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Former pet industry worker’s viral list of worst dog breeds: Do you agree?

We all think our fur baby is the best, of course, but the internet is littered with lists of the best and worst dog breeds. Some dog breeds get a bad rap, while others are insanely popular (and, therefore, insanely expensive if you’re looking for a purebred dog). A lot of the times, the list differentiates based on personality traits or the pet parent’s lifestyle: the best dog breeds for seniors, the smartest dog breeds, the best dog breeds for apartment living — we’ve certainly got our thoughts here at PawTracks.

One woman who used to work in the pet industry went viral on TikTok for her list of the worst dog breeds you can adopt — and after the outcry, she posted a few more. Check out these lists: Do you think she got it right?

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DISCLAIMER: I love these breeds but I don’t want to own one of my own. Don’t come for me doodle moms ?? IT’S JUST MY OPINION!!!! (And a joke, I have a chihuahua lol)

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The original list of worst dog breeds

Here’s the video that caused such a stir (with 7.6 million views). According to @chilicheesechelsea, these are the five worst dog breeds.

A Siberian Husky lying outdoors in the grass.


Huskies are beloved for their gentle, affectionate nature, and plenty of people love that many of these dogs have those striking, Instagram-ready blue eyes. But this TikToker wrote that they were “completely unhinged and always screaming.” While that’s certainly not true of the entire breed, the husky howl is definitely something we’ve all heard before — and they have been known to bark at inopportune times.

A German Shepherd lies in the grass with a chewy treat.

German Shepherds

German shepherds are protective dogs who make great pets for families with children. They do have to be exercised quite a bit — making them suitable for more active pet parents — but they’re both gentle and take to training well. According to the TikTok, they’re “always the most anxious.”

Any dog can become anxious — whether because of thunderstorms, separation anxiety, or a recent life change, but there’s plenty pet parents can do to keep them calm.


Innately gentle, Samoyeds can be wonderful companions for both young children and seniors alike. The TikTok referenced their “non-stop barking,” which is definitely a factor, but there are always ways to train your dog to be less vocal. (And, if not… nobody’s perfect.)

Doodle mixes

Goldendoodles, labradoodles, cockapoos, havapoos, poochons — the list goes on. So named for a cross between a poodle and another dog, these dogs are bred with the hope of combining the positive traits of each breed. (And since poodles are considered hypoallergenic dogs, they’re in high demand to be cross bred.)

@chilicheesechelsea noted that her problem wasn’t with the dogs themselves, but that a lot of people don’t know how to handle their energy or the breed mixes so they end up being out of control. Regardless of your dog’s breed, it’s important to train your dog well from the outset, and be keenly aware of their physical, nutritional, and mental needs.

a white shih tzu sits on a porch and looks at the camera

Crusty little ankle biters

This one is, of course, in reference to the memes about small white dogs — notable Maltese and Shih Tzus. And while Shih Tzus have been known to wrap their pet parents around their paws, we like them anyway.

@chilicheesechelsea did note that she loves all these breeds — she just doesn’t want one for herself. (That’s OK… we’ll happily take them for ourselves.)

A Cardigan and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi stand next to one another

5 more worst dog breeds

In response to the reaction, to her video, @chilicheesechelsea posted another TikTok with five more breeds she wouldn’t adopt.


THESE ARE MY OPNION AND WOULD NOT BE FIT FOR MY HOME OR LIFESTYLE. Do ur research to see what dog breed is best for you! (Also not all dogs are the same, so I’m sure your breed is an angel to you lol)

♬ Che La Luna – Louis Prima

  1. Yorkshire terriers
  2. Australian shepherds
  3. Corgis
  4. French bulldogs
  5. Great Danes

The disclaimer for this TikTok again noted that these breeds wouldn’t be a fit for her home or lifestyle, and that prospective pet parents should do their own “research to see what dog breed is best for you!” She also added that “not all dogs are the same.”

That’s advice we can definitely get behind. While we can come up with all of the lists of best and worst dog breeds, at the end of the day, it’s all about the individual pup and their personality. Make sure your dog’s needs fit your lifestyle, get to know their personality before adopting if you can, and whatever breed you choose, you’ll have a new best friend.

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