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A Siberian Husky wearing sunglasses looks to the side, mouth open slightly

5 game-changing facts about Siberian Huskies we bet you didn’t know

There's so much to know about Siberian Huskies beyond their abilities in the snow. Here's what you've been missing.
Jack Russel terrier in a red color barking

Viral video of a deaf dog that thinks she’s barking is the cutest thing ever

This video of a deaf dog features a super-cute pet attempting to bark — but while the action looks right, no sound actually comes out of the pooch’s mouth.
Someone stretches a Weimaraner dog's front leg

5 telltale signs of dog joint pain you should never ignore

If your dog suffers from joint pain, there are many treatments available. Here’s what to look for.
dog butt sniffing could lead to cancer two dogs butts

Does your dog love butt sniffing? Science says it could give them cancer

While butt sniffing has long been known as a way dogs gather basic information about another pup, a new study says it could be linked to cancer.
someone holds out a treat as a golden retriever waits to eat it

These soft, tasty senior dog treats are under $13 and absolutely perfect for pups without teeth

Senior dog treats can help with a variety of issues that come with aging. It can be hard to find them for toothless pups. We did the searching.
A dog's tail on a wood floor background

Safely expressing your dog’s anal glands at home is much easier than you think

Save your dog an uncomfortable trip to the groomers by learning how to express dog anal glands. Start here with this technique.
A close up of a Boxer's brown eye

Are dogs actually color blind? Why what you’ve been told is a lie

If you've always been told dogs don't see in color, read on for more accurate information.
a gray cat and a black pug sitting on an indoor bench

The top 10 reasons dogs are better than cats at this whole friendship thing (Yes, we’re actually serious)

It's time to end one of the world's greatest debates: Dogs are better than cats. Here are all the reasons why.
A dog cuddles into a person's side while the person holds them

This video of a dog’s ‘miraculous’ recovery from a limp is just too cute

Check out this hilarious video of an adorable dog's fake limp.
Girl with two puppies

This kid got attacked by puppies and we’re a little bit jealous

The video of these puppies getting introduced to a child is super cute, but this is how new dogs should meet kids for the first time.
An English Mastiff puppy sits in the grass and sniffs a dandelion

These 6 breeds have adorable puppies that grow into massive adult dogs

These common dog breeds grow Clifford Big Red Dog big!
puppy sees reflection video mirror

Puppy sees their own reflection and it’s the cutest thing we’ve seen all week

When this puppy sees his reflection for the first time, hilarity ensues.
A small brown dog looks up

What you need to know about dog puberty before it happens

Dog puberty is a thing, and this is what every pet parent should know.
old senior golden retriever

4 great ways to help your senior dog deal with changing weather

Cold weather can exacerbate ailments in older dogs. Here's what to do.
a woman checks her phone and smiles as she cuddles her Shiba Inu

Good, better, best: Dog DNA kits worth the investment

These dog DNA kits can tell you a lot about your pup.
someone brushes the fur of an Alaskan Malamute

Reduce dog shedding with these helpful tips

Want to reduce the amount of dog hair you're cleaning up? Try these strategies.
pet profiles prince profile

Pet profiles: This Weimaraner is a true prince

Meet Prince, a regal Weimaraner who's ready to snuggle his way into your heart.
a golden retriever rolls around happily in the sand at the beach

Why now is actually the perfect time to bring your golden retriever to the beach

Summer might be the most popular season to go to the beach, but here's why you should take your dog in the fall.
fall activities dogs black labrador retriever dog woman autumn hike

6 fun fall activities your large dog can join in on

These six activities are fun to do with your dog in the fall.
socialize your dog two little meeting in park

5 great ways to socialize your older dog

If your dog needs some help with socialization, try these methods.
beagle in tall green grass

Why you shouldn’t leave your beagle alone too often

No dog should be left alone for too long, but this is especially true for beagles. Here's why.
aging golden retriever lying on floor

4 stylish decor ideas your senior dog will appreciate

These amazing home decor finds will make your senior dog's life a little bit easier.
carmel poodle running ears up

How to care for a full-coated poodle

These are the grooming tips you need for your full-coated poodle.
pet profile phineus german shepherd chewing tennis ball

Pet profiles: Meet Phineus, the German Shepherd gentleman

This dapper dude is all about loyalty, exercise, and love.
assistance dog guide yellow lab woman park bench sunlight

What you need to know about assistance dogs

This is your handy guide to everything you've ever wanted to know about assistance dogs.
A Jack Russell terrier dog chews on a yellow kong toy

Everything we recommend from Kong under $12 for your puppy

Kong has some great items for puppies, and these are the best.
Gregory the beagle leans on Joe Kirk's shoulder and sticks his tongue out while looking lovingly up at Kirk

6 adorable new dog announcement ideas to consider

These ideas are adorable if you're introducing your new puppy to the world.
a woman pets her senior black labrador retriever outside

How to treat dog dementia for a happy pet

Dog dementia can be scary for your pet. This is what you should do if your dog has dementia.
a siberian husky puppy walks alongside someone in jeans outdoors

Do these 5 things to safely take a puppy on a walk

Follow these five steps to take a puppy on a walk safely.
pet profiles lucy

Pet profiles: Meet Lucy, a terrier mix who’s a writer’s best friend

This adorable rescue girl is sweet, speedy, and sometimes a little snacky.
separation anxiety dog at door

Going back to the office? How to help your dog overcome separation anxiety

During COVID-19, our dogs got used to our presence 24/7. Now people are going back to work, and many dogs have separation anxiety. Here's what to do.
dog going blind old golden retriever pet head sit

6 telltale signs your dog is going blind

These are the telltale signs your dog is going blind.
a tan Chinook dog stands outside and looks to the side

3 rare dog breeds that almost went extinct

These three dog breeds almost went extinct. Here's how they made their comeback.
white puppy running in grass

7 effective ways to puppy-proof your backyard

Puppy proof your backyard with these simple strategies.
bulldog summer

Why your bulldog should stay inside this summer

It's better for bulldogs to stay inside in extreme heat — here's why.
a white and brown cocker spaniel stands, tongue out, in the grass in the sunshine

8 useful tips for grooming your cocker spaniel

Cocker spaniels need a lot of brushing. Here's what you need to know about their grooming.
someone bends down to hold out their hand to a puppy and offer them a treat

6 incredible podcasts to listen to if you’ve got a new puppy

If you've recently brought home a puppy, you should listen to these amazing podcasts.
a white dog sits in a chair as a person adjusts the dog's sunglasses and prepares to take their photo on a phone

5 Twitter accounts with the most adorable photos of dogs

Every dog lover should be following these Twitter accounts.
a beagle puppy chews on a brown boot

5 telltale signs your puppy is teething and what you should do

Is your puppy teething? Here's how to know and what to do.
online scams puppies shutterstock 610964159 2

Purchasing a new puppy? Beware of online scams

If you're looking to adopt a puppy from a dog breeder online, we have the tips and strategies you need to avoid getting scammed.
A beagle puppy getting a bath in a blue tub

Avoid getting splashed for puppy’s first bath — here’s how

Your puppy will love bath time if you follow these steps.
dog park etiquette shutterstock 404796592

Dog park etiquette: How to keep your dog happy and safe

Dogs love going to the dog park. Here's what you need to know to keep them safe and happy.
A Jack Russel terrier puppy sits behind a silver food bowl

A pet owner’s guide for switching to adult dog food

Is it time for your dog to transition to adult food? Here's what you need to know.
a woman takes a picture of her small dog in the park

These 5 dogs have more Instagram followers than you’ll ever get

These are the dog Instagram accounts you need to follow right now.
three chocolate labrador puppies lie in the grass around daisies

4 tips for being an awesome foster parent for orphaned puppies

It's best for newborn puppies to remain with their moms — but if that's not an option, here's what to do.
a golden retriever puppy looks at the camera from inside a hiker's backpack

How to use your iPhone to find fun places to explore with your dog

Your phone is a great way to find new places to explore with your dog.
Senor golden retriever sitting in the grass

What you need to know about incontinence in older dogs

Here's how to help your older dog with incontinence.
A black dog with a white face leans his large head on his human's side

5 telltale signs of aging in dogs to look out for

All dogs get older. Here are five ways you'll likely see dogs start to change as they grow into their golden years.
how often should you feed a puppy dog licking lips after eating out of bowl

How often should you feed a puppy?

Congratulations on your new fur baby! Here's a guideline to help you establish a puppy feeding schedule to make sure your pooch gets the proper nutrition.

Growing up: How to tell when your dog is an adult

The transition from puppy to adult can be subtle - here's how to know when your good boy is now a man