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big dog in dog bed

Chewy has some insane deals on dog beds right now

Chewy has discounted dog beds on sale as a part of their Early Cyber Savings Sale.
dog cat outdoors cuddling

Personalize these gifts for any pet parent – up to 25% off

Chewy is having an Early Cyber Savings Sale and it's packed with personalized pet gifts sure to dazzle the pet lover in your life.
dog with toy in dog bed

Check out these stocking stuffers your fur baby is bound to love

It's that time of year for decking halls and jingling bells and no one deserves to be spoiled rotten over the holidays than your pets. Lucky for you, Chewy has it covered.
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy lying on the floor

Do dogs need outdoor ‘pee pads’?

Pee pads for dogs offer a wide variety of benefits, from potty training your puppy to protecting your floors. We list their assets.
Two dogs playing in the sand.

Do dogs really enjoy wearing collars?

Selecting a new collar for your dog is a fun way of showing off their personality, but the most important aspect is your dog's comfort and enjoyment. 
Dalmation puppy with a collar

Fitting your puppy’s collar is easy — here’s how it’s done

A collar is an essential piece of your puppy's gear. We've listed what you need to know about fitting it perfectly as your pup grows
Adorable Halloween pet costume

These are the most adorable pet Halloween costumes you can buy right now

Who doesn't love Halloween? Even our four-legged friends adore Halloween. These adorable Halloween costumes for pets are just the ticket.
how to make a dog harness out of rope harnessv2

How to make a dog harness out of rope

In just a few simple steps your dog can have a custom harness made just for them -- reflective of their style and personality.
how to build a dog run on the side of your house

How to build a dog run on the side of your house

Looking for options to keep your fur baby occupied while you're at work? Follow our guide on how to build a dog run on the side of your house. 
Man walking a dog on a beach

Which dogs can (and can’t) be on retractable leashes

A retractable leash might keep your dog safe when you're walking. We take a look at the details so you can make the right choice
Dog in a metal crate with blankets

Dog crate decorating: What you should (and shouldn’t) do

Your dog's crate should be a secure and comfortable place. Here's what you need to know about decorating it and making it safe
Terrier earing a sweater and dog shoes

Do dogs need shoes for the cold winter months?

Winter months are fun for dog walks, your furry friend might need to protect their paws. We take a look at when dog shoes are needed
Dog holding leash in its mouth

The best dog leash types for your breed

The best leash will help your dog walk better, respond more effectively to your commands, and make them feel secure. We list the best ones
Doberman dog with a red collar

The best collars for long-neck dogs

Dogs with long necks need a specialized type of collar. You can get them a new, comfortable collar designed specifically for them
Labrador retriever with blue collar

Collar or harness? It depends on the dog

When walking your dog, do you use a collar or harness? Before you buy one of these restraints, it is important to understand your dog
best dog leash length small white with red bandana and

How long should a dog’s leash be?

Wondering how long should a dog's leash be? You are looking for a happy medium where your dog feels peaceful, controlled, and free to move while next to you.
White dog with pink booties walking in park

Do dogs need shoes for the hot summer months?

If you have a dog and live in a hot place, they might need dog shoes, also called dog booties. We explain why your dog would need them