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best guard dogs to protect you

These are the best (and most loyal) guard dogs for you

These best guard dogs will protect you in case of trouble
top 10 rarest dog breeds

The 10 rarest dog breeds you’ve probably never heard of

These are the top 20 rarest dog breeds in the world
Pack of dachshund hanging out together.

Everything you should know about dachshunds, from health to personality

Learn what sets dachshunds apart from the dog pack
A veterinarian in blue scrubs listens to an old German Shepherd with his stethoscope.

How to treat enteritis in dogs

Learn how to treat enteritis in your family dog today
A tan and white pit bull wears a teddy bear hat.

What can you expect from your pit bull’s temperament?

What you never knew about pit bulls that you should learn now
A person holding a brown and white French Bulldog puppy up against a white background.

Is a Bulldog the best choice for you? We know the answer

Bulldog breed characteristics you didn't know before
A Labradoodle puppy tilts their head and looks into the camera

Have you heard? These 4 dog breeds have the best hearing

Which dog breeds have excellent hearing? You'll be surprised.
A closeup shot of a Shiba Inu sitting on a sofa.

How to get your dog to stop hiccuping

Do you know how to get rid of hiccups in your adult dog?
An apricot Standard Poodle stands on a beach

6 reasons why poodles make great family pets (and 3 reasons they don’t)

Are poodles the best dog breed for families? Learn why
Siberian huskies pulling sled.

7 amazing facts you may not know about Siberian huskies

Facts about Siberian huskies you never knew before today
A closeup of a chocolate brown lab lying down outside.

What causes digestive issues in dogs? Here’s what we know so far

These digestive issues in dogs should be taken seriously.
A Golden Retriever lying with his head on his paws on a wooden floor

5 telltale clues your dog is sick and not just being lazy

Is you dog sick? Here's what to look out for in Fido
dog cancer symptoms

These 4 seemingly normal symptoms may mean your dog has cancer

Common issues that could be dog cancer symptoms in your pet
A yellow Labrador retriever puppy playing in the grass.

How to train a Labrador retriever puppy to be a good dog

Follow these tips to learn how to train your Labrador puppy to be a good dog.
Training French bulldog.

Try these simple tips to train your new French Bulldog puppy

These tips will help you to train your new French Bulldog.
Yorkshire terrier in small carrier.

Looking to crate train your Yorkie? Follow these easy tips

These tips will help you easily crate train your Yorkie.
French bulldog relaxing in a crate.

The best tips for successfully crate training a French Bulldog

Follow these tips to crate train your new French Bulldog
dog and tortoise friendship sulcata

This puppy’s friendship with a tortoise is just too cute

We can't stop watching the videos of this dog sharing toys with their tortoise friend.
Terrier acting aggressively on leash.

5 tips for training reactive dogs who just don’t want to behave

Try these tips to train a dog who's super reactive to everything.
long leash training

Are long leashes bad for dogs? You’ll want to know the basics before using one

Here's what you need to know about training your dog on a long leash
A Bernese Mountain Dog offers their paw during a training session

The 8 easiest dog breeds to train for people who have no patience

These 8 dog breeds are easier to train than others.
puppy sees reflection video mirror

Puppy sees their own reflection and it’s the cutest thing we’ve seen all week

When this puppy sees his reflection for the first time, hilarity ensues.
train dog to stop barking

How to train a dog to stop barking so your neighbors won’t hate you

Try these tips to train your dog to stop barking once and for all.
woman teaching a dog to sit outside

How to train your puppy at home to be an obedient dog

It's easy to train your puppy to be obedient right at home without a trainer.
A small dog sits on top of a toilet in a bathroom

How long does it take to potty train a dog? Probably longer than you think

Here's how long it really takes to potty train a dog.
Woman petting dog outdoors

How to potty train an older dog who’s set in their ways

Tips for potty training an adult dog who is difficult to train.
An Australian Shepherd sitting with his front paws raised.

Is it too late to teach an old dog new tricks? You might be surprised

Here's the scoop on whether it's too late to train an older dog
how to house train puppies

How to house train your puppy without losing your mind

Housetraining isn't as hard as you think. Follow these tips.
telemedicine for dogs shutterstock 1724880328

Get ready: The telemedicine trend is coming for your pet

Veterinarians are turning to telemedicine to treat pets instead of in-office visits.
A black and white dog pulls a woman down a sidewalk.

What to do if your dog is leash pulling and how to stop it

This is how you stop your dog from pulling on his leash.
striped kitten

How to introduce an adult cat to a new kitten

Here are mistakes to avoid when introducing your cat to a new kitten.
A Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy naps in a white crate.

6 common mistakes people make when potty-training their dog

Here are common mistakes people make when potty training their puppy.
excited bull terrier dog

7 easy tips to calm an overexcited dog every time

If your dog is overexcitable, try these strategies.
three tan and white puppies under a blanket

How to potty-train a puppy in 4 easy steps

Potty training a puppy is easy if you follow this guide.
a Havanese dog sits in the grass with a leash on

4 useful tips for training your Havanese

Training your Havanese dog is easy with these simple tips.
beagle puppy lying in grass

5 helpful potty training tips for your Beagle

If your beagle is difficult to potty train, follow these tips.
Woman training golden retriever in the park

Now is the time to start dog training without treats — here’s how

Yes, it's possible to train your dog without treats. Find out how.
bloodhound puppy sniffing in grass

Why the experts say you should let your dog sniff whatever they want on walks

This is why you should let your dogs explore on walks.
Two dogs play tug of war with a frisbee

How to find pup friends for your large dog to socialize with

These are some great ways to socialize your large dog.
Four dogs on a walk in park

How to find the perfect dog walker for your pet

This is how to find a dog walker you and your pet will love.
silhouette of girl walking her dog at sunset

6 safety tips you must know when you take a dog for a walk at night

Here's what you need to know before you take your dog for a walk at night.
bell train puppy

How to bell train a puppy properly

Bell training a puppy is easy if you follow these steps.
fawn pug lying on floor

Experts explain how to stop a dog from eating stool

Does your dog eat poop? Here's what the experts say you should do.
man in blue shirt with dog in lap

5 useful tips from the experts to stop a dog’s excessive guarding

Experts explain how to stop your dog from being too protective.
red merle australian shepherd in woods

5 easy steps for training your Australian shepherd

Training your Australian shepherd is easy if you follow these steps.
Two dogs sitting on a blanket looking out at the mountains

4 things to do before you take your dog camping

Before you go on that camping trip with your dog, make sure you're prepared. Here's everything you need to do beforehand to keep your pup safe.
Black dog digging in the sand

Stop your dog from digging excessively with these great tips

This is what you should do when your dog won't stop digging.
socialize your dog two little meeting in park

5 great ways to socialize your older dog

If your dog needs some help with socialization, try these methods.
dog running beside a fence

A handy guide to training your German shorthaired pointer

Need to train your German shorthaired pointer? Follow these tips.
beagle in tall green grass

Why you shouldn’t leave your beagle alone too often

No dog should be left alone for too long, but this is especially true for beagles. Here's why.