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Pet profiles: Louie provides sales supports, snorts, and smiles

An animal lover’s affection stretches far beyond the pets they call their own—just as this month’s proud pet step-parent. Yes—a pet step-parent! He and so many others around the world help prove that the love for an animal can take so many forms. Even if you can’t have a pet in your own home, you can make a difference in an animal’s life. And if you do already have pets in your family? There’s always room in your heart to spread the love.

This month’s Pet Profiles superstar is every pet parent’s dream: loving, hilarious, and absolutely adorable. Keep on reading to get to know Louie, the French Bulldog with an equally French name. But first, here’s a bit about our star’s step-dad, Sam Belil.

The parent and the pup

Hi, Sam—thanks so much for telling us about your beloved pet. We’d love to know a bit about you before we dive in. What is your role here at DTMG? (That’s Digital Trends Media Group if you’re newly tuning in.)

[I’m a] Ad Sales Research Analyst, providing sales and sales leadership with the necessary ad-sales support and strategy needed to help drive and maintain sales revenue.

Every member of our team is so essential—including you, Sam! As fun as it is to talk about work, we’re dying to know…how many pets do you have? What are their names?

One—Louie, he is actually my “stepson” (belongs to a great friend, but he’s mine anytime I want him).

Okay, you have one of the best friends probably ever. Who doesn’t love all of the doggy love without the whole responsibility? (For real though, pets are a huge, but rewarding commitment that should not be taken lightly.

What’s Louie’s breed?

French Bulldog.

Adorable! Even though your friend brought Louie home, was there anything about his breed that attracted you to him?


We get it! There’s so much love in Frenchies’ small, chunky bodies. Does this breed mesh well with your lifestyle? How so?

Yes. He is a totally LOVING pet, he actually gives more love than he gets. He never barks, just snorts. He also LOVES people!

What a sweet little social butterfly! French bulldogs are definitely known for their personalities.  What are some of your favorite behaviors, traits, or specific to the breed?

In many ways, he is funny without trying to be funny.

A man holds a French Bulldog
Image used with permission by copyright holder

All about Louie

That is a skill many people and pups wish they had. So, we have to know—how did your step-son Louie become a part of your life?

When I first met him over his owner’s house, it was TOTAL LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. I asked my friend if I can be his “Step-dad” and she gave me an immediate YES! Louie and I (along with my wife) bonded IMMEDIATELY!!!!! We take Louie everywhere, including long-weekend staycations in NYC – as well as sneaking him into our apartment for weekends (sometimes weeks) throughout the year.

It’s a love story for the ages! Please share with us a few of your favorite personality traits, quirks, and perfect moments that Louie has shared with you:

WOW!!!!! One too many. He is literally my shadow, follows me everywhere I go. Whenever we take him in the car for a ride, Louie insists on sitting on my lap.

Good boy Louie! Does your pet have any special needs?


What are some of your fur baby’s favorite toys?

He has a stuffed little monkey doll he loves to play with.

How about food and treats? What type of food does Louie get?

A special food (forgot the brand) that is loaded with vitamins and proteins specifically for his breed.

Where do you—or your friend— purchase your pets’ products?

Louie’s mom typically shops at PETCO.

Lastly, does Louie have pet insurance?


Sam—thanks so much for taking the time to share the joy that is Louie with the world. You, your wife, and Louie’s mom all embody exactly what it means to be a pet parent—unconditional love! It doesn’t matter whether he’s your son, your stepson, or even just a pup you met while out and about.

If you, dear reader, are feeling as loving as Sam, we have many more pets for you to meet and fall in love with. Last month we got to know Joey, a tiny Maltese with a personality the size of the earth; before that, we met Prince, a Weimaraner who lives up to his regal name. Since the start of the Pet Profile series we’ve featured many dogs, cats, and unique pet packs—just search “Pet Profiles” on PawTracks to see them all!

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