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The best pet treats and toys to get this holiday season

With so many options for cat toys and treats, looking for the purr-fect gift for your feline friend can be overwhelming. Each cat has their own likes and dislikes, but unless they can learn to talk, their humans will have to lend a hand in deciding what’s best. Regardless, your curious kitty is bound to be interested in any gift, especially ones like these.



Now your cat can join the party, too! Friskies Party Mix Crunch Chicken Lovers Cat Treats are both healthy and delicious, so you don’t have to worry about over spoiling your fur baby. (Is that even possible?) Each individual treat, which is made of real chicken as its main ingredient, contains only two calories. The crunchy coating on the outside helps smooth away plaque on your kitty’s teeth while occupying her with a titillating texture unique to this treat. You can purchase Friskies Party Mix in a wide variety of sizes, all of which come in a resealable pouch or tub, so the party can keep on going.

If you’re looking for a treat that lasts a little longer, Sheba Meaty Tender Sticks Salmon Flavored Cat Treats can be fed in two ways. Your cat can earn pieces of the stick one by one or take her time to munch on a whole stick — though it won’t last nearly as long as a dog’s bone since it’s a treat, not a toy. These treats are made of real meat and are grain-free, which is recommended for cats with sensitive digestive systems. (That means no corn, soy, wheat, or artificial flavoring!) Each package of treats contains five individually wrapped sticks, so you don’t have to give them to your cat all at once, even though she’d love it if you did.


Christmas is for cats, too! If your feline friend is feeling festive, she’ll love pawing through Frisco’s Holiday Stocking Variety Pack. This adorable stocking comes stuffed with an array of popular cat toys, some of them filled with catnip to keep the fun going even longer. The toys included range from balls and pom-poms to bells and crinkly objects, so every cat will find something interesting to play with — and since the toys are either plastic or polyester, they’re safe besides.

This holiday treat makes a great gift for any feline, whether it’s your cat or someone else’s enjoying the toys on Christmas morning. At least it will keep them away from the tree and out of the wrapping paper!

For a peaceful sleep on Christmas Eve, keep your kitty entertained with Petstages Nighttime Bug Cat Toy. This adorable cuddle bug is supersoft and filled with catnip, so boredom is out of the question. Fun glow-in-the-dark patterns will help your kitty keep the fun going long into the night. Since the stimulating fabric materials are so soft, your cat will have plenty to explore without waking you, which will make Christmas morning all the more magical.

With these amazing treats and toys on your shopping list, Christmas for your pets will be a cinch. You’ll be done wrapping before you know it, which only gives you more time to spend with your special furry friend.

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$20 personalized pet socks are a gift too good to pass up
small dog sleeping on bed next to human's feet in socks and slippers

Remember receiving socks for a present when you were a child? The anticipation of opening your gift, then the awkward disappointment as you muster up a reaction and a thank-you? Don’t worry — these are not those socks. These are Chewy’s Tribe Pet Personalized Face Socks, which are customized to include your favorite picture of your pet over one of several colorful patterns. There’s even a holiday design, so you can feel both cozy and festive this winter. The best part? They’re only $20 a pair.
To personalize your own pet socks, simply visit Chewy’s website to select your favorite design, upload your images, and add the item to your cart. Easy, right? If you can’t pick just one photo to use, you’re in luck: Each sock has room for up to six images of your photogenic pet, so you can appreciate them from all angles. If your camera roll is mostly pet pictures, this is a gift for you — or at least one you’ll have fun designing!

When putting together your socks online, try to use photos of your pet’s face for the best results. Remember to crop your images so your pet takes up most of the frame, or you may risk lower-quality images. Because the design is digitally printed, what you see in your online preview is exactly the sock you’ll see in the mail later.
As if personalized pet socks weren’t paw-some enough already, they’re sustainable, too! The knit fabrics are made of recycled materials, so you know you’re helping the earth while you’re celebrating your pet. You won’t be distracted by any unsightly seams or gaps in the pattern, either. Each design is printed in a 360-degree panel that wraps all the way around each sock.
All five designs are printed in the United States. You can choose from Dog Paw, Cat Paw, or the multicolored Mosaic to show off your pet in an eye-catching fashion; or you can celebrate the winter season with a blue-and-white snowflake pattern. No matter which design you choose, your socks will come with a contrasting heel and toe, both in black. Check out the different product designs at if you’re curious about the rest of their brightly colored selections. Some of the designs even include multicolored frames that will surround your pet’s adorable mug with even more brightness and fun.

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You don’t need a $10 personalized mug, but you should get one
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Your morning cup of joe just got so much cuter. Before you know it, your friends and family will be asking for what you have, because who wouldn’t love a stylish mug featuring their best furry friend?
Even if you have a full cabinet at home, you’ll want to make room to show off your newest kitchen addition. Chewy’s Frisco Personalized “Woof” White Coffee Mug is 11 ounces of pure joy — because you can put your pup’s picture on it. By following a few simple steps on Chewy’s website, you can turn a boring white mug into a celebration of your pup you’ll get to appreciate every morning. Now your kitchen counter, your coffee table, and even your office desk will look a little happier with your dog’s sweet face around … and maybe some caffeine, too.

This adorable mug comes in two contrasting designs, so it will match the vibe of any home, whether colorful, minimal, or somewhere in between. Whichever design you choose will come printed on a white ceramic cup that’s both dishwasher and microwave safe. “Woof” features a multicolored, eight-tile mosaic with simple, dog-themed doodles (think paws and bones) and four custom photo spaces.
“Minimalistic Woof” is a simpler design, with just two large photos and an uncomplicated caption to brighten your morning: Woof. If you choose this design, your photos will be printed as portrait-style rectangles, instead of the squares that adorn the original design.

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The 8 best gifts for your dog this Christmas
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There are countless ways to get your pup into the festive spirit this year, with options at every price point. Whether your dog is more like a tiny elf or a wily reindeer, there's sure to be a gift out there to keep her occupied and happy. Here are eight of the best gifts for dogs this Christmas:
Earth Animal Stix No-Hide Wholesome Chews
Earth Animal Stix No-Hide Wholesome Chews use a healthy, rawhide-free alternative that tastes just like the real thing. These hand-rolled treats come from a long line of environmentally friendly ingredients that will keep the earth, and your dog's gums, looking healthy. With six flavor options, you're bound to find a treat your dog will love for a long time.

Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster
For a dog with a case of the zoomies, this Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster will be a paw-fect present. Not only will your pup get to run out all her energy, but you'll get to take a break, too — as long as your dog knows how to fetch. This blaster shoots balls up to 50 feet away, but you can adjust the angle and distance so you don't have to worry about chasing balls down the street either.

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