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The best pet treats and toys to get this holiday season

With so many options for cat toys and treats, looking for the purr-fect gift for your feline friend can be overwhelming. Each cat has their own likes and dislikes, but unless they can learn to talk, their humans will have to lend a hand in deciding what’s best. Regardless, your curious kitty is bound to be interested in any gift, especially ones like these.



Now your cat can join the party, too! Friskies Party Mix Crunch Chicken Lovers Cat Treats are both healthy and delicious, so you don’t have to worry about over spoiling your fur baby. (Is that even possible?) Each individual treat, which is made of real chicken as its main ingredient, contains only two calories. The crunchy coating on the outside helps smooth away plaque on your kitty’s teeth while occupying her with a titillating texture unique to this treat. You can purchase Friskies Party Mix in a wide variety of sizes, all of which come in a resealable pouch or tub, so the party can keep on going.

If you’re looking for a treat that lasts a little longer, Sheba Meaty Tender Sticks Salmon Flavored Cat Treats can be fed in two ways. Your cat can earn pieces of the stick one by one or take her time to munch on a whole stick — though it won’t last nearly as long as a dog’s bone since it’s a treat, not a toy. These treats are made of real meat and are grain-free, which is recommended for cats with sensitive digestive systems. (That means no corn, soy, wheat, or artificial flavoring!) Each package of treats contains five individually wrapped sticks, so you don’t have to give them to your cat all at once, even though she’d love it if you did.


Christmas is for cats, too! If your feline friend is feeling festive, she’ll love pawing through Frisco’s Holiday Stocking Variety Pack. This adorable stocking comes stuffed with an array of popular cat toys, some of them filled with catnip to keep the fun going even longer. The toys included range from balls and pom-poms to bells and crinkly objects, so every cat will find something interesting to play with — and since the toys are either plastic or polyester, they’re safe besides.

This holiday treat makes a great gift for any feline, whether it’s your cat or someone else’s enjoying the toys on Christmas morning. At least it will keep them away from the tree and out of the wrapping paper!

For a peaceful sleep on Christmas Eve, keep your kitty entertained with Petstages Nighttime Bug Cat Toy. This adorable cuddle bug is supersoft and filled with catnip, so boredom is out of the question. Fun glow-in-the-dark patterns will help your kitty keep the fun going long into the night. Since the stimulating fabric materials are so soft, your cat will have plenty to explore without waking you, which will make Christmas morning all the more magical.

With these amazing treats and toys on your shopping list, Christmas for your pets will be a cinch. You’ll be done wrapping before you know it, which only gives you more time to spend with your special furry friend.

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Earth Animal Stix No-Hide Wholesome Chews
Earth Animal Stix No-Hide Wholesome Chews use a healthy, rawhide-free alternative that tastes just like the real thing. These hand-rolled treats come from a long line of environmentally friendly ingredients that will keep the earth, and your dog's gums, looking healthy. With six flavor options, you're bound to find a treat your dog will love for a long time.

Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster
For a dog with a case of the zoomies, this Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster will be a paw-fect present. Not only will your pup get to run out all her energy, but you'll get to take a break, too — as long as your dog knows how to fetch. This blaster shoots balls up to 50 feet away, but you can adjust the angle and distance so you don't have to worry about chasing balls down the street either.

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While you're shopping, wrapping, and cooking, someone else is peering around the corner, wishing they could get in on the Christmas action. It costs just a little money, and even less time, to include your kitty in the festivities this year. Even if you only get them some healthy cat treats, they're sure to be thrilled. is the hub for holiday thrills, from treats to toys to even more — so you're sure to find the perfect gift for your cat in no time. Happy shopping, and Meow-y Christmas from the Pawtracks team!
Frisco Spring Toys
These simple red and green spring toys from Frisco are the perfect stocking stuffers for your cat — if she stops playing with the stocking, that is! At just over three inches long, these toys are the perfect size to entice kitties into a never-ending game of chase throughout the house. Their bounce might be unpredictable — which makes them so fun for your cat — but they'll keep frisky felines away from delicate Christmas decor.
Frisco Fair Isle Fleece-Lined Hoodie
If your furry friend is having trouble getting in the holiday spirit, Frisco's Fair Isle Fleece Lined Dog & Cat Hoodie will help lighten the mood. They'll stay warm in fleece and polyester while staying stylish in a traditional red-and-white winter sweater. The hood adds an extra layer of warmth (and cuteness!) that's perfect for the cozy season.
Frisco Novelty Shark Covered Bed
Keeping warm isn't just for jackets anymore! This ultra-adorable Frisco Novelty Shark Covered Cat & Dog Bed will make you smile just as often as it helps your cat relax. Watch family and friends laugh as your kitty walks right into the shark's mouth for a good night's sleep. Joy is what the holidays are all about, after all.
K&H Heated Outdoor Gingerbread House
Even outdoor cats can stay warm this winter with K&H Pet Products Outdoor Heated Holiday Gingerbread Cat House. The waterproof vinyl structure is durable in harsh weather and easily accessible, with two entrances so your cat will never be trapped. Its heated bed will keep Kitty warm and cozy, so you can have the peace of mind you deserve.
Litter-Robot Self-Cleaning Litter Box
If you're ready to splurge for yourself and your cat this Christmas, the Litter-Robot WiFi Enabled Self-Cleaning Litter Box could be perfect for your home. After your cat uses the restroom, the box will automatically comb through the litter to separate the waste from the clean crystals. The accompanying app lets you stay informed about your cat's bathroom habits at all times, so you'll always know when it's time to change the litter or keep an eye on your cat.
Pawoof Plastic Cat Fountain
While you're staying up to date on the status of your cat's litter, you can make sure she's staying hydrated. A fountain such as Pawoof's Plastic Cat Fountain is a simple addition to any room that ensures your cat always has fresh water, so you don't have to worry. You'll need to refill the fountain, of course, but not nearly as often as you would a regular bowl of standing water.
Temptations Holiday Dinner Cat Treats
When Christmas dinner is served, you know your cat will be eyeing the turkey on the table. Instead of letting him stay curious, you can let him have what he wants when you give him Temptations Holiday Dinner Turkey & Sweet Potato Flavor Cat Treats. Kitty's savory cravings will be satisfied, and before you know it, he'll be on the hunt for more.
Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Cat Food Pouches
If holiday treats aren't special enough for your fur baby, try Weruva's Cats in the Kitchen Meowy & Bright Variety Pack Cat Food Pouches. You'll get 24 servings (three ounces each) in six delicious flavors, including duck and tuna. Weruva's ingredients have everything you want in a cat food, including the highest-quality proteins, with none of what you don't want, including grains and gluten. That's one more reason to celebrate this holiday!

By including your cat in your Christmas traditions, you're creating memories that you both will treasure. We hope some of these cat gifts sparked a magical idea, but you can always browse to find the perfect present for your feline friend.

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The 8 best gifts for your bird this Christmas
a small blue bird stands on a rock

There's no reason your feathered friend shouldn't be included in this year's Christmas celebration, but it can be difficult to know just how to involve her. The good news is, even a simple holiday gift will make a big difference for your bird, whose entire world exists within the space you provide. If that's not reason enough to make her world as stimulating and healthy as possible, we don't know what is — and Christmas is the perfect time to get started! Show your bird how special she is this winter by giving her the festive, celebratory holiday she deserves. Here are eight of the best gifts for your bird this Christmas.
Bonka Bellpull Bird Toy
Now your companion can help you ring in the holiday season with this festive bell toy. Bonka's Bellpull Bird Toy will keep your bird entertained with fun jingling sounds and bright colors, while you enjoy the sound of Christmas bells. This takes "jingle all the way" to a whole new level.

Prevue Pet Products Small Parrot Playstand
For slightly larger birds, a play stand would be an extra-fun way to spend time with you this holiday season. Prevue Pet Products makes one that includes three ladders, a perch, and a swing, for hours of exploration and fun. There are eight hoops to hang toys on and two snack cups, so your bird will have everything she needs. Wheels on the bottom make this stand portable, so your pet can spend Christmas with you, no matter where you go.

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