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5 dog-themed home decor finds to spruce up your aesthetic

How do you show your love for your dog? Some pet parents place stickers on their car, while others carry photos or even decorate their home with canine-inspired accessories. Whatever makes you happy!

If you’re one for sporting your puppy love around the house, these decor items are some of the best gifts for dog owners. From rustic to modern and minimalistic, anything you can imagine is available somewhere. To make it easier though, here are a few of our favorite dog-themed home decor finds. You’re welcome!

Aylor Dog Lover Room Darkening Curtain Panels

With their modern style and adorable puppy pattern, Aylor’s Dog Lover Room Darkening Curtains are perfect for any room in the house. This two-pack of panels is crafted from machine-washable polyester, which is both lightweight (yet heavy enough to darken a room) and pleasing to the touch.

By swapping out your old curtains for these adorable, dog-inspired drapes, you’ll give your entire room a fresh, new look. The design itself isn’t too much, so your style will still be the room’s main focus, but your love of dogs will shine through just the right amount.

Primitives By Kathy “All You Need Is Love…And A Dog” Pillow

Now you can take cozy to a whole new level. This 15-by-10-inch throw pillow gets right to the point in a simple, sweet message written in two whimsical fonts: “All you need is love…and a dog.” Preach!

Although the rustic-style pillow looks like burlap, it’s made of polyester and cotton; so you won’t need to worry about fabric quality. Not only is the pillow comfy, but it’s also an attractive addition to nearly any couch, chair, or bed with its spacious, rectangular shape. Before you know it, your pet might just be napping with it, too.

You Me and The Dogs 6×12 Wood Sign

Whether you display this in the bedroom, dining room, or even the garden, the love behind it is sure to last. This sweet sign is the perfect romantic addition to your home, with the words “you + me and the dogs” printed elegantly on a dark wooden plaque.

Reviews praise the versatility of this sign, as it can be hung like a wall decoration or placed on a table as an accent. The dark-brown wood and white script of the sign complement each other without being too bold. There’s nowhere in your home this won’t belong.

BUYMAX Animal Succulent Plant Pots

For parents of both pups and plants, these planters will surely bring a smile to their faces. They’re the perfect addition to any windowsill or desk — wherever they’ll be seen and enjoyed! Each set of four features a Labrador, Boston terrier, bulldog, and husky planter, all of which have drainage holes, mesh mats for plant comfort, and pads on the feet on the pot.

If you don’t have any plants around that need a home, these little pots also make the perfect pencil jar or paper clip holder. They’re just so cute, it would be hard not to use them!

Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat

At first glance, this doormat is colorful and cute, with a big white paw print outline in the center.  When you look closely at this fluffy textured mat, however, you’ll notice that the microfiber material is super absorbent, too. The product description claims that this doormat can hold up to seven times its weight in water, dirt, and mud — which may make this the ideal gift for your dog’s feet rather than yours!

Fortunately, customers agree. Countless reviews appreciated the rug’s super-absorbent qualities, soft and paw-friendly texture, and easy cleanup. Sounds like a winner all around!

From clever office supplies to adorable cleaning tools, you can find dog-themed items for every room in the house. The best news is that so many of these items are affordable, too! It’s easier than you might think to create the happy space of your dreams, especially one that revolves around dogs.

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