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Want more time with your best friend? Roborock’s Q5+ smart vacuum cleans for you

Pets make messes, sometimes big ones. The more pets you have, the more messes there are. They might track dirt and grass through the house after coming inside. Their fur and dander might get all over your rugs, carpets, and furniture — which is brutal for those with allergies. They might spill their food, leaving crumbs, or residue. There’s a lot that can happen, and we haven’t even mentioned the messes they leave behind after getting into a trash can, or chewing toys and whatever is laying around. It’s a massive undertaking to clean, and keep the house clean. Instead of doing all of the work yourself, going from room to room vacuuming dust bunnies, dirt, debris, and yes, pet hair, you can enlist the help of a smart cleaning device such as Roborock’s Q5+ Series robot vacuum.

The Roborock Q5+ will leave its dock, clean your floors, and return to charge without any input from you. That saves you more time to spend with your furry loved ones. Keep reading for more details on what the Q5 series smart vacuum has to offer.

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Here’s why Roborock’s Q5+ robot vacuum is perfect for pet owners?

Roborock Q5+ Series robot vacuum with kitty and dirty floor.

Little Fido likes to make big messes. When little Fido makes big messes, you have to clean up said messes lest you live in filth and squalor. But what if there was an easier way? What if you could enlist the help of an automated system to clean up regularly, keeping those floors cleaner than ever, but also leveraging spot cleaning when it was necessary? That’s precisely what the Roborock Q5 Series robot vacuum can offer you, and little Fido.

With 2700 Pa (Pascals) of suction power and PreciSense LiDAR navigation — with 3D mapping — the Q5 will safely and reliably move about your home tidying up the floors. It can do a full clean, spot clean, or a custom routine of your choosing. It won’t leave dirt, pet hair, or pet dander behind, which is absolutely critical for those with pet allergies or respiratory concerns. Sometimes we make big sacrifices for our furry loved ones, but the Q5 can alleviate many of those issues. That higher suction power, plus the rubber brushes — designed to fend off pet hair tangles — will ensure everything is cleaned up, even those smaller particles that are nearly invisible to the naked eye.

Pet owners spend a lot of time cleaning, but they don’t have to

Another major problem with cleaning is that it consumes so much of your time. The 2.5L auto-empty dock can keep the system going for up to 7 weeks without so much as a prompt from you. The Q5+ will return to its dock, empty its dustbin, and either charge or continue cleaning as necessary. If you’re wondering, the only difference between the Q5 and the Q5+ is that the latter comes with the auto-empty dock. Both vacuum models are the same with the same features. But either way, it means you recover a lot of that time you would otherwise spend vacuuming and tidying up messes, even more so if you have multiple pets.

The vacuum itself has a 470 ml dustbin, and a 5,200mAh rechargeable battery which delivers a maximum runtime of up to 180 minutes, plenty of time to clean most of your home if not all of it — and provide as many spot cleanings as you need, too! If at any time you want to track its progress or adjust its path you can use the mobile app, which syncs up via Wi-Fi. You won’t have to do that often, however, thanks to the intelligent LiDAR navigation and adaptive route algorithms, which empower the mapping technology. If you do, you don’t even have to get up off the couch or interrupt your family time, just open the app, make the adjustments, and that’s it.

Both the Q5 and the Q5+ are on sale right now for $100 off, so take advantage while the deal is still active if you’re interested!

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