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the best milk replacer for kittens kitten

How to be successful at fostering kittens

If you're thinking about fostering kittens, this is what you need to know.
Cat having fun on cat tower

6 modern cat towers that will look great in your home

These cat towers will please any pet, regardless of taste or style
Orange cat looking through the holes of a gate

Should you get a cat gate?

What is a cat gate, and do you need one for your home? We cover the pros and cons, as well as the right types of cat gates.
Cat water fountains encourage health in your furry friend

Are cat water fountains worth the splurge?

Cat fountains — a trend, or worth the splurge? We weigh in.
cat wearing collar

10 cute ID collars your cat will tolerate

Cats might not like collars, but they'll be at least a little accepting of these tags
Cat sitting in a car seat

Cat car rides are tough – get these accessories to make them easier

If you've ever taken a cat for a car ride, you know it can be difficult. Here are some ideas that will make it much better for them and you.
cat toy gift idea gray paws play reach

Is a cat dental cleaning worth it?

Cats hate dental cleaning, so should you invest? Here's everything you need to know.
cat toy petmate review black spooky playing with lion

Itty Bitty Batters Lion: My cats’ new favorite toy

The Petmate Itty Bitty Batters lion toy is enjoyable for cats of all ages. Check out our hands-on review of this great cat toy.

3 cat claw trimmers under $30 (and how to use them)

Cats might not like getting their claws trimmed, but it's got to happen anyway. These clippers will make it easier
dog cat outdoors cuddling

Personalize these gifts for any pet parent – up to 25% off

Chewy is having an Early Cyber Savings Sale and it's packed with personalized pet gifts sure to dazzle the pet lover in your life.
dog with toy in dog bed

Check out these stocking stuffers your fur baby is bound to love

It's that time of year for decking halls and jingling bells and no one deserves to be spoiled rotten over the holidays than your pets. Lucky for you, Chewy has it covered.
cat playing in cat tree

Chewy has major sales on cat trees for your favorite feline friend

Chewy is making sure our fur babies have a merry holiday this year. During the Early Cyber Savings Sale, there are savings on cat trees sure to keep your feline entertained for hours.
Two cats sleeping on cat tower

Innovative, modern cat furniture that will look great in your home

From towers to beds to scratching posts, there’s tons of furniture you can buy for your feline friend.
Cat sitting under a chair near a water bowl

4 types of cat water bowls your pet will love

When picking out a water bowl for your cat, you want to get them the perfect one. Check out our top picks that will be enjoyed by your pet
Cute cat in Halloween costume

Cute cat Halloween costumes for every feline

Cats sometimes get overlooked in the Halloween fun, but these adorable cat costumes ensure your felines get to join in with everyone else.
cat bell collar

Are cat collars with bells good for their hearing?

Should you put a bell on your cat's collar? Here’s the truth your cat wishes they could tell you about that very thing.
Cat sitting outside with red collar

What to look for when getting your cat a collar

A quality collar should ensure your cat is comfortable and safe. You can blend these two goals to find the right collar for your cat
Calico cat in cat bed

The best types of cat beds for your cat (and home)

If your cat doesn't have a bed, your furry friend needs one now. Find out about the different types of cat beds that will work best
Black cat wearing collar and tag

Here are the types of collars your indoor-outdoor cat needs

Before you let your indoor cat go explore outside, it is important to look into what type of collar your cat needs. We list the best ones