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Best Prime Day cat toy deals for 2021

Meow! Prime Day cat toy deals are certainly something to meow about because saving money on fun things for your furbabies is kitty-licious. You don’t need to ask Alexa about all the money you’ll save shopping for deals on Prime Day because just seeing all the discounts will make you and your kitty purr. Prime Day savings makes kitties turn their delicate noses up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and what’s better to save money on than cat toys?

If you’re new to Amazon Prime, you might not know what Prime Day even is. Even some longtime Prime members might have missed out on past Prime Days thinking the sales event was just savings on electronics and tech. The truth is Prime Day deals are for savings on all types on Amazon favorites and products including cat toys.

Best Prime Day cat toy deals 2021

Get your cat to move with the help of this realistic floppy fish cat toy that automatically moves, swing, and make a sound whenever your cat touches it. Each is filled with catnip for attraction. more
This toy is designed as a food dispenser so as your cat plays along with it, the food will fell off the toy so the more interactive your cat is, more reward will come to him/her. more
Play with your feline friends using this realistic flopping fish, which is an eye-catcher and features a built-in motion sensor kick that gets activated whenever your cat touches it. more
Get your cat excited with this Automatic Laser Toy. It features an automatic on/off wherein it will shut off every 15 minutes of working. It also has 5 circling ranges, depending on your room's area. more
This cat exercise toy comes with a cozy padded mat bottom for your cat to lay down on and 4 removable hanging cat toy pieces to bat, roll, and reach. It is convenient and portable to bring anywhere. more
With the Cat Exercise Teaser Toy, your cat will surely love how interactive this toy is. It has a furry worm inside for your cat to catch and play along. more

Should you shop Prime Day cat toy deals?

Tails are up and the purring has commenced because Prime Day is a purr-fect pick for stocking up on new playthings for your kitty. Prime Day is an annual event and this year it is right in time for summer. Shopping begins at midnight PDT on Monday June 21 or 3 a.m. for people on the East Coast. It wraps up on Tuesday, June 22 at 11:59 p.m. PDT or 2:59 a.m. on June 23 EST. There are plenty of night hours if you’re like you kitty and enjoy prowling around late in the evening.

Keep kitties engaged with Prime Day cat toy deals

Do cats get bored? Turns out they do. Even though cats seem to sleep a lot of hours during the day and at night, felines get bored just like their humans. So, if your cat is spending extra time on grooming or other repetitive behaviors, lying around like a cute lump, or getting into a bit of mischief, you might have a bored kitty on your hands. An easy cure for a bored kitty is to spice up the atmosphere with interactive toys. Interactive cat toys give kitties physical exercise while also stimulating them mentally. Both are important for keeping your cat happy and healthy.

Purr-ific cat toy deals

Prime Day is the purr-fect time to change up your cat’s toys bored or not. Just like people, kitties like to spice things up with different playthings. With Prime Day discounts special for members, you can find all sorts of interactive cat toys that won’t break the bank. You are sure to find kitty favs like cat nip mice along with new toys to peak interest and chase the boredom away.

Don’t chase these cat toy deals away

It’s all about the hunt for cats and shoppers who love bargains. Prime Day has both for cat owners because there are sweet deals on interactive playthings for your kitty that are budget-friendly. The deals are so sweet you can stock up and put some cat toys away for the holidays or when kitty seems to lose interest in the arsenal of toys around the house. Here are some Prime Day cat toy deals you won’t want to play cat and mouse with.

More cat toy deals

If these amazing discounts didn’t make you purr, that’s okay. We’ve got some more cat toys  that rattle, blink, and roll with fabulous prices that are like cat nip. You won’t be able to resist the temptation.

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