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5 awesome winter boots for cats who love to roam around outdoors

Typically, vets recommend keeping your cat indoors. However, you may have found safe ways to take your indoor cat outside, such as leash walks. Sure, you may get a side-eye or laugh here and there, but kitty loves it, and so do you. What happens when the temperatures start to dip, though? Kitties’ paws might get cold. Humans wear boots, and pet stores are full of winter shoe options for dogs. Cats? Not so much. Kitties can often fit in boots made for smaller dogs, though. Should you spring for a pair? Here’s what to know about boots for cats.

a large cat in the snow
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Can you put boots on a cat?

Vets recommend trying winter boots on dogs. It’s a little more complicated with kitties. Cats use their claws as a means of protection and hunting in the wild. At the same time, rock salt can irritate a feline’s paws. It’s also toxic, so you don’t want them licking it off post-walk. It’s likely OK to put boots on your cat if you’re going to be with them to protect them from any predators. Cats roaming free should have access to their protective claws, though.

a black cat in the snow
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Best boots for cats

Though there aren’t many boots for cats out there, kitty caregivers can try out ones made for smaller dogs. These boots were made for the leash-walking cats.

QUMY dog shoes

QUMY is known for making durable, anti-slip boots for dogs of all sizes. These boots were made for smaller breeds and come in sizes one to five, making them an option for kitties, too. The anti-slip sole will prevent your cat from “ice skating” across the sidewalk, and the reflective strip ensures other walkers take note of you two. Bonus: It’s available in a leopard print, which may be perfect for your wannabe hunter.

CMNNQ snow boots

Let your cat look just a tad extra in these fur-lined booties. Their Velcro fasteners make putting them on a cinch – a relief for pet parents with fidgety kitties. They’re also anti-slip and waterproof. The extra-small and small ones may work well for your cat. The bright pink ones are perfect for a feline who wants to stand out. There are also black and brown options for those who prefer more a subtle style.

Canada Pooch black soft shield dog boots

These boots have received 4.6 out of five stars from pet parents on Petco, and they come in sizes fit for a cat. The canvas material lets your kitty feel the ground while still having protection from the elements. The wide opening makes putting them on a cinch, and the rubber-grip sole prevents slipping and sliding.

Ultra Paws durable dog boots

Ultra Paws’ dog boots come in petite, extra small, and small, making them an option for our feline friends, too. The boots are water-resistant and comfy. Let’s face it: Cats can be finicky. But the fuzzy fastener closures are known for keeping the boots on pets’ feet. The sleek black color will keep your kitty looking chic.

Kurgo Blaze Cross dog shoes

At nearly $76, these boots are pricey. However, if your cat has taken to and benefited from boots, they are a worthwhile investment. They’re known for staying on, and the thick fabric keeps feet safe and dry. Try to extra-extra-small, extra-small, and small sizes first for your cat.

Even indoor cats can go on leash walks with some training. Those walks don’t have to go on a hiatus when the temperatures dip. However, cold weather and sidewalk salt can irritate your cat’s paws. Boots can help keep paws safe and dry. There aren’t many cat-specific boot options on the market. Smaller boots made for dogs may work well for your kitty, though. Avoid putting boots on cats who roam free, as they may need to use their claws to protect themselves against predators. Also, some cats may not take to them. Talk to your vet about other ways to keep your kitty’s tootsies safe this winter.

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