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These tests are like 23andMe for your dog, and we love it

From the food we eat to the way we speak to one another, our ancestry shapes the way we live. Especially today, as communities become more diverse, people enjoy learning about their own history as well as that of their neighbors. Genetic testing kits such as 23andMe have become more and more popular in recent years, but there is still so much to learn. You might know your own ancestry, but do you know your dog’s?

Whether you have a rescue or a purebred at home, there’s always more to learn about your pup. Wisdom Panel offers a range of dog DNA testing kits, so you can get to know your furry friend even better than before, whether you’re interested in health, genetic, or ancestry information.

The Wisdom Panel 3.0 Breed Identification Dog DNA Test Kit gives you all the basic yet oh-so-important information with just a bit of your dog’s saliva. The kit comes with a cotton swab to swipe on the inside of your dog’s cheek — just collect the saliva, send the sample to the lab in a postage-prepaid box (provided in the package), and try to be patient while you wait. In two to three weeks, you’ll find the results ready for you online. You never know what you might uncover, even if you already know your best friend’s breed.

You can discover a lot about a dog from a simple cheek swab. Wisdom Panel 3.0 searches for over 250 breeds in each sample, which is nearly 100% of the breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club. Based on DNA, it will provide an adult-weight prediction as well as nutritional recommendations (always double-check with your vet!), which makes this the perfect way to get to know a puppy’s or even a rescue dog’s needs.

Your pup’s genes will be traced back up to three generations — to his great-grandparents — to determine whether he’s a pure or mixed breed. A look at your dog’s genetic makeup is especially useful for mixed breeds. Purebreds may already know their ancestral history, but this kit tests for much more than their lineage.

The multidrug resistance mutation (MDR1) is a genetic condition that causes severe reactions to certain medications. You can know for sure whether your dog may be at risk by taking this DNA test, though the Wisdom Panel Essential Dog DNA Test provides even more medical information than Wisdom Panel 3.0. The Essential kit tests for over 25 medical complications, including more common ones you may run into at the vet, such as complications with anesthesia. You’ll learn about sensitivity to medications, traits to expect in adulthood, plus all the other features available with the basic 3.0 kit. Want more? This version of the product detects over 100 more breeds (350+) than the basic, so you may get a more detailed, or even different, result! Because the Essential kit offers so many tests, results might take a bit longer to receive. You won’t mind waiting for information as important as this, though. These results might change the way you look at your dog’s health!

Purchasing a Wisdom Panel testing kit for your dog is sure to tell you something you never knew before. At the very least, you’re bound to have a newfound appreciation for your pet and the generations of dogs that came before him.

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