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Colorful chameleon sits on a stick before a blue background

5 reptiles on Instagram with more followers than you

We love these reptile Instagram accounts and you will too.
Girl petting mini horse in a zoo

5 simple ways to get involved for Farm Animals Awareness Week

Here are five ways you can help farm animals this week and in the future.
Little girl holds her pet iguana

8 effective tips for iguana training

Iguanas are beautiful creatures, but they do have sharp claws and teeth, as well as a powerful tail. Here's how to train them so they don't mind being handled.
Panda sits and eats bamboo

6 amazing endangered species you can help save

These endangered species need help — here's what you can do.
Conure sits on branch

These are the most colorful birds you can keep as pets

Want a super colorful bird? Consider these breeds.
Woman feeds a red betta fish in an aquarium

A handy guide to feeding your fish

Feeding your fish doesn't have to be complicated. Here's what to know.
A blue and yellow Macaw on roller-skates.

Now is the time to train your parrot to do tricks — here’s how

Training your parrot to do tricks is easy if you follow these steps.
Corn snake being held between a person's fingers

8 important things to consider to properly care for a corn snake

This is what you need to know to properly look after a corn snake.
Dwarf hamster sitting in a cage corner

Hamster vs. guinea pig: Which pet is right for you?

Hamsters and guinea pigs are very different. So should you adopt a guinea pig or hamster? Here's how to choose between the two.
Woman looks through binoculars at a bird

4 amazing bird podcasts we’re listening to right now

These bird podcasts are informative and interesting.
Parrot talks with beak open

6 words to teach your parrot (and 3 not to)

Teaching your bird to speak will take time and lots of practice. Here are the words you should make sure they can say ... and a few to leave off the list.
Person holds turtle in hands

5 warning signs your turtle is sick

These are the telltale signs that your turtle isn't healthy.
bird flu guide at the vet

How to tell if a bird has bird flu

Worried your bird has bird flu? Here's how to tell.
Girl holds pet hamster in her hands

How to train a hamster not to bite

If your hamster has a biting habit, this is how to stop it.
Rabbit sits outside with a carrot

A handy guide to taking your small pet outside

Rabbits, guinea pigs, turtles, tortoises, and birds (in cages) can all go outside for some sunny playtime. Here's how to take your pet out safely.
Blue macaw looking quizzically into the camera

The 7 most intelligent birds you can keep as pets

Birds are actually one of the most intelligent creatures and have the unique skill of mimicking the human voice. These smart birds make the best pets.
Owl sits in his outdoor aviary

Do owls make good pets? Harry Potter got it wrong

There are a lot of reasons why owls make terrible pets.
Dog up close to camera in the desert

We can’t stop watching this docuseries on Peacock

This docuseries is amazing and every pet lover should watch it.
Hedgehog curled up in his owner's hand

What you need to know about hedgehog care before you get one

This is the handy guide you need if you're getting a pet hedgehog.
Gecko steps into a bowl of mealworms

What do geckos eat? We’ve got a handy feeding guide

If you're wondering what to feed your gecko and how often he needs to eat, read this handy guide.
Woman stands silhouetted with her horse in stables

Is your child ready for a horse? What you need to know

Consider these factors before getting your child a horse.
Beautiful hummingbird flaps its wings

7 amazing bird photographers on Instagram to follow

Follow these bird photographers on Instagram—their work is gorgeous.
Scared dog hiding under furniture.

6 effective ways to keep pets safe if a fire breaks out

No homeowner wants to think about a house fire, but when it comes to protecting your family (including pets), being proactive is essential. Here's what to do.
Bird perches on owner's hand

Trimming your bird’s nails is super easy if you follow these 6 steps

Follow these 6 steps to get great results when you trim your bird's nails.
Hamster snacking in a plastic tube

6 easy ways you can increase your hamster’s life span

Help your hamster live longer with these useful tips
Bird with mites pecking at skin

How to get rid of bird mites on your pet bird

With these 5 tips, you can rid your pet bird of bird mites quickly.
Woman plays with her rabbit next to the Petsfit Rabbit Hutch

Good, better, best: Indoor rabbit cages for multiple pets

These indoor rabbit cages are great for multiple pets.
Yellow bird flies off toward trees

If your bird flew away, do these 6 things immediately

If your bird flew away, hope is not lost. Try these 6 things.
Canary looking into camera

Canary song recordings can help train your bird to sing

If you've got a solitary canary, song recordings can teach them how to sing.
Woman holds her bearded dragon

How to travel with a bearded dragon

This is everything you need to know about traveling with a bearded dragon.
Shark swims in aquarium with people watching

Do these 5 things for Zoo and Aquarium month

Here are five great ways to celebrate Zoo and Aquarium month.
Seahorse swimming in an aquarium

5 amazing non-fish aquarium pets you should add to your tank

These non-fish aquarium pets are totally great and worth adding to your tank.
A pair of hyacinth macaws look quizzically

6 friendliest bird species for your next pet

There are plenty of friendly bird species in the world. These are 6 of the friendliest.
Hamster sits in hay and looks at camera

4 best hamster breeds and who they’re right for

Find out which type of hamster breed is right for you.
A vet spreads ointment on a sick turtle's shell

Is your turtle sick? Here’s how to tell

These are the signs and symptoms your turtle is sick and how to care for them.
Woman places decorations into a fish tank

5 cute aquarium design ideas you should try

Make your own personalized fish tank with these cool ideas.
Parrot tilts his head to the side

Why do parrots bob their heads? The answer may surprise you

Why does your parrot bob its head? Here are 5 reasons why.
Woman cleans aquarium with fish

How to clean a fish aquarium in 7 simple steps

Cleaning a fish aquarium is easy if you've got the right tools.
Corn snake suns on a rock in his housing

How to create an amazing snake habitat

Give your snake the best home possible by following these tips.
A girl and her guinea pig share a leaf of lettuce

What you can feed guinea pigs (and what you can’t)

Here are some food ideas that guinea pigs will love.
Bird looks quizzically at stone

6 simple tips: How to pick a great name for your new bird

Need a name for your pet bird? Here's how to pick a great one.
Lizard being held by owner

Lizard vs. snake: Which pet is right for you?

Not sure which reptile to get? Consider these factors.
A cockatiel perches on a chair

5 great birds for apartment living

These birds work great in smaller, quieter spaces like an apartment.
Guinea pig sitting on person's lap

Here’s the small pet that’s right for your lifestyle

Having trouble deciding which small pet you should get? Here are some ideas.
Red-eared slider turtle eats strawberries

What do red-eared slider turtles eat? Check out this handy guide

Just like humans, turtles need a balanced diet. This is what to feed your red-eared slider turtle.
Three seahorses swimming in an aquarium

Before getting seahorses, here’s what you need to know

Seahorses are unique creatures —here's how to keep them in your home.
Hand holding a pH testing kit next to an aquarium

Is the pH in your aquarium normal? Here’s how to tell

The right pH level is essential for your fish's happiness. We tell you how to test it — and fix any problems.
Girl feeds seed to her pet parrot

Has your birdseed gone bad? How to tell and how to prevent it

Yes, birdseed can go bad, but here's how to keep it fresh.
Little girl feeds fish in her aquarium

A complete guide to aquarium essentials for first-time fish owners

Are you getting your first fish? Here's what you need to start.
Pet gecko stares at a mealworm

Try one of these amazing reptiles for your first pet

If this is your first pet, these six reptiles are a great choice.