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Chewy is having an amazing deal on toys, treats, and gear for dogs and cats right now

You are about to be your fur-baby’s hero because Chewy is having a massive Early Cyber Savings sale on toys, treats, and more — and you don’t want to miss it.

The pet retailer is here to give your pet the holidays they deserve (or if you’re like me, just another day to shower your pets with gifts before the holidays).

Image used with permission by copyright holder

The first stop for the very good boy or girl in your life is the Buy 3, Get 1 Free dog deals. These are the perfect stocking stuffers for your pooch and with favorites like these, your dog’s bells will be jingling all over the place.

Bones & Chews Braided Bully Sticks

Tylee’s Human-Grade Chicken Jerky Dog Treats

But it’s not just treats; anything on the page (we’re talking thousands of items) are buy 3, get 1 free. This also includes toys like a squeaky raccoon toy (maybe get a few of those for your puppy to destroy) and a really fun cat chute:

Frisco Flat Plush Squeaking Raccoon Toy

Frisco Peek-a-Boo Cat Chute


The retailer has also discounted some of its Goody Boxes — a fun mix of treats and toys handpicked and “bundled together into one uniquely designed box to save you time and money too,” by ten percent. These boxes are always thoughtfully themed and keep them entertained for days.

Chewy has up to 25% off of personalized gifts like coffee mugs, ornaments, pet bowls, and leashes so you can stick their adorable faces on everything in your home. It’s not enough that we’re with our pets more than ever right now, we also must stare at them in real-time and on our coffee mugs simultaneously. These are also the perfect gifts for family members, pet sitters, or friends who love our babies as much as we do.


This is the time of year when Chewy offers its best prices on pet products above, as well as cat and dog food, flea and tick prevention, beds, coats, leashes, and other gear. The online retailer is a favorite of mine because shipping is always free for every purchase over $49, and offers an “Autoship” program where you can get five percent off all future deliveries when you sign up for regular deliveries of food, treatments, and more. Plus, you also get access to free licensed veterinarians if you have questions, and, as a bonus, if you sign up during this sale, you get 40% off your first order (up to $20). Not too shabby.

Chewy’s user-friendly website makes shopping a breeze. You can filter by breed, size, price, and, for food items, by any dietary restrictions your pet may have.

The Cyber Sale also includes tons of deals on grooming products like:

  • Frisco Hypoallergenic Grooming Wipes with Aloe for Dogs & Cats – Buy at Chewy!
  • Frisco Beginner Grooming Kit for Dogs and Cats, 4-pack – Buy at Chewy!
  • Frisco Hypoallergenic Shampoo with Aloe Unscented – Buy at Chewy!
  • Frisco Shedding Rake Dog Brush – Buy at Chewy!

which as a mother of two Old English Sheepdogs I really appreciate.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

If dogs and cats aren’t your jam, Chewy is also offering 20% and more on gear for other pets like birds, hamsters, and rabbits. This can add up to big on items like this A&E Cage Company Elegant Style Flight Bird Cage, which nets a massive $127 savings.

Your pet will be the envy of all their friends after you stock up — but don’t delay. This sale only goes through November 24, and while supplies last. Happy shopping!

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