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A chocolate Labrador retriever puppy lying on stone tiles.

These are the most popular dog names in the world

A list of the 10 most popular dog names in the world
An Australian Shepherd sitting with his front paws raised.

Is it too late to teach an old dog new tricks? You might be surprised

Here's the scoop on whether it's too late to train an older dog
A Scottish wildcat hiding in the foliage.

This video of a cat chatting away at mealtime is priceless

This video of a Scottish wildcat chatting away at mealtime is just too cute.
A closeup of three white, blue-eyed kittens on a man's lap.

When can you expect kittens to start walking? What first-time owners should know

How to be prepared once your kittens start walking
A man and his cat both dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow.

There’s a subreddit dedicated to “pirate kitties” and we’re totally obsessed

There's a Reddit that's dedicated to cats who have pirate-like features.
A Golden Retriever smiling and showing his teeth.

What does it mean when a dog’s teeth chatter? The answer is concerning

Here's what it means if your dog's teeth are chattering.
Aa man petting an old Golden Retriever on the head.

What you need to know about treating vestibular disease in older dogs

Everything you need to know about vestibular disease in dogs.
An overweight Labrador retriever lying on the floor.

2022 tips and tricks: How to get your pet to lose a few pounds

Here are tips and tricks for how to get your pet to shed a few pounds.
A closeup of a Maine Coon cat.

People are stumped over what kind of cat is in this photo

There's a cat on Reddit that users are debating over what it actually is.
A Golden Retriever licks his nose while he eats.

Are dog food subscriptions worth the money? Pet parents have opinions

These are the best dog food subscriptions that you can buy.
A long-haired gray cat is wrapped up in a towel with shampoo on her head.

What are the best cat-safe shampoos? Cat owners love these brands

There are the best cat shampoos to buy for your pet.
A Yorkshire terrier stands outside in the snow wearing a coat and booties.

Waterproof dog boots are easy to make at home (Yes, really!)

Here's how you can make waterproof dog boots at home.
A tabby cat licks her lips while staring at an empty plate on a table.

These 10 foods are toxic and unsafe for your cat: Do you have them in your kitchen?

These foods are toxic and unsafe for your cat and you'll want to avoid them.
A black and white dog pulls a woman down a sidewalk.

What to do if your dog is leash pulling and how to stop it

This is how you stop your dog from pulling on his leash.
An orange and cream tabby kitten peers out from beneath a table.

How to easily tell whether your new cat is a boy or a girl

Here's how to tell if your new cat is a boy or a girl.
A man feeds his Akita bites of a croissant.

Every pet owner should have this list of toxic foods that are harmful to dogs

Dog owners will want to keep this list of toxic food for dogs handy.
A Golden Retriever wearing a scarf and holding a handkerchief in his mouth.

Can you give a dog Benadryl? You’d better follow the correct dosage guide

Here are guidelines for giving Benadryl to your dog.
A beautiful striped Maine Coon cat lying on a wood floor.

Are you taking your cat to the vet often enough? The answer is probably ‘no’

What you need to know about how often to take a cat to the vet
A close-up of a long-haired cat sitting on a dining room table.

Can cats eat bananas? Why you shouldn’t serve them often

Here's everything you need to know about whether cats can eat bananas.
A red hound dog jumps over a tree while carrying a green toy.

5 fun games you can play with your dog that go beyond ‘fetch’

Here are 5 fun games that you can play with your dog.
A closeup of a yawning long-haired cat.

How many teeth does your cat have? Probably more than you think

Here are some interesting facts about cat teeth you might not know.
A Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy naps in a white crate.

6 common mistakes people make when potty-training their dog

Here are common mistakes people make when potty training their puppy.
A baby pets a brown tabby cat.

How to introduce a cat to your baby the right way

Here's how to introduce your cat to a new baby safely.
A black and white Boxer wearing a gray sweater standing near a snowy hedge.

6 safety precautions dog parents should take when cold weather hits

Here's what you need to know about taking your dog outside in cold weather.
A Golden Retriever digging a hole in a yard.

Why do dogs bury bones? The answer is quite interesting

This is why your dog loves burying bones (and other things).
A Siamese cat lies beside a stucco wall.

6 amazing cat breeds for first-time pet parents

These low-maintenance cat breeds are great for beginners.
A vet holds a beige Cocker Spaniel puppy and an orange tabby kitten.

Pet wellness plans vs. pet insurance: What’s the difference?

This is what you need to know about pet wellness and pet insurance plans.
A St. Bernard cuddling two blue-eyed kittens.

6 best large dog breeds that get along with cats

These large dog breeds are know for being friendly with cats.
A gray and white pit bull puppy playing with a pink and green tennis ball.

5 reasons why you should rescue or adopt a pit bull

Pit bulls make great pets. Here's why one might be right for you.
A small brown terrier wears a ghost costume and carries a trick-or-treat basket in his mouth.

6 cheap and easy Halloween costumes for pets

These pet Halloween costumes are cheap and easy to make right at home.
A West Highland White Terrier dressed as Dracula sits on a pumpkin-covered porch.

6 best scary pet costumes for a spooky Halloween

These are the best scary costumes for dogs this Halloween.
A white Swiss Shepherd Dog wears a black witch hat and sprawls out next to a Jack-o-Lantern bucket.

6 best Halloween pet accessories to adorn your furry friend

These are the best pet accessories for Halloween this year.
A Golden Retriever wearing a ghost bandana snuggles a brown-haired woman wearing a red scarf.

6 Halloween dog bandana costumes that are too cute to resist

These are the best dog bandana costumes for Halloween this year.
A man and a woman greeting their new shelter dog.

4 incredible ways to make a difference during Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Here's how you can help during Adopt A Shelter Dog month.
An American Bobtail kitten with amber eyes standing on a wood plank floor.

6 great reasons an American Bobtail might be the right cat for you

Here's why you should consider an American bobtail cat.
A Golden Retriever stands outdoors. He's wearing a wizard costume and clutching a pumpkin Halloween basket between his teeth.

Things to avoid when picking a Halloween costume for your pet

Here's what you'll want to avoid when picking a pet Halloween costume.
A brown French Bulldog dressed as a pirate standing on a ship's dock.

6 best Disney pet Halloween costumes

These are best new Disney Halloween costumes for pets.
A brown Maine Coon cat with bright green eyes standing outside.

These are the 8 best cat breeds for apartment living

If you live in an apartment, consider these cat breeds.
A bee pollenating Russian Sage.

5 pet-safe plants to have in your home in October

These festive October plants are safe for your pets.
A long-haired calico cat with green eyes gazes up at the camera.

5 fun facts about calico cats you should know

Here's what you should know about calico cats and their breed.
A veterinarian in blue scrubs listens to a senior German Shepherd on an exam table.

Experts explain how to treat anemia in dogs and prevent it from returning

Experts weigh in on treating anemia in dogs and prevent it from returning.
A brown tabby cat lying near a space heater.

5 things pet parents should know before getting that space heater

Follow these space heater safety tips to keep your pets from harm.
A woman uses her phone to photograph a beige dog wearing white sunglasses.

How the new iPhone 13 can make your life as a pet parent easier

The new iPhone 13's upgraded features make it ideal for pet parents.
Actor Dave Bautista attending the Venice Film Festival.

Dave Bautista adopts abused puppy and offers $5,000 reward for more information

Dave Bautista adopted an abused puppy and now he's seeking justice.
A woman in a gray tank top uses her phone while cuddling a beige dog.

5 features about the new iPhone 13 camera that pet parents will love

The new iPhone 13's upgraded camera features are perfect for pet parents.
A white dog and a brown dog playing in a park.

How to find furry friends for your small dog to socialize with

We show you how to find other small dogs your pup can socialize with.
A Beagle puppy sitting beside a broken potted plant.

6 indoor plants that are safe for your dog

These indoor plants are totally safe to grow around dogs.
A calico cat yawns and stretches out on top of white bedding.

Calicos and torties have the most personality — is it because of their coats?

Black, orange, white — here's what your cat's color really means.
A black and rust Doberman looking directly into the camera.

3 myths about Dobermans you probably believe

Dobermans have an undeserved reputation. We debunk the myths.
A brown Chihuahua perched on a sofa next to a space heater.

5 pet-friendly features to look for in a space heater

If you're investing in a space heater, make sure it has these pet-friendly features.