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Best Prime Day dog toy deals for 2021

Prime Day dog toy deals are really something to bark about. Toys always get the tails wagging and are super fun for dogs and humans to play with. Dog owners know it’s important to have a stash of your pooch’s favorites on hand because these furbabies are pretty hard on their playthings. Toys often get chewed through, buried in the backyard, or just plain dirty after logging a lot of hours fetching. That’s what makes Prime Day the ideal time to stock up on your dog’s favs as well as toss in some new playthings to keep life interesting.

Best Prime Day dog toy deals 2021

Should you shop Prime Day dog toy deals?

If you are a new Prime member you might be curious as to what Prime Day is all about. Even some longtime members may not know the deals you can score on Prime Day. Unlike Black Friday and Cyber Monday online sales, Prime Day is only for its Amazon Prime members. It’s one of the perks along with streaming Prime shows and original productions, free shipping, and two-day delivery. A common misconception is that Prime Day is just for Amazon’s electronic devices and tech-centered gear. While it’s true there are awesome discounts on those products, Prime Day deals are available across the site including dog toys. Be sure to turn on your notifications and personalize them, so you won’t miss out on those money-saving dog toy deals.

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Keep your dogs active

Having an engaging selection of dog toys around for your four-legged friend is vital. Play isn’t just fun for dogs. It helps keep them healthy. Like their human companions, running around and being active works the heart and lubricates joints. When you teach dogs games and tricks, the activity gets the brain involved too. It turns out playing and running around with four-legged companions is great for owners too. Being sedentary and bored doesn’t benefit dogs or their owners, which makes daily activity with dog toys a major do.

Stock up and save

Having a pet brings such joy to a household, but owning a pet like a dog is also costly. From food to vet visits to other necessary accessories, the bills can add up. That’s why it’s a cost-effective plan to take advantage of deep discounts like the ones you’ll find shopping on Prime Day. Prime Day dog toy deals are a definite money saver and will give you the opportunity to put toys aside for a rainy day, holidays, or when there’s an unfortunate incident with your pooch’s top fetch toy. Take a look at these amazing Prime Day savings on dog favs like rope toys, balls, plushies, and more.

More Prime Day dog toy deals to bark about

Tails aren’t wagging yet? That’s okay because Prime Day shopping doesn’t officially start until midnight PDT on Monday, June 21. That’s 3 a.m. for dog owners on the East Coast. Prime Day discounts and deals run through 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, June 22 PDT or 2 a.m. EST on June 23. That’s a lot of time to find the cutest and coolest dog toys for your furry friend. Here are some more paw-some Prime Day dog toy deals your dog won’t turn a nose at.

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