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Pet profiles: Meet Frosty, the fluff behind our Ad Ops stuff

What makes your dog unique? Maybe it’s the way they let their tongue flop out of their mouth, or their human-like talking when they’re excited. Every dog has a few special characteristics that make them, well…them, and if we at PawTracks could get to know every pup in the world, we absolutely would.

For now, we’re spotlighting some of the adorable pets who make the lives of our Digital Trends’ family so much brighter. In the past, we’ve met sweet Lulu Belle, whose bark makes a big mark for our IT team. There’s also Famous Shamus, a mixed-breed boy who proudly lives up to his given moniker. This time — meet Frosty!

From detecting only the finest of pup treats to some special circus skills, this fluffy guy can do it all. We’ll get to know him and some of his favorite toys and treats — but first, though, let’s get to know his proud pet parent.

The parent and the pup

Please introduce yourself! What do you do here at Digital Trends Media Group?

[My name is] Sujin Lee, and I am a Senior Ad Operations Manager. I oversee the campaign managers in the Ad Ops department — from RFP to post-campaign.

Thanks for your contribution to our company! Now, for the questions we’ve all been waiting for… How many pets do you have?

One — Frosty.

What is your pet’s breed? Did you choose their breed specifically?

American Eskimo; I did not choose his breed.

How beautiful! Does this breed fit your lifestyle? Why or why not?

Yes. He is the perfect size for our family. He is active and loves the outdoors and is head of security when we are home.

a white american eskimo dog sitting on a dark couch
Sujin Lee

All about Frosty

Do American Eskimos have any unique traits, and does Frosty show any of them?

They can walk on their hind legs. They were the circus dogs that could walk on the tight rope and do other tricks. He is [also] a master at the game of fetch.

Storytime! How did Frosty join your family?

I was there when a close friend’s daughter brought Frosty the puppy home. They had [an]other name but I came up with Frosty and it stuck. Three months later I got a call saying that the family got transferred to South Africa and asked if I could watch him until my friend returned to close up the house in the U.S. Then we all agreed that it would be best if Frosty stayed with me instead of sending him to Africa.

What are some of your favorite things about your pet — whether it be sweet memories, little quirks, or other behaviors?

Frosty is head of security. He is a truly devoted member of the family and makes sure that we always know how much he loves us.

Does Frosty have any special needs?


What are some of Frosty’s favorite treats and toys?

[His favorite toys are] Lamb Chop, the Chuckit, and the ball. He loves Good n Fun products, especially the Kabobs and Nudges and other Jerky Cut treats — he does not like any dog cookies.

What a unique pup! What type of food do you feed him?

He eats Taste of the Wild dry, Blue Buffalo Freedom wet, and lots of treats.

Where do you prefer to purchase your pet’s products?

Chewy and Target.

Do you carry pet insurance for Frosty?


Thank you, Sujin, for sharing a bit about Frosty and some of his favorite things with us!  Between his guard dog skills and circus talent, he sounds like a very, very good boy. It’s amazing to see all of the special abilities dogs possess, whether they put their skill to work out in the world or at home. From police dogs to animal actors, pups really can do it all.

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