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The best Mother’s Day gifts under $25 all fur moms will love

With Mother’s Day just around the corner once again, there’s no shortage of gift options for the special mom in your life — whether she’s the mom of children or fur babies! Sorting through the choices can be time-consuming and overwhelming, but that’s why we’re here to help. We’ve sorted through the cutest gifts for fur mommas, so you’ll see only the best of the best.

These budget-friendly Mother’s Day gifts for pet owners are adorable, useful, and guaranteed to get a smile. Whether you’re looking for a treat for someone who likes to relax at home or for someone who prefers to be out and about with their pet, we’ve found something for you. Check them out!

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HiChen Large Woven Cotton Rope Storage Basket

This versatile gift can’t get much cuter. Cat moms will go crazy for the adorable kitty face on this spacious basket … and their feline friend might love it, too. In fact, one fur momma had to go back and buy another basket since she and her two cats were all fighting to use it!

You can use this sweet carryall as a laundry bag, a place for your pet’s toys, or simply some storage for you. Keep in mind that this product is made from natural, woven cotton, so this probably isn’t the basket for heavy-duty storage or transportation.

Who it’s best for: Cat moms who love to organize

Our Name is Mud “Dog Mom” Coffee Mug

The java-loving dog mom in your life will cherish the adorable sentiment and practicality of this sweet gift. This 16-ounce mug features white paw prints along the edges, with the words “Dog Mom” printed on the front. On the back, you’ll find something even sweeter: the quote “My child has four legs and fur.” How cute!

Our Name is Mud’s darling mug is both microwave- and dishwasher-safe, so you can use it time and again.

Who it’s best for: Dog moms who need that extra jolt of caffeine in the morning

Dog Fart Extinguisher Funny Candle Gift by Cedar Crate Market Store

This cute candle is as funny as it is fragrant! At first glance, you’ll notice the colorful botanical design, but when you look more closely, you’re sure to get a laugh out of the name: “Dog Fart Extinguisher.” Cedar Crate Market Store also has an extensive Amazon marketplace of candles for pet lovers, including both dogs and cats, which is 100% worth checking out this Mother’s Day.

With grapefruit, rose, and musk scent, this soy wax candle will keep anyone’s home smelling lovely and fresh for over 50 hours. Many reviewers praise the longevity of the scent as well — a must for families with pets who can be, well … gassy.

Who it’s best for: Pet moms who have a favorite candle scent for every season

Cavertin Women’s Novelty Socks, “The Dog/Cat Is On My Lap”

Fur mamas of lapdogs (or cats!) will get a kick out of these oh-so-relatable socks. Premium cotton and no-slip cuffs will keep your feet comfy while the adorable animal design lights up smiles wherever they’re seen. As if these socks weren’t cute enough already, the soles hide a secret message: “I can’t get up right now, the dog is on my lap.” An equally hilarious version for cat lovers is also available — just click through the product variations to find the perfect fit.

Who it’s best for: Pet moms who love lounging on the couch with their favorite furry friend

Pearhead Pawprints Desk Frame

Now your fur baby will always be nearby with this fun and sentimental keepsake. Taking your pet’s paw print is easier than ever with this air-drying clay — no mixing or baking required. Since clay is moldable, you can redo the paw print as many times as you need to before letting it dry and mounting it in the included frame. Just find a 4-by-6-inch picture of your fur baby, and you’re good to go! Your desk will never look cuter.

Who it’s best for: Working pet parents who miss their pooch all day long

If you’re looking for Mother’s Day gifts for the fur mom in your life, you’ve come to the right place. There are endless sites and shops to browse, but when it comes to a pet-themed gift, it’s hard to go wrong! Happy Mother’s Day … and happy shopping!

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