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4 best BarkBox alternatives you should consider to make your pup happy

You’ve heard the hype, you’ve seen the toys–but why exactly would you want to subscribe to a monthly service like BarkBox? For lots of reasons! Firstly, it’s completely customizable. Once you answer a few questions, your pup receives a customized box of toys, treats, and accessories according to your ideal schedule. Essentially, someone else has done the shopping for you, based on your preferences.

When you consider the time and effort you no longer have to put into driving to the pet store and finding the perfect products, the benefits of having a box delivered to your door go without saying. And we all know how excited our dogs are about receiving new toys and tasty treats.

Here’s the catch: BarkBox isn’t the only game in town. Here are four of the best BarkBox alternatives you should consider if you’re interested in a dog-treat and toy delivery service.

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5 BarkBox Alternatives you should consider


This subscription service is unique because it grows with your pup. Begin the service when they’re a puppy and receive a box filled with age-appropriate training guides, treats, toys, chews, and accessories as they grow. Once you create a profile and select a plan, your customized treat box will be delivered to your doorstep monthly.

Don’t have a puppy but know someone who just adopted one? Send them a gift PupBox or gift card.

Pricing is determined by the number of months you’re willing to commit. Those who sign up for a 12-month subscription pay $29 a box, while those preferring to go month-to-month pay $39. Shipping is free to U.S. subscribers. All plans bill monthly and renew automatically.

Bullymake Box

Have an aggressive chewer in your home? Then the Bullymake Box might be your best option. These unique and highly durable toys are made in the USA and shipped–free of charge–right to your door. Each box features two to three nylon, ballistic, or rubber toys that cater to chewing, tugging, and fetching; as well as two to three treats. Subscribers can customize boxes for toys only and specify materials based on preferences or allergies.

Subscriptions begin at $31 a month and come with a Bullymake guarantee. Items that don’t measure up are replaced free of charge.

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Did you rescue a shelter pet and want to give back? Then, you’ll want to consider signing up for RescueBox, where each subscription feeds 142 shelter pets per box sent out.

Each themed box, valued at more than $40, contains five premium pet toys, treats, and chews. You can select the perfect box based on your buddy’s size, though there’s an option for feline friends, too! A monthly subscription is $29.95 and continues until canceled.

Pooch Perks

Looking for a subscription service that offers only products made in the USA? Pooch Perks may be the right choice for your pet family. Subscriptions can be customized to the size and preferences of your dog; flexible shipments include monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly delivery. One-time boxes feature a birthday box, welcome-home puppy kit, and fun, themed boxes for occasions like holidays or Shark Week. Subscriptions start at $32.99 a month.

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Which subscription box is right for your pet?

Before you decide on and subscribe to your perfect box, you’ll want to consider your monthly budget, as well as what type of toys and treats your pup enjoys. Then, do your research and select two to three options. If possible, request a sample box so you can gauge the value of the contents. Does your dog like the treats? Does he play with the toys — or destroy them within minutes? And what do other subscribers have to say about their experience with the quality and service? Online reviews can be ultra helpful.

Before you write off subscription boxes as a luxury you can do without, consider this: the right toy can offer your dog important mental stimulation, which not only keeps his mind sharp but can also deter destructive behavior such as chewing, barking, and digging. Plus, watching your dog as he enjoys a new toy is one of the best things about being a pet parent. With more than 40 pet-related online subscription boxes to choose from, it’s a safe bet that you’ll be able to find a company that specializes in products that your pooch and your budget will love.

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