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A group of six dogs emerging from the back of a white car.

Need a pet-friendly car? These are the best electric vehicles you can get

These are the best electric vehicles to get if you have a pet.
A golden retriever sits panting in a grassy field.

Your golden retriever can be the perfect duck-hunting dog with this training

Train a Golden Retriever to duck hunt with these easy to follow tips.
A cute yellow lab puppy walking across the floor.

Myth buster: 10 Labrador retriever ‘facts’ that are actually false

10 things you have misunderstood about Labrador Retrievers that are actually false
An orange Maine Coon cat drapes herself over the arm of a yellow chair.

Guard cat on duty: Breeds that can actually protect you from danger

Learn which cat breeds can act like guard cats and protect you and your home.
A closeup shot of a barking beagle mix wearing a red collar.

How to stop your dog from barking incessantly when you’re away

If your dog barks incessantly, you can stop this behavior before it causes further problems.
An orange tabby cat bathes a brown tabby cat in a cat bed.

Debunked: This is the silliest misconception about getting a second cat

Should you add a second cat to your household? Read this first.
A Siamese gazes into the camera while curled into a ball.

Are Siamese cats friendly? The real truth about this misunderstood breed

Everything you need to know about Siamese cats to determine if their personality traits are right for you.
A close-up shot of a red and white English bulldog puppy.

Training your stubborn English bulldog won’t be as hard as you think

Worried about training your English Bulldog? It's not as hard as you think.
An underwater shot of a golden retriever swimming in a pool.

How to safely swim with your dog this summer

Want to swim with your dog? Here's how to enjoy the water safely together.
A closeup shot of a one-eyed orange tabby cat.

Everything you need to know about caring for a blind cat

What you need to know about taking care of a blind cat, including medical info.
why do cats twitch ears closeup of an orange tabby reaching for camera

Is cat ear twitching normal? The scoop behind this adorable behavior

Learn why cats twitch their ears and other adorable behaviors.
A black and white French bulldog puppy chews on a stick.

The world is not your dog’s salad bar: Why you shouldn’t let dogs eat plants

How to stop your dog from eating plants that could be harmful.
A German Shepherd sits inside a metal enclosure.

Is it cruel to crate-train a German shepherd?

Can you crate train a German Shepherd? Learn when to start the process.
A blind woman walks down a sidewalk with her yellow lab guide dog.

5 non-profits worthy of your support in honor of International Guide Dog Day

Ideas for celebrating and supporting International Guide Dog Day.
A Weimaraner puppy licks a tile floor.

Gross! Why does my dog lick the floor?

Ever wonder why your dog is licking the floor? We have answers.
A green-eyed bengal cat wears a pink collar with a heart-shaped tag.

Crazy kitty bling your cat needs right now to live its best life

Crazy kitty bling you need to buy for your cat right now...or make your own.
A gray striped cat chews on a ruined gray sofa.

The best slipcovers to protect your expensive furniture from cat destruction

These slipcovers are best for protecting your furniture from your cat
A pregnant woman wearing a long-sleeved black shirt holds a tabby cat in her arms.

Good news: You really should not change the kitty litter box while pregnant

Why you get out of the dreaded chore of changing the kitty litter while pregnant.
Two tabby cats lying together in bed.

Does your cat need a companion? If your kitty is lonely, it’s your fault

Does your cat need a companion? How to tell if your cat is lonely.
A veterinarian in blue scrubs listens to an old German Shepherd with his stethoscope.

How to treat enteritis in dogs

Learn how to treat enteritis in your family dog today
A tan and white pit bull wears a teddy bear hat.

What can you expect from your pit bull’s temperament?

What you never knew about pit bulls that you should learn now
A ginger Maine Coon cat wears a jacket in a stroller.

Does your cat need a stroller? 3 times when it’s actually kind of necessary

Does your cat need a kitty stroller? How to decide when the time is right.
A black and white kitten plays with a feathered toy.

These 5 incredible cat toys are exactly what your kitten needs right now

Buy your kitten these 5 cat toys today to be the best kitty parent.
A closeup of a black and white dog.

Worried your dog has cancer? Be on the lookout for these 8 symptoms

These 8 common symptoms indicate your dog might have cancer.
A person holding a brown and white French Bulldog puppy up against a white background.

Is a Bulldog the best choice for you? We know the answer

Bulldog breed characteristics you didn't know before
A young girl hugs and kisses a long-haired orange and white cat.

Gentle! How to stop your toddler from pulling kitty’s tail

How to get your toddler to be gentle with your cat and get along.
A closeup of a chocolate brown lab lying down outside.

What causes digestive issues in dogs? Here’s what we know so far

These digestive issues in dogs should be taken seriously.
A Golden Retriever lying with his head on his paws on a wooden floor

5 telltale clues your dog is sick and not just being lazy

Is you dog sick? Here's what to look out for in Fido
A closeup shot of a black cat meowing.

This crazy cat behavior will keep you up all night

Beware of this crazy cat sleep behavior that will keep you up at night.
A Sphynx cat chasing her tail against an orange background.

Wonder why cats chase their tails? This seemingly silly behavior demystified

Why do cats Chase their tails, Sleep so much, Eat grass, randomly run around, and do other odd behaviors?
A yellow Labrador retriever puppy playing in the grass.

How to train a Labrador retriever puppy to be a good dog

Follow these tips to learn how to train your Labrador puppy to be a good dog.
A Fila Brasileiro sneezing in the woods.

Is your dog having an allergic reaction? Watch out for these warning signs

Here's how to tell whether your dog is having an allergic reaction to something.
An Australian cattle dog puppy wearing a blue harness sits in a grassy yard.

How to train a dog to sit in 3 easy steps

Follow these easy tips to teach your dog how to sit.
A Golden Retriever eating from a stainless steel bowl.

Can dogs safely eat cinnamon? Experts agree you need to be super careful

If you feed your dog cinnamon, there are some guidelines you'll want to follow.
A black and white Husky puppy stands beneath a tree.

10 unique names for male dogs you probably haven’t heard yet

These 10 male dog names are so cool and so unique.
A tabby striped American shorthair cat staring at a butterfly.

How long do American Shorthair cats typically live?

Here's what you need to know about the lifespan of your American shorthair cat.
An orange and white kitten huddles under a gray blanket.

The cutest kitten names that start with the letter ‘A’

Here are some adorable kitten names that start with the letter A.
Closeup of a woman's hand stroking a gray British Shorthair kitten's chin.

You don’t want to hear this, but cats may be bad for your health

There are actually a few reasons why cats pose a risk to your health.
An exotic calico cat lifts her tail against a bike tire

How your cat’s behavior may change when she’s in heat

If your cat is in heat, here are the behaviors you can expect from her.
A Maine Coon cat lying on a bed hisses at the camera.

Why do cats hiss at new kittens? It’s not just because they’re being mean

Here's the reason why cats will hiss at new kittens.
A calico cat nuzzling against a denim-clad leg

Why does your cat follow you everywhere? The answer might be worrisome

If your cat follows you everywhere, it could be a bad sign.
A Cavalier King Charles spaniel begs for food at the table.

This is how you stop your dog from constantly begging at the table

Get your dog to stop begging at the table with these tips.
A black and white border collie eating grass

Is it bad for dogs to eat grass? You’ll want to be extra careful

There are risks associated with your dog eating grass.
Closeup of a brown dog with a gray muzzle.

6 senior dog adoption stories that will make you weep

Get the tissues out for these senior dog adoption stories.
A German shepherd jumping on a woman wearing a black puffer coat.

How to easily stop your dog from always jumping up on people

Get your dog to stop jumping on people by following these tips.
A dog wearing a red jacket plays with a ball in the snow.

These best-dressed pets on Instagram are way more stylish than you

You'll love these stylish pets on Instagram who are better dressed than everyone.
Two dogs looking up into the camera.

The best dog DNA tests to find out your furry friend’s true breed

Find out your dog's ancestry with these easy dog DNA tests.
A man hiking with a Golden Retriever puppy in a backpack.

Study shows if you’re traveling with your pet, Oregon is the place to go

A new study shows Oregon has the most pet-friendly Airbnbs.
A beautiful striped kitten lying on a tile floor.

This is the age when a kitten can be considered a grown cat

At this age, your kitten is considered a full-grown cat.
A Black and Tan Dachshund puppy standing on a log.

When should puppies have vaccinations? It might depend on your vet

When the experts say that puppies should have vaccinations.