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Best Prime Day dog bed deals for 2021

We all spend time trying to find the perfect mattress for ourselves, so let’s do the same for our dogs. From material, memory foam padding, size and thickness, we all take the time to figure out what works for us. Whether you have a new puppy or a beloved pooch getting up there in age, they deserve a dog bed tailored to their needs. Luckily Amazon Prime Day is here, from June 22 to the 23rd, so you can procure a brand new dog bed for your furry friends.

Prime Day dog bed deals will give you a variety of choices to choose from. You may finally be able to get that dog bed you’ve had your eye on, but it’s been out of your price range! To help you out, we’ve collected some of our favorite dog bed deals this Amazon Prime Day. 

Best Prime Day dog bed deals

This cozy donut bed is what your dog needs to have a nice slumber. The soft material is both comfortable and ergonomic with its neck and head support. more
Go for a dog bed that'll blend well with your home's interior while giving your pup maximum comfort. This bed looks more like your dog's very own stylish sofa bed. more
Make sure your canine friend's joints remain in good condition even as they get older with this therapeutic dog bed. This bed can provide instant comfort to dogs with predisposed joint conditions. more
If you're going for something minimalistic yet chic for your home and canine friend, this dog bed is best suited for you. The gray ombre swirl fabric is soft, stylish, and a comfortable place to rest. more
An elevated dog cot is a must-have during the warmer months to keep your dog cool and comfy as they sleep. The elevation of this bed also helps prevent wet surfaces from reaching your dog's fur. more
Treat your beloved dog like royalty with this memory foam bed specially made for them. The cushion provides superb support and comfort, which makes it perfect for older dogs. more
Make your small pet feel safe and secure with this 20-inch dog or cat bed. The high-quality pile fabric also makes this bed the soft and durable choice for your furry pal to chill and lie down. more
This bed can fit a standard 18-inch dog crate or can be a standalone dog bed. It also has a soft fleece cover that is easy to clean and machine wash. more
Donut-shaped, fluffy, and cozy -- what a perfect place for your canine friend to sit or lie down on. Take note that this dog bed is not suitable for dogs with excessive teething or chewing behavior. more
This pet cot looks like your dog's very-own fortress. The removable canopy can also make it look like a simple elevated bed or a mini tent that can withstand various weather conditions. more
Ideal for medium- to large-sized dogs, this bed can help relieve their joints and muscles as they lie down or sit. This dog bed is also machine washable so it always stays fresh. more
Unlike the usual memory foam or soft as a pillow cushion, this dog bed has gel memory foam. The bed's foam has a better cooling capacity for your precious pup's comfortable sleep. more
The ergonomic design of this pet bed ensures that your pup can sleep comfortably in any position they prefer. The soft cover is also removable so that you can wash them without a hitch. more
You wouldn't want your canine friend to be sleeping on the cold, hard ground right? No one wants that! This 48-by-36-inch elevated bed is perfect for the summer to keep your dog comfy and secure. more

Should you shop Prime Day dog bed deals?

If you have a rapidly growing puppy, Prime Day may be the time to get the next size up. Better be prepared early than not at all! If your dogs have been sleeping on the same bed for years, it may be time to change it. Take care to change your pup’s bed if you notice it wearing down or if your dogs aren’t paying much interest to it.

Your dog may be transitioning into their later years or may be having some health problems, so it could be time to upgrade them to a dog bed that can properly support their needs. Hey, if you just want to make sure you have a backup bed on standby for your dogs, that’s a reason to shop too. You can’t go wrong with these Prime Day dog bed deals. 

The details 

When choosing your dog’s new bed, there are plenty of factors to consider. We’ve consolidated some of the major key points to think about when browsing these Prime Day dog bed deals.


You’ll see both round and dog beds. If you have a smaller pup or one that loves to curl up, they may be satisfied with a round bed. Alternatively, if you have a larger dog that likes to lay with their legs right out in front of them, a rectangular bed with room to spread out may be the way to go. 


This one is probably the most explanatory. Follow the product’s rules to choose between four basic sizes: small, medium, large, and extra large. Knowing the weight and length of your pooches will ensure you make the best decision. 


If you have an older dog, or a pup with arthritis or bad joints, consider the support of the bed. Memory foam may just be the cushioning your dogs need to support their bodies. Along the same lines, some of these beds may have built in pillows or bolsters for extra layers of support so your pups can find their sweet spot. 

Clean up

This factor isn’t for your dogs, but for you! Because your dogs will be spending plenty of time in their new dog bed, make sure you have an easy way to wash it. Whether it’s a removable cover or a bed that can be tossed in a washing machine without ruining its shape, a washable bed is a must. 

We guarantee that your puppy friends will be able to sleep peacefully and feel rested after laying down on their new beds. It’s important to take care of your dog’s body and their sleep schedule, so make sure they can hop onto one of these Prime day dog beds.

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