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Pet profiles: The DevOps pack that keeps PawTracks up and running

It’s been raining cats and dogs over here in the Pet Profile series, and this week is no exception. But for the first time ever, you’ll get both cats and dogs in one interview! Yep, that’s right—our first interspecies family is finally here.

Before we jump into all this four-legged cuteness, let’s take a minute to spotlight some of the pets we’ve met in past profiles. Last month we featured Prince, a noble Weimaraner with a zest for life. The only duos we’ve had so far include Armie and Harpo, two sweet Corgis, as well as felines Snowflake and Oliver. These kitty brothers are excited to welcome two more cats to the Pet Profiles team today, but before we jump in—let’s meet the pet parent, Josh Vaughn-Uding.

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A German Shepherd and a tabby cat sleep together on a carpet

The parent and the pets

Hi, Josh—thanks for letting us take a glimpse into your life with your pets. Before we get to the good stuff, we’d love to know what you do here at Digital Trends Media Group. What is your role?

DevOps Engineer— I make sure that and all of our Affinity Sites (including PawTracks) are always up and running correctly. I also support dev, SEO, and the data team in whatever capacity they need me to.

Sounds like many of us here at DTMG have you to thank for keeping our sites running smoothly—so thank you! What about at the end of the workday—how many pets do you have ready for your affection when you’re off?

I have 3 pets.

You have a whole pack! What are your fur babies’ names?

Pixel (German Shepherd), Scratch (House Tiger), and Roxy (Angel of death for bats).

Okay—color us intrigued. Now we have to know, what are your pets’ breeds?

German Shepherd, House Tiger, and Tabby cat.

[Editor’s note: House Tigers, also known as Toygers, are fairly large domestic cats that look an awful lot like tigers. They are the result of careful breeding and can be highly sought after as pets.]

What an interesting mix! How do you feel about your pets’ breeds? What led you to choose them?

German Shepherds are the best dogs ever. Scratch is a useless waste of space, and Roxy is the cattiest cat that’s ever catted.

Aw—poor Scratch! I’m sure your little tiger is a delight. Do these breeds fit well with your lifestyle? Why or why not?

Yes— I don’t lock my doors. I don’t need to. I have Pixel.

[Note: check out our guide to training a German Shepard to be a guard dog if this is something you’re interested in.]

Are there any specific traits or characteristics of your pets’ breeds that you admire?

Pixel is very affectionate, a protector.

A German Shepherd and a Toyger cat sniff each other

All about Pixel, Scratch, and Roxy

We love that in a dog! How did Pixel and the kitties come to be part of your home?

Pixel was purchased from a breeder. Scratch and Roxy are both rescues.

Tell us some of your favorite things about your pets: quirks, funny behaviors, or anything, really!

Pixel Loves jelly beans.

[Note: As colorful and delicious as jelly beans and other candies are for people, some might contain ingredients that are not considered safe for dogs. Be especially careful to stay away from sugar-free candy, as artificial sweeteners–especially Xylitol, or birch sugar–are highly toxic to canines.]

Do any of your pets have any special needs or other medical concerns? If so, how do you address these needs?

Yes—German Shepherds need jobs. They are, after all, working dogs. Pixel’s job is “Ball”. She takes it everywhere. Also very useful for exercise.

That’s such a smart way to help your pup stay active and mentally stimulated! What are her favorite toys?

Pixel has two small red plush dogs. She’s had them since she was a puppy. They are her dolls. she grooms them and hides them in dens.

What type of food do you feed your pets?

Pixel eats Purina One Smart Balance in chicken flavor. The cats get cat food.

Yum! Where do you purchase your pets’ food and treats?

Fred Meyer

And finally, are you registered for pet insurance?


Thanks again, Josh (Pixel, Scratch, and Roxy, too) for letting us take a peek at your lives together. This is the first time we’ve featured pets of multiple species at the same time, and we’re so here for it! It’s so special to witness the bonding and love—or at least tolerance—between interspecies siblings. Keep it up!

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