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Statue covered in bird poop

This is how to remove bird poop stains from clothes (tips that really work)

Not sure how to remove bird poop that just won't come out. This is how you get rid of bird leavings from your clothes.
Guinea pig bares her teeth

Why do guinea pigs chatter their teeth? It’s not a good thing

Guinea pigs chatter their teeth for a few different reasons. This is how to know what's causing it and when to call your vet.
White hamster peeks out of his enclosure

Why is my hamster trying to escape? These are the 3 reasons

There are three reasons why your hamster tries to get out of his cage. Once you figure out the why, then you'll be able to prevent it.
Two parrots tilt their heads to see better

Why do birds bob their heads? The answer is pretty complex

There's a scientific reason why birds bob their heads. Here's what you need to know about this funny and unique trait.
A happy guinea pig hangs out in the grass

How to tell if your guinea pig loves you – some ways may surprise you

Does your guinea pig love you? Here are the signs to watch out for so you can be sure you return the affection.
Brown and white rabbit sitting in front of a wooden door

How to litter train a rabbit in 6 simple steps

Not sure how to litter train a bunny? Follow this comprehensive guide to get your rabbit to go where you want her to.
A betta swims with plants in its tank

Is your fish tank for bettas too small? Here’s are the do’s and don’ts of betta care

Looking for the perfect betta fish tank setup? Follow these do's and don'ts to keep your betta happy and healthy
Hatchlings in a nest begs for food

Wondering what to feed baby birds? Here are 5 things you should never offer them

Feeding a baby bird isn't easy. If you're unsure what to feed a baby bird, avoid these these foods that aren't good for fledglings.
Water snake swimming through seaweed

Can snakes swim? Here’s what you need to know about how these legless creatures move through water

How do snakes swim without any arms -- and can snakes swim at all? We answer some of these burning questions about your pet.
Hamster peeks out of his cage

This is how to find a lost hamster the same day it goes missing

Wondering how to find a lost hamster quickly and safely? Here's what you can do to locate a hamster that got out of its cage.
Bird sings from a perch in a pine tree

Why do birds sing in the morning? There are 2 clever reasons for it

There are two key reasons why birds sing in the morning and both go back to their evolution and status as prey animals.
Turtle walking on a table

Aquatic turtles: Care and feeding basics every Testudine enthusiast needs to know

If you’re considering buying an aquatic turtle, you should first know how to best take care of one. Here are the basics of keeping aquatic turtles as pets.
cutest owls dancing video spotted eagle owl namibia broken wing

Video: 3 owls adorably try (and sort of succeed) at dancing

This video features three dancing owls — to varying degrees of success. (Regardless of their dancing skills, these are the cutest owls we've ever seen.)
Leopard gecko with smiling face

5 fantastic ways pets in a classroom benefit kids (and the best pets to get)

Studies show that classroom pets provide important benefits for students. Find out which animals make the best classroom pets.
Colorful bird perched on a hand

Got a scared bird? How to know when your bird is frightened and the best ways to calm it

Birds use body language to tell us what’s going on. It’s time to learn the signs of fright in a bird and what to do to calm them down.
Person holding wounded bird in hands

Follow these steps to effectively care for an injured bird

This is what you should do if you find an injured bird.
Parakeets preen each other on a perch

Do these 5 things to get rid of bird mites

Bird mites can be obnoxious. This is how to get rid of them as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Man holds carrots and a rake in his garden

How to keep birds away from your house or yard if they’re driving you crazy

Here are tips for how to keep birds away from your house.
Chameleon reptile sitting on a branch

Everything you want to know about the reptile life cycle, from egg to adulthood

Reptiles may be one of the most diverse animal groups, but all of their life cycles follow one general pattern.
Beige hamster stands on its back paws

How to tell when a hamster is sick or in pain: Look for these 4 signs and symptoms

Your hamster can tell you if they're sick, as long as you know what to look for. These four signs are great places to start.
Scared parrot squawks

Certain colors may scare your bird – these are the ones to avoid

Can birds be startled by certain colors? Here's what we know.
Clown fish swimming through corals in an aquarium

How to reduce nitrates in your aquarium quickly and effectively

Don't let your chemical levels get out of control. Here's how to reduce nitrates in your aquarium and keep your fish healthy.
Bird eggs sit in a nest in a tree

Found a bird egg? Here’s how to properly care for and hatch it

If you find a bird egg, here is how to care for it and hatch it.
A brown bearded dragon on a tree trunk.

How to train bearded dragons in 3 simple steps

Your bearded dragon will come right to you with these tips and tricks.
minnow fish

How fast minnows reproduce and how to care for these interesting little fish

Check out the different species of pet minnows, how fast each pet minnow species reproduces, and what you can do to help them along.
Bird on full bird feeder

Does birdseed have an expiration date? How to tell if birdseed has gone bad

What exactly is in birdseed? The different types of birdseed and storage tips to keep it fresh and safe. We answer all of these questions and more
Bearded dragon on a leash with a harness

Can you take your bearded dragon on a walk? We tried so you don’t have to

Want to walk your Beardie? Here's what you need to know first.
Plants and fish in an aquarium

Try adding a few of these saltwater aquarium plants to breathe life into your tank

Saltwater aquarium plants can add a nice touch to your tank. Here are seven great options that will introduce extra flair to your tank.
Pet rat sits on little girl's shoulder

Disgusted by the idea of adopting a pet rat? 8 facts that could change your mind

Rats make for surprisingly great pets, and most of the reasons why will surprise you.
Neon tetra school swims in tank

The 5 easiest fish to take care of for clueless newbies

These 5 fish are the easiest to take care of for new owners. Try one of them to grow your aquarium skills and advance to the next level.
Bird takes flight off a branch in slow motion

Why do birds fly into windows? The truth is kind of sad

The reason why birds fly into windows will break your heart.
Sea turtle swims gently in the sea

Are turtles reptiles or amphibians? Here’s what you need to know

Here's the truth about whether turtles are reptiles or amphibians.
Girl looks at her pet hamster

Why is my hamster shaking? When pet parents should be worried

Why is my hamster shaking? There are a few reasons why he might shiver (and they each require a different response).
Shark cordless vacuum

Clean pet hair easy: The Shark cordless vacuum is a Prime Day steal

Looking for a new vacuum? How about this Shark cordless model that's on a huge discount for Prime Day 2022?!
Group rides horseback through the woods

6 essential trail riding rules to know before you saddle up your horse

Before you horseback trail ride in the wilderness, know these National Forest rules.
Cute duckling sits in the yard

Are ducks good pets? 8 things to consider when thinking of adopting these cute feathered friends

Ducks can make great pets, but there are important things to consider first. Find out if ducks are right for you.
Three chickens eat while outside in their backyard

Determined to raise backyard chickens? 6 essential things to do before you set up your coop

Before establishing an urban backyard chicken hutch, learn what is involved in chicken care.
Two bearded dragons sunning

All reptile parents can make life easier with this essential heating-lamp hack

If you are a reptile parent, you know that heating your pet's habitat is essential. We have a tip to make it easier.
House finch eats at nyger feeder

Try out these 6 different kinds of best bird feeders to attract your feathered friends

These are the best bird feeders to keep in your backyard and the types of colorful birds that they'll attract.
Hamster staring on white counter

How to tell if your hamster is sick

Hamsters are wonderful pets, but it's upsetting when they're sick. We list their common ailments, symptoms, and helpful preemptive care.
Man in a wheelchair laughing as he pets a horse.

Everything you need to know about equine therapy

Equine therapy is a growing type of therapy for individuals with special needs. We have vetted the best.
Woman holding white rabbit

Can rabbits see color? The answer just might surprise you

Except for a small blind spot directly in front of its nose, rabbits have an enormous field of vision. But can they detect color like humans?
Person strokes their pet turtle

Do turtles make good pets? This one fact may make you reconsider

Considering a turtle for your next pet? Here's everything you need to know first.
Sparrows eat rice out of a man's hand

Myth or fact: throwing uncooked rice will hurt birds (you might guess wrong)

You've heard to never offer or throw uncooked rice for birds. Is it a myth?
A mother and her baby visiting with goats on a farm.

Why a working farm stay should be your vacation of choice this summer

Working farm stays allow vacation-goers to get a taste of farm life. Is it for you?
Two rabbits sit happily outside in their hutch

Can my rabbit live outside? Not without the right outdoor rabbit hutch

Think your rabbit needs some fresh air? Get the right outdoor rabbit hutch to keep your furry friend comfortable.
Gecko looks up at the camera

Gecko care: What you absolutely need to know before bringing one home

Considering adopting a gecko? Learn all about baby gecko care before you bring one home.
Snake lies down on his wood

Is your snake bored? How to tell (and why you should care)

Is your snake bored or is something else going on? Why your snake is listless.
Aquarium in house with plants and controls

Don’t kill your fish: How to prepare your aquarium before vacation

Going on vacation? Prepare your aquarium or fish tank for your absence.
Girl plays with her hamster in a cage outside

5 amazing hamster habitats under $50 your furry friend needs right now

Your hamster needs a fun tube habitat to run through. Buy one of these picks for under $50.