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Two budgies perch in outdoor cage

Follow these steps to keep your bird’s cage clean

With these simple cleaning steps, your bird cage will remain a welcome home.
2 parakeets standing on a perch together

These 4 pets are great for people who travel a lot

Just because you travel a lot doesn't mean you can't have a pet.
Tortoise walks outside in the grass

Turtles vs. tortoises: Which pet is right for you?

There are big differences between turtles and tortoises. Here's what you need to know.
Parrot hangs from a rope toy

You should be playing games with your bird — here’s how

Games aren't just for dogs —birds love to play, too. Here's how to keep them entertained.
camels in gobi desert

This Discovery+ doc is must-see for animal lovers

If you love animals, you've got to see this Discovery+ docuseries.
best submersible aquarium pumps beautiful planted tropical freshwater with fishes  aquascape

These 4 submersible aquarium pumps are quiet and effective

Want a fish tank that's clean but not noisy? Try these submersible pumps
A girl lies down with a small grey rabbit

Choosing the right pet for families with young children

Picking the right pet for your family is no simple task. Here are some things to consider.
Gray and Orange Bird on a Branch

Looking for a low-maintenance bird? 6 things to keep in mind

Keep these items in mind when searching for quiet, low-maintenance brands
Pet chameleon standing on a hand and eating a bug

Do chameleons eat fruit?

Should your chameleon be eating fruit? Some thoughts
Goldfish in water

Fish tank lighting: 7 great tips

Make the most of your fish tank lighting system with this guide
Mouse Near Brown Wooden Cage

Hamster bedding 101: Everything you need to know

Make sure your hamster is comfortable and safe by choosing the right bedding
Two Kingfisher Birds Sitting on Branch

These birds have the prettiest songs

Birdsongs are unique, and these breeds have beautiful songs
Hamster Near a Plant

Lethargy, weight loss, and other signs of a sick hamster

Is your hamster sick? Check for these signs before calling the vet
Brown and Gray Komodo Dragon

How long can you expect your Komodo dragon to live?

What is your Komodo dragon's expected life cycle? Can you own one?
a blue betta fish swims in a small aquarium with rocks on the bottom

DIY aquarium background ideas you have to try

Decorate your aquarium with these amazing DIY ideas.
Young girl playing with puppy on a lawn

8 great pet options for toddlers and small children

Buying your toddler a pet is a big choice - here are some of the best pets for your little one
a person holds a snake in their hands as it wraps around their arm, its head peering off to the left

Some snakes can swim – here’s how to tell if yours is one of them

Swimming snakes? Sounds crazy, but it's true! Here's how to tell if yours is one of them
a profile view of an aquarium with tropical fish and coral decoration

Cleaning your gross fish tank is easy – here’s how it’s done

Aquarium cleaning can be gross but doesn't have to be hard. Here's how to clear water for a great fish environment.
new snake care brown green hiding

Caring for your new snake: Everything you need to know

This guide contains everything you need to care for your new pet snake.
turtle buying guide box face leaves

What to know before buying a turtle

Before you purchase a turtle, make sure you know what you're getting yourself into with this guide.
a fish-eye angled picture of a green parrot with an orange ye

Bird body language, decoded: What it means and what you can do

Birds can be an enigma to some pet owners - we break down their basic body language
one blue parakeet and one green and yellow parakeet nestle into one another on a perch

Everything you need to know before buying a bird for your kids

Kids asking for a bird? Here's what to know before making the investment
four goldfish facing different directions in a fish tank

Can you train a fish? Here’s what we know

Training a fish -- is it possible? Here's what we know.
a gray hamster sits on top of a wood hutch with a miniature teacup and a broccoli snack; the hutch is surrounded by greens and broccoli

6 hamster treats your furry friend will love

Not all hamster treats are the same - these are some of the best for every pet
Epaulette shark swimming along an aquarium bottom

What to know before buying a small shark for your home aquarium

Sharks are cool, but do you need one for your home aquarium? We discuss the pros and cons, and how to choose the right small shark.
quiet birds for apartments pair of parkeets perched on a branch

4 quiet bird breeds for apartment living

Do you want a bird, but are worried it will make too much noise? Here are some birds that typically stay silent.
birds biting imports  1 of 2

Why birds bite other birds, and how to stop it

Do you have a 'bully bird' at home? Here's why they bite other birds, and how to stop it.
lop rabbit sitting on a lawn

Your rabbit’s weight: What you need to know

Rabbits can be over – or under – weight. Here's what you need to know about your bunny's weight.
girl in plaid shirt holding rabbit

Is my rabbit color blind?

How to tell if a rabbit is colorblind, if it's cause for concern, and what pet parents can do to help colorblind bunnies.
Macaw perched on a branch stretching out one wing

What does it mean when your parrot sings?

Parrots love to sing and chatter, but why? Here's what it means when your parrot sings randomly
Green Tree Python draped over a branch

Building the best snake habitat for your new pet

How to build your own snake habitat your slithering little friend will love
how to tell fish gender

Easy tricks to learn the sex of your fish

Knowing the sex of a fish can be tricky. Here's how to tell which sex yours are.
how to train a rabbit to do tricks

Bunny tricks: How to train your rabbit

Our best tips and tricks to train your rabbit to do tricks and be on its best behavior.
Birds eating at a bird feeder

Get this $25 window bird feeder to drive your cat nuts

Give yourself and your cat some free entertainment by installing these bird feeders
Gray and white rabbit in indoor hutch

Which indoor cage is best for your rabbits?

The best indoor cages for your rabbits, whether you have one or multiple bunnies.
Angelfish swimming in a freshwater tank

Which fish to have in your freshwater tank

Freshwater aquariums are one of the coolest things to have in any room. Here are the best fish options for any tank
Two hamsters in a yellow hide box

5 awesome small animal enclosures under $35

Your small animal needs to be safe even while having fun. These enclosures will ensure their safety and your peace of mind
Ferret sleeping on a blanket

Want to litter train your ferret? Here’s how

Ferrets are fun, but can you litter train them? It can take a lot of patience and a bit of luck. We show you how it's done.
monk parakeet on man's shoulder

5 great birds kids will love as pets

Thinking about adopting a bird? Here’s a quick list of five great birds to consider adding to your family.
Green snake on a branch

The basics: everything a pet snake needs

After careful consideration, you’ve decided to add a snake to your family. Our checklist has everything they need to be happy and comfortable.
Rabbit eating out of a bowl

Can rabbits be harness and leash trained?

You already know how delightful your rabbit can be. We'll show you how to walk your bunny safely using a harness and leash.
Two love birds on a perch

The 4 quietest birds that make amazing pets

If you thought all birds are noisy as pets, take another look. We list four birds that are among the quietest and make amazing pets.
dog cat outdoors cuddling

Personalize these gifts for any pet parent – up to 25% off

Chewy is having an Early Cyber Savings Sale and it's packed with personalized pet gifts sure to dazzle the pet lover in your life.
Young girl holding a gray rabbit

Healthy weights for rabbits explained

Just like humans, bunnies come in all shapes and sizes. We discuss what to do and look for when it comes to your rabbit's healthy weight.
Person holding an orange striped snake

3 snakes that make great pets and love to be handled

Contrary to popular belief, snakes make great pets. We list three snakes that love to be handled and how to care for each one.
Three colorful tropical fish in an aquarium

What are camallanus worms, and where do they come from?

Camallanus worms aren't always easy to spot in your fish. We have a guide on how to get rid of them or prevent them altogether
Yellow bird on perch in its cage

How to clean a bird cage the right way

The key to cleaning your bird cage easily is to stick to a schedule. Follow our handy guidelines to make the task effortless
Yellow bird on finger of person

The best ways to train your bird

A talented bird is the result of a lot of patience and training. We go over some of the best ways to train your feathered friend.
why birds bite loud help

Why birds bite, and how to prevent it

You love your pet bird, but its biting causes an unwelcome rift. Our guide shows you the reasons why and how you can prevent it.
Large aquarium with lights in a home

Aquarium lighting guide: What you need to know

Getting the right aquarium light for your fish is an essential accessory. Our guide helps your fish live a long, healthy life in their home