents everywhere. Experts explain some of the common health issues associated with torties.
dog with teeth cleaning treats

The Best Dog Teeth Cleaning Treats: A Guide for Owners

Improve your pet's oral health with our top-rated, effective, and tasty dog teeth cleaning treats. Your dog will love them!
dog with toothbrush

The Best Dog Toothbrush

Check out the top rated dog toothbrushes on the market. Keep your pet's oral health in check with our dog toothbrush recommendations.
dog wearing sweater

The Best Dog Sweaters to Keep Your Furry Friend Warm

Shop for the top-rated dog sweaters of 2023 and make sure your pup is safe and warm in freezing temperatures. You'll just love these styles!
dog wearing fleece vest

The Best Dog Fleece for the Upcoming Chilly Months

Shop for some great dog fleece jackets for your furry friend in 2023 and prepare your pup's wardrobe for the coming cold months!
A Dachshund climbing up a dog stair

The Best Dog Stairs for Your Furry Friend to Get Around

Shop for the top-rated dog stairs in 2023. Choose a stair for your furry friend's comfort and safety and find out why this item is so essential.
Irish setter lying in the snow

How to keep a dog house warm in the winter: A guide to simple enhancements

Prepping your dog's house for the winter won't take you longer than a single afternoon to complete. Our methods show how you can do it.
A cute Yorkie on the floor

Everything to know about the adorable Yorkie dog and its characteristics

A Yorkie dog is one of the smallest breeds you'll find, but they have huge personalities. Is a Yorkshire terrier the right fit for you? This guide will help.
Hamster in wood shavings in cage

Best hamster bedding: The safest options for your furry friend

Your hamster needs a thick layer of soft substrate to burrow into. These are the best hamster bedding options for your furry friends.
A kitten sitting in a cauldron wearing a witch costume

The 5 best cat Halloween costumes you can get online (and how to pick the best one)

Your feline friend will be ready for trick-or-treating and fun fall photoshoots with these adorable cat Halloween costumes.
A woman holds a white Poodle mix dog while sitting on the back of a pickup

Dogs are more comforting than spouses–survey proves just how many dog parents confide in their pups

A recent study found just how comforting dogs can be to their owners. In fact, many dog parents find their dog to be more comforting than their partner!
a dog and woman cuddling on fall woodland walk

8 autumn Instagram pet photographs that will get you excited for the gorgeous season ahead

Autumn has arrived on Instagram. These autumn Instagram cats and dog photos are sweeter than a PSL and could inspire a fall photoshoot of your own.
Border Collie in a skeleton shirt sits in a pile of autumn leaves

9 frighteningly amazing large dog Halloween costume ideas to try this October

Your large dog will look spooky, adorable, or totally silly in these costume ideas. Whether you make or buy a costume is up to you!
A black Chihuahua against a yellow backdrop

The 6 biggest myths about Chihuahuas, debunked once and for all

Chihuahuas are sweet, sassy, and sometimes misunderstood. It's important to separate Chihuahua facts from fiction before welcoming one into your life.
French bulldog dog dressed up with funny cactus Halloween dog costume

8 easy and affordable small dog Halloween costume ideas that are perfect for both tricks and treats

Nothing tops dogs in costume, so get your fur baby ready for the spooky season with these eight adorable, easy, and affordable Halloween outfit ideas.