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The 8 best gifts for your dog this Christmas

There are countless ways to get your pup into the festive spirit this year, with options at every price point. Whether your dog is more like a tiny elf or a wily reindeer, there’s sure to be a gift out there to keep her occupied and happy. Here are eight of the best gifts for dogs this Christmas:

Earth Animal Stix No-Hide Wholesome Chews

Earth Animal Stix No-Hide Wholesome Chews use a healthy, rawhide-free alternative that tastes just like the real thing. These hand-rolled treats come from a long line of environmentally friendly ingredients that will keep the earth, and your dog’s gums, looking healthy. With six flavor options, you’re bound to find a treat your dog will love for a long time.

Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster

For a dog with a case of the zoomies, this Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster will be a paw-fect present. Not only will your pup get to run out all her energy, but you’ll get to take a break, too — as long as your dog knows how to fetch. This blaster shoots balls up to 50 feet away, but you can adjust the angle and distance so you don’t have to worry about chasing balls down the street either.

Banfeng Giant 9.5″ Dog Tennis Ball 

If tennis balls are your pup’s thing, she’ll go bonkers for this huge inflatable toy. The Banfeng Giant 9.5″ Dog Tennis Ball‘s rubber and felt materials are safe for dogs’ teeth, and the big bouncer resembles a real tennis ball. Each order comes with its own inflation needle, so you can get playtime started right away.

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

While you’re getting cozy in your pj’s this holiday season, your pup can take it easy, too. PetFusion’s Ultimate Dog Bed contains orthopedic memory foam to keep your companion comfy throughout the night. The cover of this bed is easily removable, so you can wash and replace it as many times as you need to, which is good news for pet parents with especially rambunctious pups. After a good day of play, you both can look forward to a good night’s sleep.

USWT Dispensing Molar Ball Interactive Pull Rope Chew

This toy truly does it all. The three-in-one capabilities of the USWT Dispensing Molar Ball Interactive Pull Rope Chew will keep your dog entertained for hours, even when you’re busy. Your pup will love chasing the ball on one end of the toy — you can also fill this end with treats — or playing tug-of-war with you. You can also attach the suction cup end to the floor and let your dog entertain herself! The magic behind this toy is its elastic rope in the middle, which keeps the fun going with just a paw or a pull.

Blueberry Pet Vintage Holiday Christmas Reindeer Dog Sweater

Is it even Christmas without sweaters? This vintage-inspired Christmas Reindeer Dog Sweater by Blueberry is flattering on all breeds, big and small. Its design is festive and stylish, so your pup can bring the holiday spirit wherever you go. While the turtleneck keeps your pup warm, it won’t keep her limited! The perfectly placed leash hole lets you slip this sweater on over any harness or collar — time for a walk!

Top Dog Travel Bag

When you have a dog on the go, there’s a lot to pack. The Top Dog Travel Bag is a five-piece kit that helps you pack and organize everything your pup needs. It comes with mesh front and side pockets, a water bottle holder, and even a removable internal divider. The kit also includes two food storage containers and two collapsible bowls for snacks and hydration on the fly.

The Furbo Dog Camera

Not only can you keep an eye on your dog while you’re away, but now you also can talk to her and even toss her a treat. Your pup will love a meaty surprise from your Furbo Dog Camera, a treat-dispensing wonder that connects directly to Wi-Fi for an instant link from any mobile phone. Your Furbo will save recordings for up to two weeks in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about missing a moment.

No matter your budget this Christmas, you can make your pup’s holiday a special one with one of these amazing gifts for dogs. Have fun shopping, and happy howl-idays!

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