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pet profile phineus german shepherd chewing tennis ball

Pet profiles: Meet Phineus, the German Shepherd gentleman

This dapper dude is all about loyalty, exercise, and love.
French bulldog in bed

5 amazing ideas for a cute DIY dog bed you can make today

These DIY dog bed ideas will be an adorable addition to your home.
looking outside tent flaps there is a black and white dog

7 safety tips for taking your dog on a camping trip

Camping with your dog can be fun, but you have to keep them safe, too. Here's how.
a beige chihuahua wearing a collar sits on a table in a pet store

4 best flea and tick collars under $30 for your Chihuahua

These flea and tick collars were designed for small dogs like chihuahuas.
a yorkie wearing a brown sweatshirt looks like a jedi from star wars

6 amazing Star Wars-inspired finds for your dog you can get now

These incredible Star Wars-inspired goodies for your dogs are both functional and cool.
A Jack Russell terrier dog chews on a yellow kong toy

Everything we recommend from Kong under $12 for your puppy

Kong has some great items for puppies, and these are the best.
a mother and daughter sit on the couch with the family dog while they check the mom's smart watch

4 Apple Watch apps every dog owner should have

These Apple Watch apps make pet parents' lives simpler.
australian shepherds in bandanas

5 DIY tips to make a homemade flea collar for your dog

Thinking of making your dog a DIY flea collar? Here's what you should consider.
a white and tan dog licks a purple toothbrush that someone holds out to him

Good, better, best: Toothbrushes for dogs your pet (and vet) will love

Does your dog have stinky breath and bad dental hygiene? These are the best toothbrushes for your dog.
a maltese puppy lies on a couch surrounded by plushie toys

5 under-$15 dog toys that are safe for your Maltese

Need a dog toy that's good for small pets? These are the best dog toys for Maltese.
A small brown dog sits and looks at the camera while a person holds their paw and trims their nails

Cutting your dog’s nails can be easy — here’s how

Here's what to know about cutting your dog's nails, from getting the right tools to keeping your pup zen.
a brown long-haired dog plays in a dog pool in a grassy yard

Good, better, best: Dog swimming pools made for large-breed dogs

These fantastic swimming pools can hold large dogs and are easy to set up.
a dog walks toward the camera on the beach in front of a girl in a bikini holding the dog's leash at sunset

How to have the perfect beach day with your dog

If you do these things, you'll have a great beach day with your dog.
a long-coated chihuahua wearing sunglasses sits in the grass and holds a holder of poop bags in their mouth

How to get rid of dog poop in the yard without scooping

If you don't want to scoop poop, try these alternatives.
A person puts flea and tick prevention on their dog

Topical flea medicine vs. flea collars: Which is better for dogs?

Should you get topical flea medicine or flea collars for your dog?
backpacking yellow lab

6 must-have first-aid items when hiking with your pets

You need to bring these first-aid items when you go hiking with your pet.
dogs dental hygiene 3

Why you need to pay attention to your dog’s dental hygiene today

If you want your dog to be in the best health possible, make sure proper dental hygiene is part of their routine.
a brown brindle french bulldog sits on a cooling mat on a hardwood floor, next to a couple toys

6 under-$50 cooling pads for dogs you need this summer

If you want to help your dog keep cool this summer, a cooling pad can help — and these are the best.
wolfgang man beast overland review leash 2048x2048

An honest review of Wolfgang Man & Beast’s OverLand Collection

We tried a nature-inspired leash, collar, and harness from Wolfgang Man & Beast.
A brown French bulldog in a camo fitted shirt sits on a park bench and "smiles" at the camera

The best dog anxiety vests under $45 you need for July 4th

These dog anxiety vests are great for stressed-out dogs.
Man sits on the end of the cliff with his chihuahuas on a hike

Follow these 6 useful tips to take your small dog hiking

Follow these tips and tricks to safely and successfully take your small dog on a hike.
choosing a pet carrier 34141555351 e99ff6f40e o

How to choose the perfect pet carrier for your small dog or cat

The right pet carrier for your small dog or cat depends on the type of travel you're planning and many other factors. Here's how to make the best choice.
a Boston terrier in a red collar gives a high five to a woman in pink nail polish

4 best flea and tick collars under $30 for your Boston terrier

These flea and tick collars were designed for small dogs like Boston terriers.
a white and brown chihuahua in a red sweater and harness sits on a white chair and looks off in the distance

Should your Chihuahua wear a leash? What you need to know

A collar and leash combination can be dangerous for chihuahuas. Here's how to protect them.
a brown long-haired dog stands in a kiddie pool on the lawn with some toys around them

3 great dog swimming pools with no setup required

These doggie swimming pools are the best for small pets.
high tech gadgets dogs shutterstock 608480789

High-tech gadgets, tools, and toys for dogs and their parents

Smart technology can help enhance the lives of our dogs. Here are eight products you should consider.
a brown french bulldog sleeps in the grass with a black collar on

What you need to know before taking your dog’s collar off

There are several reasons why dogs should sleep without a collar (and why they shouldn't).
a seresto dog flea and tick collar sits on top of a calendar

Still no recall: Seresto flea & tick collars linked to 1,700 pet deaths

These popular flea and tick collars have been linked to incidents of pet harm—and they're still on the market.
a yellow labrador holds a blue leash in their mouth and looks off to the side

What you need to know about your dog’s leash length

Make sure you've got the right length leash for your pooch.
a brown french bulldog puppy in a harness sleeps on a blanket

What you need to know about securing a dog harness the right way

Dog harnesses can be great — as long as they fit right.
a siberian husky sits with its back facing the camera between the legs of two people on a grassy hilltop

5 must-have items under $30 for hiking with your dog

Dogs love the outdoors — and with these accessories, they'll love hiking.
dog leash types french bulldog black white grass outdoors person

How to choose the right type of dog leash for your pup

Consider these factors when getting your dog a leash.
a hungarian viszla wearing a pink life jacket stands on a rock in front of a blue sky

The best dog life jackets to keep your pup safe

When you're going out on the water with your pup, make sure he's properly protected.
A cute puppy in a tea cup

Should you get your puppy a big bed or one that fits them?

What size bed should you buy for your brand new puppy?
A good dog taking a nap cuddling with a toy

These 6 dog beds are really affordable — and have excellent ratings

Dog owners love these affordable dog beds—and so do their pets
A cute dog hanging out on a bed

Luxury dog beds: Are they worth the price?

Does your dog really need a luxury dog bed? Here's what you should consider.
A cute little dog on a big bed

How to choose a dog bed for your pooch

Here's how you can find the right bed for your good boy
Cute dog in a dog bed with a stuffed animal buddy

The best luxury dog beds you can buy

Your dog will live like royalty in these luxury dog beds

10 dog accessories you and your dog will love

These accessories will make your life as a dog owner so much easier
two dogs in red hanresses

How to put a mesh harness on your small dog

It's important that your dog's harness fits correctly - this is how to ensure a proper fit
cute beagle laying down with collar and tag

Dog collar sizes: Which one is right for your pooch?

Sizing a dog's collar is of vital importance - this is how to pick the right size for your pooch

Pet profiles: Lulu Belle’s small size makes a big mark for our IT team

Profiling Lulu, our pint-size pup from IT who keeps staff on their toes.
Corgi in metal crate looking up

Is it cruel to crate your dog and how long should you do it?

Crating a dog seems cruel to some, but is it? We discuss the pros and cons, and how long you should leave your dog in a crate.
dog in yellow raincoat on bench

Winter is coming: 3 raincoats under $30 your dog will love

Keep your pooch dry with these adorable raincoats for pups of every size.
good cheap leashes shutterstock 221743747  1

5 leashes under $15 that are actually pretty great

A good leash doesn't have to break the bank. Here are five of our favorites
dog in front of a Christmas tree

This site does your last-minute shopping for you

If you are looking for a one stop shop for your last minute dog gift ideas, we have you covered.
Puppy running on green grass

5 eGift cards to make last-minute shopping a breeze

If you are freaking out about last minute gifts, here are some eGift card ideas for the pet lover in your life.
beagle puppy taking a bath

What you need to know about puppy proofing your apartment

Puppies get into – well, everything. Here's how to puppy-proof your apartment the right way.

4 toys under $40 your puppy simply can’t destroy

Puppies are notorious for shredding toys, but these ones will survive even the toughest play
retriever playing on the beach

Does your dog need a life jacket?

Do dogs need life jackets when they go swimming? We discuss why you may want to invest in one