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A Siberian husky puppy outside

5 reasons a Siberian husky will be the perfect addition to your family

Looking for a new best friend? These five Siberian Husky facts prove why the breed may be a great option for your family and lifestyle.
An Akita sitting on the bed

Best guard dogs: These 7 breeds will protect you with their life

Some dogs will do anything for us, even put their lives on the line to save ours. These seven protective dog breeds make the best guard dogs.
a gray cat and a black pug sitting on an indoor bench

The top 10 reasons dogs are better than cats at this whole friendship thing (Yes, we’re actually serious)

It's time to end one of the world's greatest debates: Dogs are better than cats. Here are all the reasons why.
a chihuahua on the floor

Is a small breed the right dog for you? Know this first

Here is everything you need to know about the small breed dogs.
a happy gray pit bull running outside

Why everything you believe about pit bulls is probably dead wrong

Pit bulls get a bad reputation but here's the real truth about them.
a Dachshund sitting outside in the grass

Thinking of getting a Wiener Dog? Read this first!

Here's everything you need to know about how Dachshunds are as pets.
chocolate lab puppy sitting on floor

Why Labrador retrievers make excellent pets for families

Here are all of the reasons why Labrador Retrievers are perfect family dogs.
mudi playing frisbee

These rare dog breeds will be the perfect pet

Here's a list of the best rare dog breeds for every type of pet parent.
a gray kitten sitting on a couch

10 signs that your cat is totally annoyed with you

Watch for these signs that your cat is annoyed with or mad at you.
orange cat in a white fleece bed

How to get a cat to sleep all night so they stop waking you up

Here's what you can do to get your kitten or cat to sleep during the night.
a woman and a beagle on a computer

Wondering where to adopt a dog? How to find dog rescues near you

If you're wondering where to adopt a dog, these tips will help you find rescues.
a group of puppies on a wooden step

Try this puppy personality test to pick the perfect dog for your family

There's a puppy personality test that will help you choose the right breed.
shih tzu on a white table with valentine's day collar

10 reasons dogs make the perfect Valentine’s Day dates

Here are 10 reasons why your dog is the best Valentine's Day date.
a kitten sitting on a woven chair

Wondering which kitten breed to get? Try this simple tool

Try this selector tool to find out which breed of kitten you should get.
an orange and white kitten with blue eyes

Why do kittens have blue eyes? The answer is really simple

There's a simple reason why kittens are born with blue eyes.
a sad gray kitten in a woven basket

How to comfort your scared, crying kitten after bringing them home

Here's why kittens cry and what you can do to comfort them.
a black and white cat in front of a green screen

10 reasons why cats are totally superior to dogs

Here are 10 reasons why cats are so much better than dogs.
a yellow lab puppy on a wooden deck

10 quotes about puppies guaranteed to give you all the feels

These 10 quotes about puppies tug at the heartstrings.
a white cat on a white blanket with roses

Why your cat is a much better Valentine’s Day date than any human

Here are the reasons why your cat is a way better valentine than your partner.
a dog humping a person's leg at a park

How to stop your dog from humping legs so you can save face

Try these tricks to stop your dog from humping your leg.
a large cat in the snow

5 awesome winter boots for cats who love to roam around outdoors

These are the best winter cat boots to keep their paws safe.
maine coon green background

What is the lifespan of a Maine Coon cat?

Here are the details on the expected lifespan of a Maine Coon cat.
shih tzu underneath a tree

How long do Shih Tzus usually live?

Everything you need to know about how long Shih Tzus live.
persian cat lifespan yawning

How long do Persian cats typically live? That’s up to their human

This is how long you can expect your Persian cat to live.
a chihuahua in winter boots and a coat

5 great winter dog boots to keep your pup’s paws safe and sound

These are the best winter dog boots for your furry friend's pawas.
cat peering over blankets

A day in the life of your cat: Questions they really want to ask you

The questions your cat would ask you if they could are too funny.
gray cat white chair

If your cat is aggressive towards other cats, here’s how to fix it

How to fix the problem if your cat is aggressive toward other cats.
a german shepherd in the backyard

Why do German Shepherds have such a short lifespan?

Here's why German Shepherds don't live as long as other dogs.
A woman and dog having a training session in the park

2022 training tips: How to stop being a total pushover with your dog

Here are tips and tricks for how to get your pet to obey you once and for all.
woman teaching a dog to sit outside

How to train your puppy at home to be an obedient dog

It's easy to train your puppy to be obedient right at home without a trainer.
a dog sitting in a straw chair next to banana basket

Can puppies eat bananas? You’ll want to be careful

Here's what you need to know about whether puppies can eat bananas.
a black and white cat with a white dish

Making the switch from kitten to cat food? You’ll need to get the timing right

Follow these tips when switching from kitten food to cat food.
a gray tabby cat hunting in grass

Why do cats kill small animals? A chemical analysis of their whiskers has the answer

An analysis of cat whiskers gives insight into why they kill small animals
a kitten lying on a table with a human petting their neck

What is the optimal age to spay or neuter a cat? What the experts advise

Here's expert advice for when you should spay or neuter your kitten.
woman petting dog by tree

6 fun holiday activities you can do with your dog to create lasting memories

Here are some fun holiday activities to do with your dog to create lasting memories.
Cat under the Christmas tree

Watch out! 5 common holiday dangers that pose a risk to your pet

Here are some common holiday dangers for your pet to be on alert for.

Working from home? Your cat is probably so annoyed

Now that you're working from home, your cat is totally annoyed
a bowl of kibble with dog paws on wooden floor

Wondering how much to feed a puppy? You’ll want to be careful

Follow these guidelines to know how much to feed your puppy.
man with gray checkered shirt holding his gray long-haired cat

Woman sparks outrage after forcing husband to get rid of his cat for her dog

A woman forced her husband to get rid of his cat to accommodate her dog.