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Person brushing a happy cat lying on a bed

How to reduce cat hair shedding: Nutrition, grooming, cleaning, and more

Want to limit the amount of cat hair on your couch? Try these strategies for a happy cat and an even happier home.
Young kitten playing with the tip of a cat's tail

Why do cats chase their tails? The reasons may surprise you

Cats chase their tails for many reasons. Understanding this behavior is important so you can intervene when necessary.
Man holding a Siamese cat

Anemia in cats can be dangerous, but it’s treatable – here’s what you need to know

Anemia in cats occurs when the number of red blood cells falls below normal levels. Our guide lists causes and solutions for increasing red blood cells.
A Himalayan cat eating a treat outdoors surrounded by fallen leaves

How long can cats go without food or water? It’s less time than you think

Here's what you need to know about how long cats can go without water and food. And it may be surprising.
Cat sitting in front of refrigerator

Cat food 101: Can you freeze wet cat food?

If your cat prefers wet food, storing it in the freezer creates less waste and makes mealtimes easy, too. Here's what you need to know.
Cat sleeping on a rug in the sun

Do cats sweat? How to tell if your cat is overheated

It's dangerous for cats to get overheated. These are the signs to look out for.
Cat licking lips over food bowl

How often should I feed my cat? Here’s what to know about cat feeding schedules

Feeding schedules impact your cat's digestion, energy, and happiness. Here's how often you should feed your cat.
Gray cat lying underneath a pink blanket

Does your cat have a fever? There’s an easy way to tell

Here's how to find out whether your cat has a fever.
Cat sitting in front of a Litter Robot litter box

A dirty litter box is dangerous for you and your cat: Why want to keep it clean

Though cleaning the litter box can be a pain, it's important to keep you and your cat safe. Why dirty litter boxes can be dangerous.
Cat in carrier in a car

Best cat car seats: 7 great options to keep your feline friend safe and comfy during drives

Many cats don't like car rides, but they're not always avoidable. Keep your feline friend calm and safe with our top picks for cat car seats that travel well.
Orange and white cat stretching its paw and showing its claws

Is it bad to declaw a cat? This is what the experts have to say

When your cat scratches everything in sight, it can be very upsetting. The experts explain what you need to know about declawing cats.
A bowl of raw chicken plus supplements to feed to a pet

Can cats eat raw chicken? Yes, but there are huge health risks you need to know about

Is a raw diet right for your cat? Here's what you need to know about how to safely feed your cats raw chicken.
A striped mama cat with her two kittens

How many kittens can a cat have in a single litter? You might be surprised

Here's info on how many kittens a cat can have in one single litter. You might be surprised.

The best liquid cat food brands your older cat is sure to love

As cats get older, their dietary needs change. These liquid cat food brands are sure to be a hit with cats of all ages.
Siamese cat sitting on a table on a porch

10 Siamese cat health issues you need to be worried about

Here are some common health issues for Siamese cats to be aware of for pet owners.
Cat looking up from bowl

How to store dry cat food and keep it fresh: Here’s what you need to know

It's important to store your cat’s kibble in a way that will keep it fresh for weeks to come. We provide a list of sensible solutions.
A tabby kitten standing in a bowl of kibble

When can kittens eat dry food? The lowdown on what you should feed them

Here's everything you need to know about feeding your new kitten.
Orange cat scratching his neck on a lawn

The best flea and tick collars for cats under $60 that actually work

These flea and tick collars work well for cats and give you peace of mind.
Orange cat hissing aggressively

How to get an angry cat into a carrier: Tips to keep you both safe

Putting an angry cat in its carrier doesn't have to be an ordeal. These tips can help.
Orange cat in harness near water

How to fit a cat harness so they won’t escape

A harness can be a secure option for giving your cat valuable outdoor time. We offer tips to help you pick the best fit for your cat.
Cat sitting inside of a cat carrier

These top 5 cat carrier options are versatile enough to go from car to plane

Read this first before buying your next cat carrier for travel or just a trip to the vet.
Orange cat scratching an itchy spot on its neck

How to treat ringworm in cats: Tips to cure your feline friend safely & effectively

Ringworm is a highly contagious, itchy fungal infection that can affect cats, dogs, and even people. Here is how to treat it safely and effectively.
stray the video game cat and dog reactions ps5

Cats can’t stop watching Stray, but this dog is less enthused

You’ve probably seen some videos of real-life cats reacting to the Stray video game (and its realistic meows). Dogs, on the other hand? They’re not as happy.
Siamese cat crouched down in a grassy area

10 cute Siamese cat names you’re going to want to steal for your feline friend

You've adopted your Siamese kitten. Now what to name your new feline family member.
Cat sitting in an owner's lap, looking up at a laptop

5 engaging YouTube channels to entertain your lonely cat

These YouTube channels will keep your cat occupied with some amazing videos for cats while you're out for the day.
Scary striped cat hissing

Why do cats hiss? 6 possible reasons behind this unsettling behavior

Cat hissing is totally normal behavior, but that doesn't mean it isn't unsettling when it happens. We list the reasons why cats do it.
A Siberian cat lying in a pile of fallen autumn leaves.

There’s an easy way to tell how old your cat really is

Here's how you can figure out how old your cat is.
Tabby kitten sitting in his litter box

Cat pee is no fun, but your kitty has a good reason to mark your stuff

If your cat has marked on something you hold dear, you're not alone. There's a reason cats pee on your stuff.
Himalayan cat lying on a white blanket

What’s the difference between a Himalayan and a Persian cat? Get the facts

Learn the key differences between a Himalayan and Persian cat before you adopt.
Shark cordless vacuum

Clean pet hair easy: The Shark cordless vacuum is a Prime Day steal

Looking for a new vacuum? How about this Shark cordless model that's on a huge discount for Prime Day 2022?!
Cat outside with harness and leash

Cat stroller vs. leash: How to take your cat outdoors

Cat strollers and leashes are common tools pet owners can use to take their cat outdoors safely. We discuss which one is right for your cat.
Siamese cat eating wet food out of a dish

How to help your cat get healthy: Fantastic cat supplements for weight gain

Is your cat losing weight or having trouble keeping the pounds on? These supplements can help.
Person patting a relaxed cat lying on its side

If you’re wondering whether cats like belly rubs, here’s what you need to know

Some cats really like belly rubs while others do not like them at all. Here are the signs you should watch out for.
Cat drinking water out of a large metal bowl

Wondering why your cat is drinking so much water? Here’s what it could mean

Excessive thirst in cats has many potential causes. Learn what it means when your cat drinks more water than usual, and when you should be concerned.
Kitten sitting in a litter box looking up

7 telltale signs your cat may be allergic to their litter (and what you can do to help)

Yes, cats can have allergies, too. Here's how to know if your cat is allergic to their litter and what you can do to help.
Gray cat eating out of a metal food bowl

How to put a stop to your cat scratching the floor after eating (and why they do it in the first place)

Cats have an instinct to bury their food, but that doesn't mean your floor has to suffer.
Two kittens playing on a tile floor

Yes, you can set up a cat playdate (they’re actually vital for socialization)

Cat playdates are actually a thing, and your cat will benefit from you scheduling one.
Kitten in litter box

How to dispose of used cat litter

Talk to any cat owner, and they’ll tell you their least favorite part of the job is cleaning the litter box.
White cat playing with a scratching post

If you aren’t sure how old your cat is, there are a few easy ways to find out

Knowing your cat's age enables you to provide them with the care they need. These tips can help you determine their approximate age.
Cat smelling a flower

Cat eating your flowers? 3 ways to save your bouquet (and keep your kitty safe)

Does your cat try to eat your flower arrangements or bouquets in your home? Here's what to do.
A black and white cat takes a nap on a kitchen table.

How to prevent your cat from jumping on tables and counters

Here are tips for how to keep your cat off counters.
A Maine Coon cat sits outside in a yard surrounded by fallen leaves.

How to find a lost cat fast on the day they go missing

Here are tips on how to find a lost cat. With these tips, you're one step closer to finding your beloved cat.
Orange Maine Coon cat climbing a tree branch

8 reasons to adopt a Maine Coon as your next family pet (and 2 reasons not to)

Maine Coons have unique personalities. Read on to learn whether this special breed is right for you.
a gray cat and a black pug sitting on an indoor bench

The top 10 reasons dogs are better than cats at this whole friendship thing (Yes, we’re actually serious)

It's time to end one of the world's greatest debates: Dogs are better than cats. Here are all the reasons why.
Tabby cat stares at her kibble in a bowl

Can cats eat tomatoes? 5 common foods you should avoid feeding your pet

These five foods should never be introduced to your cat.
automatic cat feeder funny video

Pet math: Cats plus automatic feeders equal (hilarious) chaos

While there are a lot of practical reasons to get an automatic cat feeder, this video illustrates a great one: Cats are hilarious when it comes to mealtimes.
Cat sitting inside of an open suitcase

Am I a bad pet parent if I sedate my cat for travel?

What you need to know about cat sedatives and how to sedate your cat for travel.
Cat eating out of a food dish

Tuna is like crack to your cat: Here’s how to moderate this treat

Forget catnip: tuna is like crack to your cat. Learn how to moderate this treat.
A closeup shot of a hissing tabby cat.

3 common cat behavior problems you should be freaking out about

Cats do weird things — but these are cat behaviors to worry about.
A vet listens to a Russian Blue cat with a stethoscope.

Does my indoor cat need vaccinations? Don’t forgo these important inoculations

You may be surprised to know which cat vaccinations indoor cats still need to stay healthy.