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Yellow bird on finger of person

The best ways to train your bird

A talented bird is the result of a lot of patience and training. We go over some of the best ways to train your feathered friend.
why birds bite loud help

Why birds bite, and how to prevent it

You love your pet bird, but its biting causes an unwelcome rift. Our guide shows you the reasons why and how you can prevent it.
Large aquarium with lights in a home

Aquarium lighting guide: What you need to know

Getting the right aquarium light for your fish is an essential accessory. Our guide helps your fish live a long, healthy life in their home
how to make your own awesome aquarium backgrounds background 2

How to make your own awesome aquarium backgrounds

You don't have to be an artist for this DIY project. Creating a unique background for your aquarium will make your home even more special. 
two fish in a fish tank

How to make parasite medicine for your fish

Parasites can grow out of nowhere in your aquarium because of temperature changes and food remains that foster the growth of these organisms. Check out the best way to cure your fish’s parasite.
Hamster wrapped up in hay

The safest types of bedding for hamsters

When making your hamster's home, it is vital that they have a safe and cozy environment. We list what makes it best for them
Pet ferret playing with a toy

Ferrets 101: Everything you need to know

Ferrets are mischievous little animals that are super fun to watch. Let’s learn the most important basic facts about having one as a pet
Tortoise walking in garden

Turtle or tortoise? Here’s how to choose

You're wondering if having turtle or tortoise would be best for your home. We discuss their habitat, sizes, diets, and lifespans
Man holding a pet python

The best types of reptiles for you

Reptiles are great pets to own. They are fascinating creatures to watch and easy to care for. We have a guide on the best ones to own
Two turtles eating kale

What types of foods and snacks are best for turtles?

When you bring a turtle into your home, you wonder what you'll feed your new friend. We list the best foods and snacks for them
Colorful fish and coral in a saltwater aquarium

Great water plants for your saltwater aquarium

Adding plants to your saltwater aquarium is a great benefit for your fish. Here is a curated list of the best options out there
dog travel bag

The best small pets for frequent travelers

Many pets travel well and there are pets that do well even when left alone for days. Here are some pocket pets you might want to consider.
can you train a guinea pig closeup

Can you train a guinea pig?

Guinea pigs are highly intelligent and can learn to respond to their name and even perform neat tricks. Here are the basics of guinea pig training.
Rabbit eating romaine lettuce

The best treats to give your pet rabbit

Like everyone else, bunnies love treats. Check out this curated list of the great options to provide your pet with the best treats
Woman testing water in aquarium

What to do with your fish while you deep-clean their aquarium

When cleaning your aquarium, you might be concerned about your fish. The good news is that you can safely keep them happily swimming in it
Young woman holding chameleon

These are the 10 most popular reptile pets in the US

If you're looking to buy a reptile, you’re sure to find one that you love. Here are the 10 most popular reptiles kept as pets in the U.S.
keeping worms out of fish tank

Worms in your aquarium? Here’s how to get rid of them

Aquariums are a great way to showcase amazing fish. Read our guide to keeping them worm-free.
bird cage

The best ways to play with your pet bird

Birds are intelligent, curious, and smart, and playing games with your pet bird helps you bond in new ways. Here are the best ways to play with your pet bird.
Hamster in glass cage

Are hamsters friendly family pets?

If you’re interested in buying your child a small pet, you might have considered a hamster. However, there are a few things to consider
Hamster being fed by a person

The right kinds of food for your pet hamster

Can your hamster have healthy meals and treats that support their overall well-being and happiness? We can tell you how
Parakeet on branch

Here are the best birds to keep as pets

Birds come in a range of colors, demeanor, and sizes. Our list has some of the best birds to have as pets to suit your taste
cleaning aquarium

How to deep clean a fish aquarium in one hour or less

Every aquarium needs a thorough clean from time to time - use our guide to make yours perfect for your fish.
bird cage

How often you should replace the paper or liner in your bird’s cage

Your bird needs a clean cage - check out our guide for how often to change the liner.
Bearded dragon on a rock

Lizard or snake? How to choose which is right for you

There are some key differences between lizards and snakes if you pick one as a pet. Decide from our list which is best for you
Woman with bird on head and shoulder

Interesting bird names you may be overlooking

Naming your pet bird can be as much fun as owning one. There are many great names to choose, including sweet, cute, or humorous ones