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You don’t need a $10 personalized mug, but you should get one

Your morning cup of joe just got so much cuter. Before you know it, your friends and family will be asking for what you have, because who wouldn’t love a stylish mug featuring their best furry friend?

Even if you have a full cabinet at home, you’ll want to make room to show off your newest kitchen addition. Chewy’s Frisco Personalized “Woof” White Coffee Mug is 11 ounces of pure joy — because you can put your pup’s picture on it. By following a few simple steps on Chewy’s website, you can turn a boring white mug into a celebration of your pup you’ll get to appreciate every morning. Now your kitchen counter, your coffee table, and even your office desk will look a little happier with your dog’s sweet face around … and maybe some caffeine, too.

This adorable mug comes in two contrasting designs, so it will match the vibe of any home, whether colorful, minimal, or somewhere in between. Whichever design you choose will come printed on a white ceramic cup that’s both dishwasher and microwave safe. “Woof” features a multicolored, eight-tile mosaic with simple, dog-themed doodles (think paws and bones) and four custom photo spaces.

“Minimalistic Woof” is a simpler design, with just two large photos and an uncomplicated caption to brighten your morning: Woof. If you choose this design, your photos will be printed as portrait-style rectangles, instead of the squares that adorn the original design.

Your pet’s stylish photos won’t scratch off or fade thanks to the durability of the print on the mug. Although the product is safe for the dishwasher, washing your cup without harsh chemicals, heavy scrubbing, or excessive heat will help the design last as long as possible. While you should be careful rinsing your mug in hot water, it is completely safe to use in the microwave. Whether you use your mug for tea, coffee, or something less caffeinated, it’s sure to spark a conversation and bring a smile to your face. What pup’s picture wouldn’t?

This mug can also be a unique new way to commemorate and celebrate your dog. There’s been buzz about custom pet paintings and making paw-print art, but a personalized pet mug is a lot smaller and cheaper (only $10) than most custom artwork. Plus, you can use it!

Since both versions of the mug use multiple photos, you don’t have to stress about picking just one perfect picture. The original Woof design has four blank spots for your photos, whereas Minimalistic Woof has  just two, albeit larger, spaces for pictures. So, if half of your camera roll is only photos of your dog, this truly is the cup for you.

If your kitchen cabinets truly are too full to handle another mug, this would make a fun and touching gift for any dog lover in your life, especially one who can’t keep their pup’s photos to themselves (not that anyone would want them to). The mug is simple to customize and order online, so you won’t have to worry about last-minute shopping or finding the perfect gift — because it’s right here!

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