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An exotic calico cat lifts her tail against a bike tire

How your cat’s behavior may change when she’s in heat

If your cat is in heat, here are the behaviors you can expect from her.
a black and white cat in front of a green screen

10 reasons why cats are totally superior to dogs

Here are 10 reasons why cats are so much better than dogs.
A Maine Coon cat lying on a bed hisses at the camera.

Why do cats hiss at new kittens? It’s not just because they’re being mean

Here's the reason why cats will hiss at new kittens.
Calico cat lying on a white surface

5 Calico cat health problems you’ll want to keep an eye out for

Watch for these 5 health problems if you have a Calico cat.
a white cat on a white blanket with roses

Why your cat is a much better Valentine’s Day date than any human

Here are the reasons why your cat is a way better valentine than your partner.
a large cat in the snow

5 awesome winter boots for cats who love to roam around outdoors

These are the best winter cat boots to keep their paws safe.
maine coon green background

What is the lifespan of a Maine Coon cat?

Here are the details on the expected lifespan of a Maine Coon cat.
A calico cat nuzzling against a denim-clad leg

Why does your cat follow you everywhere? The answer might be worrisome

If your cat follows you everywhere, it could be a bad sign.
A dog sniffing a cat on a bookshelf

Video of cat feeding a dog treats like he’s some sort of peasant is priceless

This video of a cat feeding a dog treats shows they're a perfect team.
persian cat lifespan yawning

How long do Persian cats typically live? That’s up to their human

This is how long you can expect your Persian cat to live.
cat watching TV

Cat watches ‘The Lion King’ and freaks out during iconic scene

This video of a cat growing concerned during a scene in 'The Lion King' is just too cute.
Older kitten in a yard drinking out of a bowl of milk

Is milk good or bad for cats? Here’s the truth

Ever wondered if milk is good for cats? Here's the truth.
cat peering over blankets

A day in the life of your cat: Questions they really want to ask you

The questions your cat would ask you if they could are too funny.
Grey cat sleeping on a couch in front of a radiator

What does it mean when your cat twitches in their sleep?

This is probably why your cat is twitching in their sleep.
gray cat white chair

If your cat is aggressive towards other cats, here’s how to fix it

How to fix the problem if your cat is aggressive toward other cats.
White cat eating a treat off of the floor

10 human foods cats can eat safely

You can safely feed your cat these 10 human foods.
Ragdoll cat lying on a table

4 most affectionate cat breeds for pet parents who love to snuggle

There are some cat breeds that are much more affectionate than others.
cat and baby

Video of mom cat trying to introduce her kitten to a human baby makes us go ‘Aww!’

This video of a cat introducing her kitten to a human baby is as cute as it gets.
Orange cat holding its heat in its paws

How to tell if your cat is sick: 5 symptoms to watch out for

Watch for these signs that your cat is under the weather.
Relaxed cat starting to blink its eyes

Why do cats blink their eyes while looking at you? (It’s a signal!)

This is why your cat blinks at you when they look at you.
Relaxed cat lying on its side while being pet

Cat biting your chin? There’s a reason why your feline friend goes after it

Why your cat can't resist biting your chin and what to do about it.
A beautiful striped kitten lying on a tile floor.

This is the age when a kitten can be considered a grown cat

At this age, your kitten is considered a full-grown cat.
Three kittens lying in a pile on a rug

The cutest female cat names for every letter of the alphabet

These are the cutest girl kitten names that make the perfect monikers.
Cat sitting inside of an open suitcase

Why do cats squeeze themselves into small spaces? It’s actually quite simple

Here's the reason cats love to squeeze into small spaces.
Energetic orange cat leaping in a yard

How to calm a hyper cat without getting mauled

Here's how to calm a hyper cat without them mauling you.
Black cat sleeping comfortably in a basket

How to tell if cats are sick just by watching their sleeping habits

By paying attention to sleeping habits, you might be able to tell if your cat is sick.
White kitten lying on a table looking back at the camera

20 awesome cat names for your brand-new white kitten

These 20 cat names are perfect for kittens that are all-white in color.
Black cat meowing and looking up at the camera

5 weird things your cat does to try to communicate with you

Your cat tries to communicate with you in all sorts of different ways.
Siamese kitten lying over the arm of a white couch

When do cats stop growing? It’s earlier than you probably imagine

Your cat won't be a kitten forever once he hits this age.
Cat curled up and sleeping on a cat bed

Why heated cat beds are great for cats who sleep curled up

Heated cat beds are great for cats who sleep curled up - here's why.
a black and white cat with a white dish

Making the switch from kitten to cat food? You’ll need to get the timing right

Follow these tips when switching from kitten food to cat food.
a gray tabby cat hunting in grass

Why do cats kill small animals? A chemical analysis of their whiskers has the answer

An analysis of cat whiskers gives insight into why they kill small animals
a kitten lying on a table with a human petting their neck

What is the optimal age to spay or neuter a cat? What the experts advise

Here's expert advice for when you should spay or neuter your kitten.
pet profiles louie louie2

Pet profiles: Louie provides sales supports, snorts, and smiles

Meet Louie, a French Bulldog with a personality the size of the sun.
Cat sleeping on the platform of a cat tree made with natural wood branches

You can build amazing DIY cat trees all by yourself (Yes, really)

DIY cat trees are so much easier to make at home than you think.
A Scottish wildcat hiding in the foliage.

This video of a cat chatting away at mealtime is priceless

This video of a Scottish wildcat chatting away at mealtime is just too cute.
Mother cat lying on straw with her three kittens

Feeding a pregnant cat? There are a few things you’ll want to consider

Here are some guidelines to follow when feeding a pregnant cat.
Black cat lying in a grassy yard

What are some cool names for black cats? This list has you covered

Find a cool name for your black cat on this list of unique names.
Grey cat sitting in front of a stack of wrapped Christmas gifts

4 holidays gifts that are so cool even your standoffish cat will like them

These holiday cat gifts are so cool, no cat can resist them.
A man and his cat both dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow.

There’s a subreddit dedicated to “pirate kitties” and we’re totally obsessed

There's a Reddit that's dedicated to cats who have pirate-like features.
Cat lying on its side, licking its paw

Why does your cat chew your hair? The reason might surprise you

There's a good reason why your cat likes to chew on your hair.
Orange cat lying on an orange blanket

20 names for orange cats that couldn’t be more fitting

These 20 names for orange cats are absolutely perfect.
Grey and white cat sitting behind a wooden heart ornament

5 telltale signs your cat loves you (for real)

Look for these signs to tell if your cat really loves you.
Two cats in front of a Christmas tree with presents and cat toys

8 perfect cat-themed gifts for the ‘crazy cat person’ in your life

Here are some cool gifts for the cat lover in your life.
A closeup of a Maine Coon cat.

People are stumped over what kind of cat is in this photo

There's a cat on Reddit that users are debating over what it actually is.
Relaxed cat lying on its side while being pet

Does your cat bite when you pet them? Do these things immediately

This is the best way to stop a cat from biting while you pet them.

Working from home? Your cat is probably so annoyed

Now that you're working from home, your cat is totally annoyed
Two cats cuddling together on a brown blanket

How to introduce cats to each other without making common mistakes

Here's how to introduce cats to another cat the right way.
Brown shorthair cat in a yard eating a patch of grass

Why do cats eat grass? The mystery is solved

This is why cats eat grass and whether it's bad for them.
Cat walking on a stone driveway

Is your cat getting a little too heavy? There’s an easy way to check

Here are guidelines for what a healthy weight for your cat is.