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The 8 best gifts for your bird this Christmas

There’s no reason your feathered friend shouldn’t be included in this year’s Christmas celebration, but it can be difficult to know just how to involve her. The good news is, even a simple holiday gift will make a big difference for your bird, whose entire world exists within the space you provide. If that’s not reason enough to make her world as stimulating and healthy as possible, we don’t know what is — and Christmas is the perfect time to get started! Show your bird how special she is this winter by giving her the festive, celebratory holiday she deserves. Here are eight of the best gifts for your bird this Christmas.

Bonka Bellpull Bird Toy

Now your companion can help you ring in the holiday season with this festive bell toy. Bonka’s Bellpull Bird Toy will keep your bird entertained with fun jingling sounds and bright colors, while you enjoy the sound of Christmas bells. This takes “jingle all the way” to a whole new level.

Prevue Pet Products Small Parrot Playstand

For slightly larger birds, a play stand would be an extra-fun way to spend time with you this holiday season. Prevue Pet Products makes one that includes three ladders, a perch, and a swing, for hours of exploration and fun. There are eight hoops to hang toys on and two snack cups, so your bird will have everything she needs. Wheels on the bottom make this stand portable, so your pet can spend Christmas with you, no matter where you go.

FeatherSmart Large Parrot Bird Car Seat & Cup

If you’re traveling by car this holiday season, FeatherSmart has you covered. Their Large Parrot Bird Car Seat & Cup is a perch-and-cup combo that lets your bird go wherever you do — simply slip it over the top of a car seat and you’re set. It works on any chair, so your buddy will always be able to chill with you.

Prevue Pet Products Good Night Cage Cover

You can make sure your bird is fast asleep on Christmas Eve like all the other good boys and girls by giving her a Good Night Cage Cover by Prevue Pet Products. Using a cage cover during sleeping hours helps protect your bird from any unwanted light and noise, ensuring a good night’s sleep for you both. Now you know you’ll wake up Christmas morning feeling refreshed and ready for a magical day.

Lixit Splash Giant Bird Bath

Another way to give your bird the privacy she deserves is by giving her a designated place to bathe. A birdcage bath such as the Lixit Splash Giant Bird Bath is an enclosed plastic bath that attaches to the inside or outside of the cage you already have; just add water and let your friend explore. Even birds need some self-care during the holidays.

Kaytee Natural Spray Millet Bird Treats

Don’t forget your feathered friend while you’re enjoying your holiday feast this year. Kaytee Natural Spray Millet Bird Treats will keep her satisfied and stimulated by mimicking the kind of foraging she does in the wild. This low-fat treat is ideal for all hookbill species such as parakeet and macaw and can be either hung in the cage or handed directly to your bird — a perfect Christmas gift.

Kaytee Veggie Basket Treat Holder

Another excellent present that will keep your buddy active during mealtime is the Kaytee Veggie Basket Treat Holder. This makes treat time even more fun as your bird jumps and pecks at her veggies, performing her own Christmas ballet just for you! Don’t forget to sit back and appreciate the curiosity your bird has for her new feeder as you enjoy your own holiday presents.

Kaytee Nature’s Nest Bamboo Canary Nest

You’re going to have one cozy canary on your hands when she snuggles up in Kaytee’s Nature’s Nest Bamboo Canary Nest. Each handmade nest is easy to hang, so you won’t need to spend your holiday fussing over setting it up. Its tiny size and comfy material might even encourage your bird to invite her mate to the nest — ’tis the season, after all!

It doesn’t take much to help your feathered friend get in the Christmas spirit this year. Hopefully, one of these eight best gifts for birds will make her season bright! If you’d like to know more, you can check our guide on what do baby birds eat and drink.

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