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Two goldfish hanging out in an aquarium.

How to take care of your goldfish so they have a longer life

There are a few ways to properly care for your goldfish to extend their lifespan.
Siberian huskies pulling sled.

7 amazing facts you may not know about Siberian huskies

Facts about Siberian huskies you never knew before today
Training French bulldog.

Try these simple tips to train your new French Bulldog puppy

These tips will help you to train your new French Bulldog.
weird stuff cats do cat in glass bowl

There’s a subreddit dedicated to all the weird stuff cats do and we love it

There's a subreddit channel full of all the weird stuff cats do and it's awesome.
Cat sleeping on woman's lap.

Want to know if your cat is really happy? There’s a quiz you can take

Take this cool quiz to find out whether your cat is truly a happy kitty.
Yorkshire terrier in small carrier.

Looking to crate train your Yorkie? Follow these easy tips

These tips will help you easily crate train your Yorkie.
Cat getting injection at home.

Cat acting oddly? 4 signs your cat has diabetes

If your cat has any of these signs, they might have feline diabetes.
French bulldog relaxing in a crate.

The best tips for successfully crate training a French Bulldog

Follow these tips to crate train your new French Bulldog
Terrier acting aggressively on leash.

5 tips for training reactive dogs who just don’t want to behave

Try these tips to train a dog who's super reactive to everything.
Man sleeping with his dog.

The 4 best places for dogs to sleep at night

Should your dog sleep in a crate or in your bed? Here's what you need to know.
Cat sleeping in sun on window.

What are the first signs of leukemia in cats?

If your cat has feline leukemia, you might notice these signs.
Dog licking woman's feet.

If your dog likes to lick your feet, consider yourself very lucky

If your dog likes to lick your feet, you should consider it a privelege.
Dog enjoying belly rub.

The sweet, simple reason why dogs like belly rubs so much

If you've ever wondered why dogs like belly rubs, the reason is so simple.
Dog eating dirt

Why do dogs eat dirt? There may be a huge health issue, experts say

If your dog eats dirt, there might be something serious going on that requires a vet.
Two dogs playing.

There’s a ‘Tinder for dogs’ that helps pups make new friends (Yes, really)

A man made a Tinder for dogs to help his pup find playmates
Woman petting dog outdoors

How to potty train an older dog who’s set in their ways

Tips for potty training an adult dog who is difficult to train.
Woman kayaking on lake with a small dog.

6 coolest dog-friendly destinations in the U.S. to take your pet in 2022

Here are some of the top dog-friendly destinations to take your pet to in the US in 2022.
Golden retriever pup out for a walk.

When do puppies start taking walks? How to know when your pup is ready

Puppies start walking earlier than one might expect.
Mom with her newborn puppies.

What are the development stages that a puppy goes through? What to expect

Here's info on the development stages that puppies go through.
French bulldog looking up at poinsettia.

Why you’ll want to keep your pet away from poinsettias this holiday season

Poinsettias can pose a danger to pets. Here's what you should know.
Hurtta winter dog parka.

5 interesting holiday gifts your dog will actually be happy about

Here are some holiday gifts that your pet will actually use and enjoy.
Dog and owner matching PJs.

6 awesome dog-themed gifts for the pet owner who’s obsessed with their fur baby

Here are some cool dog-themed gifts for the person who is obsessed with their pet.
Adorable baby and puppy.

Is parenting a puppy like raising a baby? A new study offers surprising insights

A new study indicates that puppy owners lose just as much sleep as parents of a newborn
Colorful ugly Christmas sweater.

The best dog Christmas sweaters (from ugly to classy) under $30

These are the best dog Christmas sweaters under $30
Dog looking at food in dish.

What are the best high-fiber dog foods? Here’s what the reviews say

This is the best high-fiber dog food under $65 for your pet.
Sad dog in car.

Does your dog get carsick? These 5 remedies make for a much more pleasant ride

Here are 5 ways to cure your dog's car sickness and make for a better ride.
Plaid bowtie collar with bandana and antlers.

8 Christmas dog collars to adorn your pooch in the spirit of the season

These are the best Christmas dog collars under $20.
Online pet pharmacies.

Are online pet pharmacies safe? You’d better do your research

Here's what to look for when choosing a reputable online pet pharmacy.
Small dog growling.

How to stop your dog from biting with these easy steps

Here's how to stop your puppy from biting using easy tips.
Pup chewing on boot laces.

Stop your puppy from chewing everything in sight with these easy tricks

Here's how to stop a dog from chewing everything in sight
Woman brushing dog.

How to stop or reduce excess shedding in your dog

Here is how to stop or reduce shedding in your dog.
Dog licking his paw

Why do dogs lick their paws? You should be concerned about excessive licking

This is why your dog keeps licking his paws and whether you should stop him.
Cute mixed breed dog wearing a bandana.

How to identify your dog’s breed when you aren’t sure what they are

Here's how to identify what breed your dog is if you're unsure
Senior German shepherd at vet.

Why weight loss in senior dogs is a reason to see a vet immediately

Weight loss can be a bad sign in senior dogs. Here's what you should know.
A puppy reaching his paw out through cage bars for a woman's hand.

Follow these 10 Twitter accounts to be better educated about protecting animals

These animal-focused Twitter accounts are super informative.
Homeless man with dog.

Why pet food pantries are a lifeline to animals in need and how you can help

Here are 7 ways you can help pet food pantries and animals in need.
Dog looking out from behind a fence.

8 incredible ways to donate to pets in need

Here's how you can help dogs and cats who are in need.
Two women petting cats in a cat cafe.

These are the best (and worst) cities for cat lovers

Do you live in one of the best cities for cat lovers? We've got the list.
a chihuahua sits on a potty pad on a wooden floor

4 wee-wee pad training mistakes to avoid with your puppy

Avoid potty training messes. Don't make these mistakes.
An overweight pug standing on a bed.

These 10 dog breeds are prone to obesity

These dog breeds are notorious for obesity issues.
Happy Maltese dog out for a walk.

These dog breeds are the easiest to potty-train

Potty training these dog breeds isn't difficult, as they are easy to train.
Two dalmatians running in a field.

3 myths about Dalmatians you probably believe

We debunk myths about dalmatians most people think are true.
Vet weighing a dog on a scale

7 effective ways to help your obese dog lose weight

Is your dog obese? Here's how you can help them trim down.
Man with dog on fall hike.

The best places to vacation with your dog in October

These dog-friendly vacation spots are amazing to visit in October.
Child kissing a siamese kitten.

4 best cat breeds if you have kids

These cat breeds usually get along well with kids.
Parents and children walking dog.

5 lessons learned from adopting a pet during the pandemic

This is everything we learned about pet adoption from the pandemic.
Cat wrapped in fleece blanket.

4 useful tips to help your arthritic cat this fall

Does your cat have arthritis? Here's how to keep them healthy in fall.
Vet checking dog's eyes.

What you need to know about ataxia in dogs

Is your dog weak, stumbling, and off balance? Here's what you need to know about ataxia.
Two women with dogs and a cat in a carrier.

9 questions you must ask a pet sitter before you hire them

If you're hiring a pet sitter, make sure you ask them these questions first.
Close up of bulldog's face.

Aggressive breeding has ruined these 10 dog breeds’ health

These dog breeds look totally different than they did 100 years ago.