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Pet profiles: Sweet little Joey helps DTMG’s partners smile

It’s that time again—time to meet another four-legged member of the Digital Trends Media Group family. You may remember Pixel, Scratch, and Roxy from last time; they’re the feline-canine pack that keeps our DevOps team entertained. They’re also the very first multi-species pack we’ve featured!

From massive dogs like Famous Shamus to tiny pup Lucy—we’ve met them all! Even felines Snowflake and Oliver have made their appearance on Pet Profiles. You never know who we’ll meet next!

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This month spotlights a sweet little pup with a lot of sass, so you won’t want to miss it. Before we meet the star of the show, though, let’s get to know his owner, Amanda La Rosa.

a Maltese sleeps on a round pillow

The parent and the pup

Hi Amanda! Thanks for taking the time to help us get to know your fur baby. But first—what is your role in the Digital Trends Media Group family?

I am an account executive. I work with advertisers and agencies to build partnerships that are effective for brands and meaningful for our audience.

Thank you for all your hard work! Our partners are so important to what we do. Now, onto the fun stuff—How many pets do you have?


And what is their name?


What a sweet name! But we have to know, what’s his breed?

Hes’ a Maltese.

Adorable! Who doesn’t love a fluffy little lap dog? What drew you to Joey’s breed over others?

Size, personality, and compatibility to lifestyle.

Those are fantastic reasons to choose a specific breed—props to you and your family for doing your research, too. In what ways does Joey’s breed blend well with your lifestyle?

Joey, weighing less than 10 pounds, makes it easy to bring him anywhere we go, including our family trips down to Florida. He’s a frequent flyer on JetBlue.

It would be such a great surprise to spot Joey on a plane ride; I’m sure he brings so many smiles to his fellow passengers. Does he have any special traits that are typical of his breed?

Although he’s quite little, he’s got a really big heart. His loyalty makes him a wonderful companion. He is so loving, whether he’s curled up on your chest or following you room to room to stay close by.

A Maltese dog stands with his tongue out

All about Joey

So—what’s Joey’s story? How did he come to join your family?

We got Joey as a companion for my grandma and when she was admitted to a nursing facility, we took him in and loved him extra for her.

Thank you for loving him! That’s so heartwarming to know Joey has a whole family looking out for him. What are some of your favorite memories, traits, or special quirks that Joey has shared with you?

Joey makes his mark wherever he goes, literally. We recently brought him to my brother’s new house. To avoid any accidents inside, we had set him up in the backyard as soon as we got there so he could make and join the house tour. Joey roamed the backyard, sniffed every corner, and then made his way to the pool. Since it’s winter, it had a cover, but that didn’t stop Joey. He pranced across the cover paused halfway through looked directly at me and started peeing. I was laughing too hard to grab him. Just another moment Joey’s personality shined right through, home sweet home brother!

Joey is 14 turning 15!!!

We love to see a senior pet living their best lives, as they should be! Does Joey have any special needs? If so, how do you address them?

Yes— he takes Enalapril, for his heart murmur. Medication and vet visits are how we address his needs.

(Editor’s Note: Though not every heart murmur is dangerous for a dog, it’s vital to have regular checkups with your vet to make sure everything is A-OK.)

What are some of Joey’s favorite toys?

His leash, he loves to go for a walk.

I’m sure many pups can relate! What does a typical meal look like for Joey?

Three scoops of Science Diet and some pieces of chicken from a fresh rotisserie chicken for the week.

(Editor’s Note: If you’re interested in Hill’s Science Diet for your pet, make sure to pick the formula that best meets their needs. Even better—ask your vet which they would recommend!)

Where do you purchase your pup’s products?

Petco and Amazon

And, finally—do you carry pet insurance for Joey?


Thanks so much, Amanda, for telling us a bit about your life with your sweet boy. His adorable face and hilarious personality are truly the perfect packages. We’re totally jealous of anyone who gets to meet Joey on a JetBlue flight!

If you can’t get enough four-legged cuteness, check out some of our previous Pet Profiles:

Until next time, pet lovers!

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