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A white cat's tail hangs from the wooden bookshelf

Why do cats have tails? Science explains

Feline tails serve many purposes besides being cute. From communication to warmth and everything in between, this is why cats have tails.
A man's hand pets the head of a shepherd dog

The best ways to pet your dog to show them how much you care

There's a certain way to pet your dog to show you love them. Follow these tips for what to do and what not to do when giving your dog affection.
Puppy learning to heel

Off-leash dog training is easy if you follow these 5 tips

Training your dog to walk off leash can be a fun and rewarding experience for both you and your pup. Use these five strategies teach your dog how.
Dog wears a yellow sweater and looks at the camera

Why do dogs eat cat poop? And how you can get them to stop

Disgustingly, you might find your dog occasionally eating cat poop. Here's what you need to do to stop this behavior.
Small dog on a stroller

The Best Dog Strollers of 2024

Discover unique dog strollers for your furry friend! Our guide helps you navigate the options to choose a stroller that caters to your dog's needs.
A black cat loafs on a blue blanket

Do you have a loaf cat? Why cats curl up into adorable little buns

No one denies that cats look adorable when they lie in this position, but loafing has puzzled cat owners for years. Here's what this odd sitting position means.
Best salmon oil for dogs in 2024

The Best Salmon Oil for Dogs in 2024

Discover the best salmon oil for dogs in our comprehensive guide and transform your pup's health with this nutrient-packed supplement.
A large dog lying down

Why do dogs turn in circles before lying down? The answer goes back centuries

Why do dogs turn in circles? There's an ancient reason why dogs turn in circles before they lie down.
A cat snuggling on a person's chest

What does it mean when a cat lies on your chest?

What does it mean when a cat lies on your chest? Good question. Chances are, it's a positive sign. Here are top reasons and when to be concerned.
german shepherd in grass

The smartest dog breeds: Yours might not be as intelligent as you think

These are the smartest dog breeds for people who want trainable dogs.
Baby bird standing up

Wondering what to feed a baby bird? Here’s how to take care of an orphaned bird

It's best for a baby bird to stay with its family, but some may end up orphaned. We offer tips on how to feed a baby bird and who to contact for help.
Best dog brush for short hair in 2024

The Best Dog Brushes for Short Hair in 2024

Discover the best dog brush for short hair to transform grooming from a chore to an enjoyable bonding experience with your furry friend.
Hand petting cat

The best flea treatments for cats in 2024

Discover the best flea treatment for cats in 2024. Our guide empowers you to combat fleas effectively, transforming your cat's comfort and health.
Woman petting cat

What you need to know about your cat’s swollen lip – what causes it and how to help it heal

You may have noticed a swelling on your cat's upper or lower lip. Here's what you need to know about this common occurrence.
Siberian husky winking

Why do dogs wink? The truth behind this strange habit

There are several reasons why dogs wink and some of which are even intentional. As cute as this behavior may be, it's important to know what's behind it.
A white Domestic Shorthair cat meows

Why does my cat meow at night? The answer may shock you

If you wonder, "Why does my cat meow at night?" you're not alone. Many cats meow at night for different reasons — most of which aren't cause for concern.
Akita with brown fur standing outside

These are the 8 most loyal large dog breeds that make loving companions

Looking for a true-blue forever friend? These are the most loyal large dog breeds if you want a friend for life.
Cat squeezes her eyes shut

Can cats cry? Everything you’ve ever wanted to know

Can your cat cry real tears? Their eyes may water but it's not with emotion. Instead, you'll have to listen to their noises to determine their feelings.
Puppy sleeping on lap of human with mustard yellow sweater

Do puppies sleep a lot? These are the perfectly normal sleeping habits of a healthy pup

Do puppies sleep a lot? Sleep is an essential element of human and canine development. Make sure you and your dog are well rested.
A woman hugs and kisses her senior dog

Do dogs know they’re dying? Here’s what experts say about a dog’s final days

Take a deep breath, give your dog a little pet, and scroll on if you’re feeling ready to learn about this important — yet difficult — time.
An Akita sitting on the bed

Best guard dogs: These 7 breeds will protect you with their life

Some dogs will do anything for us, even put their lives on the line to save ours. These seven protective dog breeds make the best guard dogs.
Cat stands with a blue toy in her mouth

Cat zoomies: Why they do it, and what it means

What do the cat zoomies really mean? Most likely, they're just living their best life (and need a little extra playtime).
A Yorkshire terrier sits in the bathroom and is seen reflected in the hallway mirror

Why does my dog follow me to the bathroom? (It’s not as weird as you think)

These are the most common reasons why canines follow their favorite people to the porcelain palace. To them, this is a normal behavior.
Cat sitting in a cat bed looking out a window

How long can you leave a cat alone? Not as long as you think

It's OK to leave a cat by themselves for a little while. Here's how long they can entertain themselves safely.
Two dog paws

Why does my dog smell like Fritos? It’s weird, but there could be an underlying health issue

Why does my dog smell like Fritos? Unless they ate some corn chips, you may find this scent from their feet rather strange. Here's what to know.
Puppy on leash being trained by owner

These are the absolute best ways to discipline a dog

If your puppy seems hard to train, don't get discouraged. We discuss how to discipline a dog and what you should avoid.
Dog holding Spot & Tango's Fresh food line

Your pet deserves the best: Try Spot & Tango’s fresh, human-grade food and save

Looking for the best and freshest dog food for your furry companion? Spot & Tango's Fresh line of pet meal delivery and human-grade food is just what you need.
Cat licks his paw on the bed

Why do cats lick each other? It’s not always a bathing ritual

Cats lick each other, themselves, and us, but why? We explore the causes of this behavior and also look at when you should intervene.
A close-up of a husky in sunlight

Why does my dog have diarrhea? (and when it’s time to see the vet)

You didn't expect to become a dog poop inspector, but here we are. We dug up some answers to the question, "why does my dog have diarrhea?"
A brown dog in a dog bed

Why do dogs dig into their bed? An annoying behavior, explained

Why do dogs dig on the bed? The question is common and so is the behavior. The good news? Bed digging is usually not a sign for concern.
Close up of a cat sticking out her tongue

Cat panting: 5 reasons behind this behavior and what you should do about it

We don't think about cats panting but it does happen. If you notice your animal with her tongue out, you might have to take a trip to the vet.
Side profile of a Siberian husky stands in the water at the beach and barks

Why is my dog barking at nothing? There’s often a really good reason

Every dog owner has witnessed their pup barking at nothing, but how can you find out what's actually going on? Here's what you should know about your dog.
Dog licks its nose while sitting

Why do dogs like peanut butter so much? It’s more than just taste

Why do dogs like peanut butter so much? There are a few theories, but they all have to do with your pet's wild side.
a ffuffy cat in a cardboard box

Why do cats spray? This obnoxious behavior, explained

Why do cats spray? It's essential to understand why (and whether your cat is really spraying at all). Plus, tips to help you curb the cat spraying.
a dog with his back to the camera reaches for a treat that a woman holds out

These 4 diabetic dog treats are healthy, tasty, & can be made in 30 minutes

Homemade diabetic dog treats are a great option that gives pet parents more control over their furry friend’s diet. Who said healthy had to be boring?
Two kittens on wooden shelves

8 essential tips for disciplining cats

Cats may seem indifferent, but you can still train them. Our guide shows you how to discipline a cat with eight easy and effective tips.
a dark german shorthaired pointer adult in the park in the fall

5 interesting things you might not know about the German shorthaired pointer dog breed

This fun, friendly dog breed was bred to hunt. These days, a German shorthaired pointer dog makes for a fantastic family pet. Here's why.
an orange and white cat lounging on wood plank

Why do cats throw up? (Plus, the one thing you should always do)

Why is my cat throwing up? The question is a common one, but the answer is highly individual. Here's what to know and why to calla vet.
A one-eyed cat sleeps with the other open

Cats sleep with their eyes open — it’s creepy, but here’s why they do it

Ever seen a cat sleeping with its eyes open? It's weird! Here's why they do it and when you need to step in and take kitty to the vet.
dog wearing winter jacket

The Best Dog Winter Coat of 2024

Discover the best dog winter coat for 2024. Our article provides top picks and tips to keep your furry friend warm and stylish this winter.
Cats on Cat Tower

The Best Cat Tree of 2024

Explore the best cat tree of 2024! Our article provides an in-depth review and guide to help you choose the perfect cat tree for your feline friend
combing German shepherd's hair using brush

The Best Brush for German Shepherds in 2024

Discover the best brush for German Shepherd in 2024 to keep your furry friend's coat healthy and shiny. Read our expert reviews and grooming tips now!
short-haired dogs brush

The Best Brush for Short Hair Dogs in 2024

Discover the best brush for short-haired dogs in 2024. Keep your pet's coat shiny and healthy with our top brush recommendations for short-haired breeds.
cleaning dog feet with dog wipes

The Best Dog Wipes of 2024

Discover the best dog wipes of 2024 to keep your furry friend clean and fresh. Our guide helps you choose top-quality options for your pet's hygiene needs.
Groomer with a dog using dog cleaner

The Best Dog Ear Cleaners of 2024

Discover the best dog ear cleaner of 2024 to keep your furry friend's ears healthy and infection-free. Read our guide for top recommendations and tips.
using dog brush for shedding

The Best Dog Brushes for Shedding in 2024

Discover the best dog brush for shedding in 2024. Keep your home fur-free and your pet happy with our top picks and expert grooming tips.
dog wrapped in towel with conditioner next to him

The Best Dog Conditioner of 2024

Discover the best dog conditioner of 2024 to keep your pup's coat silky and healthy. Find top picks and expert tips for lustrous canine fur in our guide.
Dog in bathtub using shampoo and conditioner

The Best Dog Shampoo and Conditioner of 2024

Discover the best dog shampoo and conditioner of 2024! Keep your pup's coat shiny and healthy with our top picks for gentle, effective cleansing and conditioning.
dog taking a bath with shampoo

The Best Dog Shampoo for Itchy Skin

Discover the best dog shampoo for itchy skin in 2024. Soothe your pet's discomfort with our top picks for gentle, effective relief. Read more now!
dog with gps tracker

The Best GPS Dog Collars of 2024

Discover the best GPS dog collar of 2024. Our guide provides reviews and insights to help you choose the perfect tracking solution for your pet.