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pet profile famous shamus rescue dog

Pet profiles: Famous Shamus steals the spotlight from our Commerce Development team

This lovable, athletic Dane/lab/pit mix is enjoying his time in the spotlight, thanks to his rescue mom.
older golden retriever on the beach

How to spot the telltale signs of aging in your senior dog

Dogs are great at hiding the aches and pains of aging. Here's how to tell before your dog is ready for you to know.
Black and red dog close up.

How to get your dog to stop barking at the door

Your dog's constant barking can be a nuisance, but it's a behavior that can be corrected through training. Our guide shows you how it's done.
Shallow focus photography of a golden retriever.

Is pet insurance for older animals a smart buy?

Covering your pet's medical bills can be expensive, but pet insurance will help save you money. We discuss how to get best insurance plan.
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy lying on the floor

Do dogs need outdoor ‘pee pads’?

Pee pads for dogs offer a wide variety of benefits, from potty training your puppy to protecting your floors. We list their assets.
Black and Tan puppy.

5 easy ways to puppy-proof your apartment

Nothing is cuter than a puppy, but your new pup can chew up everything. Our helpful guide shows how you can prevent this.
Older dog with collar in woods

Why some older dogs smell bad

As your favorite dog gets older, they get a little extra stinky. We offer causes and solutions for your beloved, smelly pooch
Three dogs at different ages

At what age is a dog no longer a puppy?

As your puppy grows, it is important to meet their changing needs. Learn more about when a puppy transitions to an adult dog.
old dog

Understanding incontinence in older dogs

With proper care and love, you can help your older dog deal with incontinence and feel as nurtured as when they were a young pup.
man smiling and rubbing dog's neck outside

The seven greatest dog names for your new best friend

A brand new dog is an exciting addition to your house - and its name is your first important decision. Here are the best names for your new best friend.
Old back dog lying on grass

What kind of joint supplements should you be giving your aging dog?

When our older dog isn’t as sprightly as they used to be, a canine joint supplement may help. We list the best ones that might help them
puppy food

When should you switch your puppy to adult dog food?

Puppies have special dietary needs, which change over time. Read our guide on feeding your puppy so they'll thrive.
Old black dog sleeping

Why older dogs sleep so much

Older dogs often spend a lot of time sleeping. We discuss what’s normal and what might not be about your beloved older dog,