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Pet profiles: Meet Armie & Harpo, two adorable Pembroke Welsh corgis

Whether purebred or mutt, rescue or raised from a pup, one thing’s for sure: People love their dogs. Cats, too, play a pivotal role in the happiness of their humans. We at PawTracks go gaga for our pets, so — in collaboration with our colleagues at our parent company, Digital Trends Media Group — we’re taking the appreciation for our pets to a whole new level.

We’ve heard from folks on all sides of the operations: freelance writers (that’s Lindsay and her pup Lucy), IT Support (meet Peter and Lulu Belle), and even the CEO of DTMG. Seriously — everyone loves their pets, and we’re here for it. This Pet Profile spotlights one of Digital Trends Media Group’s talented editors, Christian Gollayan, and his four-legged friends. Let’s dive in (and believe us, you’ll want to):

two corgis sit side by side with tongues out
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The parent and the pups

Thanks, Christian, for letting us take a peek into your life with your pets. But first: What’s your role here at Digital Trends Media Group? What do you do?

I am the style and grooming editor at The Manual. I manage editorial content at The Manual.

(Editor’s Note: The Manual is a unique lifestyle website especially for men. It’s just one of several informative and entertaining websites run by DTMG.)

What about after work? How many pets do you come home to?


That must be so fun — or maybe a handful! What are these cuties’ names and breeds?

Armie and Harpo. [They are] Pembroke Welsh corgis.

Fantastic names and fantastic breeds — what led you to choose corgis for your companions?

We love that they have the personalities of big dogs in small bodies. They’re super cuddly, but they’re also herding dogs, so they’re up for sporty activities. (Also, I watched too many episodes of The Crown.)

And do this breed’s characteristics fit your lifestyle very well? 

Yes. They look like show dogs (and we love to show them off), and they’re very active, so we take them out for runs. They keep us in shape.

We’d love to know some unique behaviors and traits specific to this short-legged breed.

They’re very brave and fear no dogs. They will play with dogs twice their size. They can be a stubborn breed, so you have to train them early.

Armie the corgi sits and looks at the camera with big eyes
Armie Image used with permission by copyright holder

All about Armie and Harpo

What’s the story? How did Armie and Harpo come to be a part of your family?

We found a champion breeder in San Diego. We initially only wanted one dog (Armie) but felt guilty that he was by himself while we were working, so we decided to get him a little brother.

Every pet is unique. What are some of your favorite personality traits, quirks, and perfect moments Armie and Harpo have shared with you?

Armie is a social butterfly. The first thing he does at the dog park is greeting everyone (dogs and humans). Harpo is much more discerning and will only play with select puppies. Also, Harpo likes to make strange pig-like noises when he sleeps.

They sound like two very good boys! Do they have any special needs?


What are your puppers’ favorite toys?

We’ve tried to spoil them with fancy plush toys, but they always turn to cardboard, tennis balls, and our socks.

Many pet parents can relate! What type of food do you feed them?

We feed Armie Acana (Wholesome Grains). We feed Harpo Purina Puppy Chow (wet food).

And where do you purchase most of your pets’ food, toys, and treats?

Chewy , mostly.

Finally— Do you carry pet insurance for your Armie and Harpo? If so, why did you choose the plan that you did?

Yes, Embrace Pet Insurance. They had the best rates and coverage.

a pembroke welsh corgi puppy looks at the camera
Harpo Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you can’t get enough of our Pet Profiles series, check out some of our other furry superstars: from Lulu Belle, to Baxter, and even Bethany, you’ll meet pets of all kinds. We even have cats — two furry boys named Oliver and Snowball. See our full list to meet some of Digital Trends Media Group’s beloved pets:

Make sure to check back at PawTracks for more Pet Profiles. Happy Tails!

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