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BethAnn Mayer

BethAnn Mayer


Beth Ann's work has appeared on and In her spare time, you can find her running (either marathons or after her sons, Peter and Noah, and three furbabies).

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A woman in a dark yellow hat, a Pomeranian and a vet

Diabetes in dogs: The risk factors and symptoms all pet parents need to know

Diabetes in dogs can be stressful and carries risks. However, it's treatable. Here's what to know, including symptoms of a diabetic dog.
Black cat with glowing eyes

This is why your cat’s eyes glow in the dark

Why do cats' eyes glow? The sight of glow-in-the-dark eyes may be equal parts cool and creepy. The occurrence also natural for cats. Here's why.
Mange on golden dog

What is mange in dogs?

Mange in dogs can be uncomfortable for a pet. However, the condition is treatable. What does mange look like on a dog? Read on to find out.
A woman with red hair sleeping with a dog and clothes on

A new study about sleeping with pets in your bed has some surprising results

Sleeping with pets, especially dogs, is popular and thought to have benefits. However, a new study shows sleeping with cats may be less of an issue.
Dog licking human sitting on couch

Why does my dog lick me so much? There are actually several reasons

Why does my dog lick me so much? While licking is often linked to slobbery kisses, your dog may have another reason for this behavior.
Burmese cat

A complete guide to the friendly, elegant Burmese cat

Burmese cats are charming and handsome. However, is a Burmese cat right for your family? Here's what to know about the breed.
Dog leaning on human in blue sweater

Does your dog like to lean on you? Here’s why

Why does my dog lean on me? Generally, you can take this behavior as a compliment, but sometimes, a dog leans on you for some concerning reasons.
A cat licking lips after eating from white bowl

This is why your cat throws up after eating (and when it’s a problem)

If your cat throws up after eating, call the vet. The trigger may be treatable, giving your cat a better quality of life.
Golden retriever puppies in green field

Looking for an easygoing pet? Consider these 6 calm dog breeds

Looking for a laid-back dog? These six calm dog breeds are a great place to start your search for your new best friend.
Black dog looking at purple grapes

Can dogs have grapes? Read this before you feed this fruit to your pup

Can dogs have grapes? Some human foods are toxic to pets — even if they're healthy for people. Here's what to know about grapes and dogs.
Small dog on a purple leash in a bath

How often should you bathe your dog? You might be surprised

How often should you bathe your dog? The answer may surprise you and gross you out. Here's why dogs can go weeks to months between sudsy sessions.
Orange cat on a chair

These are the best boy cat names we’ve ever heard

Expecting a boy (cat)? These boy cat names will serve as the only inspiration you need to pick a moniker that'll be your cat's meow.
A light-colored cat tail against a dark, carapeted floor

Decoding cat tail language: Why cats shake their tails

Cat tail language can clue you into your feline's physical and emotional well-being. What does a shaking cat tail mean, and should you be concerned?
A woman and cat lying on a bed

Why do cats like earwax? This curious habit explained

Why do cats like earwax? Good question. We foraged for reasons cats lick earwax and how to curb the curious habit.
Russell terrier outside

7 small terrier breeds that make amazing pets

Thinking about small terrier breeds? Consider these smaller dogs with tons of love to give and character to show off.
Coconut oil next to a coconut

Coconut oil for dogs: The pros and cons you need to know

What are the benefits of coconut oil for dogs? Are there even any? Here's what you'll want to know before giving your dog coconut oil (orally or topically).
A gray striped cat

Why you shouldn’t punish your cat for pooping outside the litter box

Wondering how to punish a cat for pooping outside the litter box? Your best bet is not to. Here's why and what to do instead.
Corgi with an avocado

Can dogs eat avocados? What to know before snack time

Can dogs eat avocados? While some kinds of human foods aren't bad for dogs, avocados pose health risks. Here's why you should avoid treating dogs with avocados.
Close-up of a Persian cat

These are the most expensive cat breeds in the world

Cats can be long-term friends. However, the most expensive cat breeds will require you to fork over a pretty penny first.
Dog lying on the leg of person with white sweatshirt

Why does your dog lie on you? It’s (usually) a good thing

Why does your dog lie on you? Probably because they love you, but there could be some other reasons. Here's what to know and when to be concerned.
A long-haired cat in a woven laundry basket

This is why cats pee on clothes (and how you can save your wardrobe in the future)

Why does my cat my on my clothes? Good question, and finding the answer is important. When cats urinate outside the litter box, something is usually off.
A woman treating a small puppy outside

Can dogs eat cashews? Only if you follow these rules

Can dogs eat cashews? How should you serve cashews to dogs? Good questions. We'll dig into the truth about dogs and cashews.
A French bulldog in front of car

5 reasons you really need to get a dog car seat

A dog car seat can keep your precious pet and any human passengers safe. However, a dog car seat may not be your only option for vehicle safety.
Golden retriever on the patio at sunset

Can dogs see in the dark? Your guide to your dog’s vision

Dogs' vision differs from humans'. Can dogs see in the dark? The answer might surprise you, and the reasons behind it are pretty cool.
Golden retriever puppies

What is littermate syndrome? Why this puppy bond can be a problem

Littermate syndrome can be stressful for dogs and the people who love them. Here's what littermate syndrome is and what to do.
A close-up of gray striped cat hissing

Why do cats fight? They’re not just being jerks

Why do cats fight? While it's tempting to chalk up cat fights to "cats being cats," there's a reason behind this behavior.
A close-up of a beagle

Why do dogs have wet noses? They’re actually really important

Wet noses are generally considered a good sign for dogs. Why do dogs have wet noses, though? We dug up some answers for you.
Orange cat near water

Why do cats roll in dirt? 10 reasons for their dust bath

Why do cats roll in dirt? Here's the dirty truth about what your kitty is trying to tell you with this (kind of gross) habit.
A German shepherd in the backyard

Why do German shepherds have such a short lifespan?

Here's why German shepherds don't live as long as other dogs and a few tips you can follow to keep your pet healthy into old age.
Cat in a basket with plastic bag

Why do cats eat plastic (and when you should be concerned)?

Why does my cat eat plastic? Good question. Here's why you'll want to know the answer ASAP.
A dog in the kitchen looking up at woman drinking coffee

Can dogs eat mango? Read this first

Can dogs eat mango? The answer depends on the dog. Here's what to know about the benefits, risks and serving suggestions.
Australian shepherd by brick wall

Seizures in dogs can be scary – this is what you need to do

Seizures in dogs can cause the humans that love them to panic. Understanding the signs, reasons, and what to do can help.
A cat snuggling on a person's chest

What does it mean when a cat lies on your chest?

What does it mean when a cat lies on your chest? Good question. Chances are, it's a positive sign. Here are top reasons and when to be concerned.
Akita with brown fur standing outside

These are the 8 most loyal large dog breeds that make loving companions

Looking for a true-blue forever friend? These are the most loyal large dog breeds if you want a friend for life.
An Akita sitting on the bed

Best guard dogs: These 7 breeds will protect you with their life

Some dogs will do anything for us, even put their lives on the line to save ours. These seven protective dog breeds make the best guard dogs.
Two dog paws

Why does my dog smell like Fritos? It’s weird, but there could be an underlying health issue

Why does my dog smell like Fritos? Unless they ate some corn chips, you may find this scent from their feet rather strange. Here's what to know.
Puppy on leash being trained by owner

These are the absolute best ways to discipline a dog

If your puppy seems hard to train, don't get discouraged. We discuss how to discipline a dog and what you should avoid.
A close-up of a husky in sunlight

Why does my dog have diarrhea? (and when it’s time to see the vet)

You didn't expect to become a dog poop inspector, but here we are. We dug up some answers to the question, "why does my dog have diarrhea?"
A brown dog in a dog bed

Why do dogs dig into their bed? An annoying behavior, explained

Why do dogs dig on the bed? The question is common and so is the behavior. The good news? Bed digging is usually not a sign for concern.
A fluffy cat in a cardboard box

Why do cats spray? This obnoxious behavior, explained

Why do cats spray? It's essential to understand why (and whether your cat is really spraying at all). Plus, tips to help you curb the cat spraying.
a dark german shorthaired pointer adult in the park in the fall

5 interesting things you might not know about the German shorthaired pointer dog breed

This fun, friendly dog breed was bred to hunt. These days, a German shorthaired pointer dog makes for a fantastic family pet. Here's why.
an orange and white cat lounging on wood plank

Why do cats throw up? (Plus, the one thing you should always do)

Why is my cat throwing up? The question is a common one, but the answer is highly individual. Here's what to know and why to calla vet.
A close-up of a gray cat hissing

Why do cats hiss? There are actually several reasons for this behavior

Why do cats hiss? This question is an important one to ask, so you can do what you can to avoid making a cat hiss (and help others do the same).
A cat and Yorkie playing

Why do cats hate dogs? The answer isn’t all that simple

Why do cats hate dogs? Do cats actually hate dogs? Good questions. We dug up some answers for you and how to help the two play nice.
A person in a black T-shirt and jeans walks a small white and brown dog on a path lined with tall plants with yellow flowers

7 ways your dog can help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions in 2024

Your dog can help you stay on track with your New Year's resolutions. Here's how your pup can be your biggest cheerleader and partner this year.
Black cat lying on a table with plants on a balcony

If cats had New Year’s resolutions, here’s what they would be

If your cat had to set New Year's resolutions, we've guessed what they'd be. Plus, how you can help your cat meet their goals.
A black and white cat in a Christmas tree

Here’s what to do if your cat’s chewing the Christmas tree lights

Is your cat chewing the Christmas tree lights? This is what you should do to stop your cat from getting her claws in the decorations this year.
A Jack Russell terrier lies in bed between the feet of his owner

Is your puppy breathing fast while sleeping? Here’s when you should worry and how to help your dog

You want your pet to feel safe and comfortable when they are asleep. Here's what to do if you notice your puppy breathing fast while sleeping.
Dog with flappy ears in bed

How to clean your dog’s ears: A step-by-step guide every pet parent needs

Only a small number of dog owners know how to clean a dog's ears, so here's what you'll need to know about ear cleaning in dogs.
Two white kittens looking curious

Why does my cat stare at me for no reason? Good question – we dug up some answers for you

Why does my cat stare at me? There's usually a reason — or perhaps a few. Here's what to know and when to be concerned.