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A puppy stares at a bowl of dry kibble

Is your dog refusing to eat? There are a few possible causes

Is your pup turning up his nose at his food bowl? Here's what the problem might be if your dog is refusing to eat and what you can do to fix it.
A woman strokes a blue-eyed white dog while outside

New Year’s resolutions that can make you a better pet parent in 2023

We all kick off the new year with resolutions, but for pet lovers, the goal to be a better pet parent is a resolution worth keeping.
Brown and white dog howling on a porch

Why do dogs howl? It’s not just to get your attention

There are many reasons why dogs howl, but these are the most common. They might explain more than you think!
A woman with short, dark hair holds a brown tabby Maine Coon cat near her face. She's wearing berry lipstick and a black shirt.

Study results: Cats pay attention when you use a high-pitch voice

Dogs readily learn to obey our commands, but do our cats listen to us? Let's find out.
A beagle wearing a red bandana stands outside in the snow

Experts agree: It’s okay to skip walks with your dog this winter (really!)

While taking your dog outside for a walk is beneficial for their physical and mental health, that doesn't mean a jaunt in your neighborhood is your only option.
A Russian blue cat trots along a sidewalk with her tail held high

Cat tail language: What your cat’s swishing tail means

We'll unravel the mystery of what your cat's tail posture is trying to tell you.
A German shepherd lying in the snow

Can dogs get fleas during the winter? The answer might surprise you

Are you wondering if dogs can get fleas in the winter? It's an important question with a potentially surprising answer. Here's what dog parents need to know.
A gray cat lying next to a yellow spray bottle and cleaning cloth

Here’s how to stop a cat from spraying in 6 simple steps

Cat spraying is an obnoxious habit that can be caused by a number of underlying issues. Here's how to determine the cause and stop it.
A close-up shot of a black dog with a graying muzzle and a wart on his eyelid

What causes dog warts and how can you prevent them? We have the answers

What causes dog warts, and should you be concerned? Here's the scoop on what really causes dog warts and what to do about them.
Brown and white rabbit sitting in front of a wooden door

How to litter train a rabbit in 6 simple steps

Not sure how to litter train a bunny? Follow this comprehensive guide to get your rabbit to go where you want her to.
A close-up shot of a blue-eyed white cat

Does your cat have ear mites? How to tell (and what you can do about it)

Here's how to figure out if your cat has ear mites and what you can do to help your furry friend if they have them.
A black and white cat sprawls out beside a blue litter box with a pile of litter on the floor

Why your cat is peeing everywhere (and what to do about it)

There are reasons why your cat might be peeing everywhere. Take a look at the possibilities and find out what you can do about it.
A West Highland White Terrier dressed as a vampire sits beside a little girl dressed as a witch

Your ultimate guide to celebrating Halloween with pets

Here's the ultimate guide to a wonderful Halloween with your pets.
Dog eating bread

Is it healthy to feed a dog bread?

Many people share bread with their dogs as a treat, but is it really safe for them? Our article discusses the pros and cons of dogs eating bread.
A bowl of bone-shaped dog food

7 best foods for dogs with a sensitive stomach

These 7 foods are perfect for dogs who have tummy issues.
A Himalayan cat eating a treat outdoors surrounded by fallen leaves

How long can cats go without food or water? It’s less time than you think

Here's what you need to know about how long cats can go without water and food. And it may be surprising.
Close-up shot of a nervous Staffordshire terrier

How to break a dog’s separation anxiety so you can finally leave the house

Separation anxiety in dogs can be difficult to understand. Here are ways to break a dog's separation anxiety so you can finally leave the house.
Two tabby kittens hiding beneath a stool

At what age do kittens start purring and why do they do it?

Your kittens purr for a variety of reasons, from self-soothing to communication with other cats. Find out about other milestones in kitten development.
A striped mama cat with her two kittens

How many kittens can a cat have in a single litter? You might be surprised

Here's info on how many kittens a cat can have in one single litter. You might be surprised.
A brown bearded dragon on a tree trunk.

How to train bearded dragons in 3 simple steps

Your bearded dragon will come right to you with these tips and tricks.
A man wearing sunglasses crouches on a hiking trail with a small brown dog.

Can toy dog breeds go hiking and camping? Read this before leaving yours at home

Toy dog breeds love the outdoors like all others. Here’s how to keep toy breeds safe outdoors.
A shaggy brown and white dog wearing goggles and a white helmet sits in a bicycle basket.

Going on a bike ride with your dog? 5 must-do safety tips

Do you envision a bicycle built for two...for you and your dog? Read our safety tips first.
An angry Black and Tan dog bears his teeth in a grassy field.

How to manage an overprotective dog before the worst case scenario occurs

Is your dog overprotective? Why this seemingly positive trait could put your precious pup in jeopardy.
A closeup shot of a Doberman Pinscher's profile.

The 8 smartest dog breeds, ranked

These smartest dog breeds will impress with their intelligence
A Siberian cat lying in a pile of fallen autumn leaves.

There’s an easy way to tell how old your cat really is

Here's how you can figure out how old your cat is.
A Golden Retriever chases his tail on the beach.

Why do dogs chase their tails? The answer is so simple it’s crazy

Here's the real answer to why dogs chase their tails.
A closeup of a Bichon Frise lying on a wooden floor.

Puppy potty training your Bichon Frise–why is it so difficult?

Let's look deeper into the history of the Bichon Frise and what makes this particular breed so hard to potty train. Plus, let's find the solutions you need!
A shallow focus shot of a smiling black and white Border Collie.

5 important health factors to know before putting your pet on flea and tick meds

Flea and tick medications are essential for most dogs and cats. But not every medication is right for every pet. Here's what you need to know.
A goldfish in a tank.

How to keep your fish tank free of gross camallanus worms

Camallanus worms can be deadly, but there are measures you can take to stop them.
A closeup shot of a Rottweiler with a pink speckled nose.

5 important reasons your Rottweiler needs a grooming appointment ASAP

Do Rottweilers need grooming? How often? Can you groom at home?
A barking tan dog wearing a chain.

How to stop a puppy from barking: The must-have tips every pet parent should know

Follow these tips to stop your puppy from barking.
An Australian Shepherd jumps hurdles in an agility competition.

How to teach (almost) any dog breed to excel at agility training

Interested in teaching your dog agility skills? It may not be as hard as you think!
A Jack Russell terrier stands in shallow water wearing pink boots.

Don’t buy protective hiking booties for your dog before learning this one trick

Hiking with your dog is an ideal way to get out in nature, but what if Fido's hiking booties don't stay on? Learn what to do.
A sad looking white puppy sprawls on a rug with a yellow ball.

This is the only potty-training puppy schedule you need

This puppy potty training schedule will make things easy on you.
A yellow lab kisses a man's face.

Don’t hire someone to watch your pet without consulting this dog sitter checklist

Use our dog sitter checklist to vet your next dog sitter...well before you leave your precious pets in their care.
A black and white cat takes a nap on a kitchen table.

How to prevent your cat from jumping on tables and counters

Here are tips for how to keep your cat off counters.
A Maine Coon cat sits outside in a yard surrounded by fallen leaves.

How to find a lost cat fast on the day they go missing

Here are tips on how to find a lost cat. With these tips, you're one step closer to finding your beloved cat.
A close-up shot of a Golden Retriever with a crowd of people in the background.

It’s official: These are the most dog-friendly cities

We list the most dog-friendly cities in the US, and why.
A closeup shot of a hissing tabby cat.

3 common cat behavior problems you should be freaking out about

Cats do weird things — but these are cat behaviors to worry about.
A close-up shot of a gray Maine Coon cat with bright green eyes

Do Maine Coon cats shed? Yes, and this is the secret to a clean house

Can you give your Maine Coon a bath? Yes, and here's why you should brave it.
A leashed beagle runs in a dog park.

Know dog park etiquette: Never say this 1 thing to other pet parents

Learn dog park etiquette before your next romp with Fido, including the one thing you should never say to other pet parents.
A gray Italian greyhound photographed in front of a white background

Why an Italian Greyhound is the perfect dog for anyone with pet allergies

Consider adopting an Italian Greyhound if you need a hypoallergenic pet in your household.
A group of six dogs emerging from the back of a white car.

Need a pet-friendly car? These are the best electric vehicles you can get

These are the best electric vehicles to get if you have a pet.
A golden retriever sits panting in a grassy field.

Your golden retriever can be the perfect duck-hunting dog with this training

Train a Golden Retriever to duck hunt with these easy to follow tips.
A cute yellow lab puppy walking across the floor.

Myth buster: 10 Labrador retriever ‘facts’ that are actually false

10 things you have misunderstood about Labrador Retrievers that are actually false
An orange Maine Coon cat drapes herself over the arm of a yellow chair.

Guard cat on duty: Breeds that can actually protect you from danger

Learn which cat breeds can act like guard cats and protect you and your home.
A closeup shot of a barking beagle mix wearing a red collar.

How to stop your dog from barking incessantly when you’re away

If your dog barks incessantly, you can stop this behavior before it causes further problems.
An orange tabby cat bathes a brown tabby cat in a cat bed.

Debunked: This is the silliest misconception about getting a second cat

Should you add a second cat to your household? Read this first.
A Siamese gazes into the camera while curled into a ball.

Are Siamese cats friendly? The real truth about this misunderstood breed

Everything you need to know about Siamese cats to determine if their personality traits are right for you.
A close-up shot of a red and white English bulldog puppy.

Training your stubborn English bulldog won’t be as hard as you think

Worried about training your English Bulldog? It's not as hard as you think.