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a kitten lying on a table with a human petting their neck

What is the optimal age to spay or neuter a cat? What the experts advise

Here's expert advice for when you should spay or neuter your kitten.
woman petting dog by tree

6 fun holiday activities you can do with your dog to create lasting memories

Here are some fun holiday activities to do with your dog to create lasting memories.
Cat under the Christmas tree

Watch out! 5 common holiday dangers that pose a risk to your pet

Here are some common holiday dangers for your pet to be on alert for.

Working from home? Your cat is probably so annoyed

Now that you're working from home, your cat is totally annoyed
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Wondering how much to feed a puppy? You’ll want to be careful

Follow these guidelines to know how much to feed your puppy.
man with gray checkered shirt holding his gray long-haired cat

Woman sparks outrage after forcing husband to get rid of his cat for her dog

A woman forced her husband to get rid of his cat to accommodate her dog.