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Trust us: You need an automatic pet feeder

Mealtime is a big deal for pet parents, but there are some tools and tricks to help make it an easy routine. Whether you struggle with an overeating pet, sticking to a schedule, or pets who steal each other’s food, an automatic pet feeder can solve the problem for you. This can be an especially helpful tool for owners who are busy working, whether from the office or at home. There are a number of feeders online and in pet stores, but these are some of our favorites. They each have different features to suit different lifestyles, so there’s bound to be an option suitable for you and your pet. Take a look!

If you’re trying to control the portions and timing of your pet’s meals, the Arf Pets Automatic Dog & Cat Feeder will do just the trick. The machine holds up to 16 cups of kibble, so you won’t have to worry about missed mealtimes throughout the day. You can adjust the feeding schedule for up to four meals a day at whichever times you choose. In just a few clicks, you can tell the feeder to dispense anywhere between one and 10 portions of dry food per meal, which is convenient for multiple pets who eat the same food — or for big eaters. We don’t judge! It also prevents overeating by dispensing only your designated amount and locking in the rest with a magnetic lid. If you like, you can even record a meal call for your dog or cat so they’ll know when it’s time to eat!

This feeder doesn’t have to be plugged into the wall, so your pet can snack from wherever they’re most comfortable. If you can reach an outlet from your companion’s favorite spot, then you’re all set, but the feeder also runs on D batteries if you’re a bit too far. With two power sources, you can relax knowing your fur baby will be fed right on time.

Using an automatic feeder can be challenging for households with multiple pets, though — especially naughty ones who like to sneak a bite of each other’s food! You can outsmart any food thieves with the SureFeed Microchip Small Dog & Cat Feeder, which uses microchip and RFID technology to keep your pets out of each other’s food. This feeder, which can hold wet or dry food, will open only for pets whose microchips have been programmed to its system, or for pets wearing a special collar tag. (You can register up to 32 pets on the feeder, but you will have to purchase additional collar tags.) The bowl will then close when your pet walks away, keeping the food fresh and free of pests, no matter where you place it. Since it runs on four C batteries, with a life expectancy of around six months per battery pack, you can put the feeder basically anywhere.

With its wide base and nonskid pads, your pets will have a hard time knocking over this feeder. Even if they manage to get things a little dirty — which they always do — the removable bowl and plastic body make for easy cleaning … and a happy pet parent!

Whichever model you choose, your pet will thank you for adding an automatic feeder to their routine. You’re sure to feel the benefits, too, especially once you experience the peace of mind a feeder can bring. Happy shopping!

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