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Pets 101

A striped mama cat with her two kittens

How many kittens can a cat have in a single litter? You might be surprised

Here's info on how many kittens a cat can have in one single litter. You might be surprised.
why dogs howl labrador retriever howling

Viral video: Is this ‘howling’ puppy super cute or a nightmare in training?

A howling dog can be a major headache, but a howling puppy? Adorable.
a black french bulldog outside

Are French bulldogs good pets? They can be, but they’re not right for everyone

Are French Bulldogs good pets? What's the difference between this breed and an English bulldog? Here's what you need to know.
a brown poodle sitting by the window

5 surprising poodle facts that will have you rethinking breed stereotypes

Think poodles are aloof and pretentious. Think again — these five surprising poodle facts may help you make a pet decision.
Woman kissing dog

How to take care of a dog in heat: A handy guide for all pet parents

Not sure how to handle your dog's heat cycle? This is what you should know.
animal shelter volunteer

Give back: 5 meaningful ways to volunteer at an animal shelter as a family

Animal shelters are always in need of volunteers. Learn how you and your family can help.
dog proof fencing ideas

Viral video: One hilarious way to keep dogs from running away

Dogs running away is a real problem and even if you’ve got a fenced in yard for dogs, your pup still might not be safe. This video offers one genius hack.
A woman with long hair holds a pug while riding on the city bus

My dog is not a service animal — can we still travel together on a bus?

What are the rules for pet-friendly buses and trains? Can my pet travel with me?
A veterinarian pets a yellow Labrador Retriever with gloved hands

5 reasons to switch to a mobile vet clinic (plus 1 important reason not to)

There are many reasons why mobile vet clinics have gained popularity among vets and pet parents. Is one right for you?
video of sheep playing fetch with dogs dog

This viral video of a sheep who thinks it’s one of the dogs will warm your heart

We’ve all heard of dogs herding sheep, but what about dogs playing fetch with sheep? This video is absolutely a must-see.
A woman browses large shelves of dog food bags

Will supply chain shortages affect my pets? Why you should keep planning ahead

Supply chain problems persist in 2022. What does this mean for your pets?
Girl kissing a chestnut horse on the cheek

Horse basics 101: What you need to know before buying a horse

Know these things about horses before you get one.
stray the video game cat and dog reactions ps5

Cats can’t stop watching Stray, but this dog is less enthused

You’ve probably seen some videos of real-life cats reacting to the Stray video game (and its realistic meows). Dogs, on the other hand? They’re not as happy.
A Siberian husky puppy outside

5 reasons a Siberian husky will be the perfect addition to your family

Looking for a new best friend? These five Siberian Husky facts prove why the breed may be a great option for your family and lifestyle.
A Siberian cat lying in a pile of fallen autumn leaves.

There’s an easy way to tell how old your cat really is

Here's how you can figure out how old your cat is.
Jack Russel terrier in a red color barking

Viral video of a deaf dog that thinks she’s barking is the cutest thing ever

This video of a deaf dog features a super-cute pet attempting to bark — but while the action looks right, no sound actually comes out of the pooch’s mouth.
A Golden Retriever chases his tail on the beach.

Why do dogs chase their tails? The answer is so simple it’s crazy

Here's the real answer to why dogs chase their tails.
Adult pomsky in park.

Is a Pomsky a good family dog? What you need to know about this pint-sized mixed breed

If you're considering a Pomsky for your family dog, read this first. Here's what to know about this adorable mixed breed.
Dog sniffing at a black cat's ear

How much does it really cost to own a cat vs. a dog? The answer may surprise you

In general, it costs more to own a dog than a cat, but how much more? Here's what cat parents can expect to pay.
A blue and red betta fish against a black background.

Can betta fish live with other fish? 5 incredible options you can add to your tank

Betta fish were bred to be fighting fish — but they'll do fine with these species.
Several brown dogs behind a chain link fence.

How to help prevent animal cruelty in your community: 5 simple ways

Here's how you can be an advocate to prevent animal cruelty.
Person patting a relaxed cat lying on its side

If you’re wondering whether cats like belly rubs, here’s what you need to know

Some cats really like belly rubs while others do not like them at all. Here are the signs you should watch out for.
A shallow focus shot of a smiling black and white Border Collie.

5 important health factors to know before putting your pet on flea and tick meds

Flea and tick medications are essential for most dogs and cats. But not every medication is right for every pet. Here's what you need to know.
Young girl with pet rabbit.

Avoid tears and upset: How to pick the right animal for your kid’s first pet

How to pick out the best first pet for your kid. Which animal is best for children?
a striped minnow swims in a tank with rocks

Breeding and raising minnows: What you need to know

Everything you need to know about minnow raising and reproduction rates in one simple guide!
A barking tan dog wearing a chain.

How to stop a puppy from barking: The must-have tips every pet parent should know

Follow these tips to stop your puppy from barking.
Piglet sits on a towel in her house

Obsessed with pot-bellied pigs? Your guide to these adorable animals

Pot-bellied pigs are adorable, but read this before adopting and bringing these cuties into your home.
Kitten in litter box

How to dispose of used cat litter

Talk to any cat owner, and they’ll tell you their least favorite part of the job is cleaning the litter box.
White cat playing with a scratching post

If you aren’t sure how old your cat is, there are a few easy ways to find out

Knowing your cat's age enables you to provide them with the care they need. These tips can help you determine their approximate age.
Different dog breeds sitting together.

Former pet industry worker’s viral list of worst dog breeds: Do you agree?

One woman who used to work in the pet industry went viral on TikTok for her list of the worst dog breeds you can adopt. Do you think she got it right?
A close up of a Boxer's brown eye

Are dogs actually color blind? Why what you’ve been told is a lie

If you've always been told dogs don't see in color, read on for more accurate information.
Veterinarian checking health records while dog looks on.

Can your pet clear customs? How to ensure your trip doesn’t start in disaster

If you're thinking of traveling abroad, do your research first and know what documents your pet needs.
smart dog video shows husky barking

Husky learns its room lights are voice controlled — cute chaos ensues

This is one smart dog: The husky in this TikTok video makes that clear when he discovers the decorative lights hanging in his mom’s room are sound activated.
A Maine Coon cat sits outside in a yard surrounded by fallen leaves.

How to find a lost cat fast on the day they go missing

Here are tips on how to find a lost cat. With these tips, you're one step closer to finding your beloved cat.
Orange Maine Coon cat climbing a tree branch

8 reasons to adopt a Maine Coon as your next family pet (and 2 reasons not to)

Maine Coons have unique personalities. Read on to learn whether this special breed is right for you.
a gray cat and a black pug sitting on an indoor bench

The top 10 reasons dogs are better than cats at this whole friendship thing (Yes, we’re actually serious)

It's time to end one of the world's greatest debates: Dogs are better than cats. Here are all the reasons why.
A Jack Russell Terrier wearing red sunglasses sits in an airport next to a pet carrier

Don’t ever travel with your dog without these crucial health certificates

Before you travel with your dog, make sure you have all these health certificates handy.
Sleeping dog with teddy bear toy

4 best BarkBox alternatives you should consider to make your pup happy

These are the best BarkBox alternative dog subscriptions, no matter how your pup likes to play.
dog that hates water at beach video golden retriever ocean shoreline

Dog vs. ocean: Check out this funny video of a dog who hates water

The dog in this video hates water — but when it comes time to save their beloved ball from the ocean’s clutches, they’re willing to brave their fears.
A woman and a beagle lie on a hotel room bed

5 things to always ask before booking a supposedly pet-friendly hotel

What does pet-friendly really mean? What to look for in a pet-friendly hotel.
Ragdoll cat lying on a table

Why we’re totally obsessed with Ragdoll cats (and you should be, too)

Haven't heard of ragdoll cats? Here's what you need to know.
A red-haired woman hugs her Great Dane while sitting outdoors

Adopting a Great Dane? 3 things you need to keep these gentle giants happy

Great Danes are tall, but how tall? Learn what special gear and care these gentle giants need.
Girl with two puppies

This kid got attacked by puppies and we’re a little bit jealous

The video of these puppies getting introduced to a child is super cute, but this is how new dogs should meet kids for the first time.

Help your dog and cat play: The body language communication guide you need

Not sure if your dog and cat are playing or if it's something more? We'll show you what it all means and how it relates to their behaviors.
does dog breed affect behavior multiple breeds

Study: Your dog is special and its breed has nothing to do with personality

Does dog breed determine a dog's behavior? A new study sheds some light on how much dog breed affects personality.
Cute pug with veterinary travel certificate booklet.

Yes, there are passports for dogs, and Fido needs one STAT

Here's what you need to know about passports for your pets if you move abroad.
A group of six dogs emerging from the back of a white car.

Need a pet-friendly car? These are the best electric vehicles you can get

These are the best electric vehicles to get if you have a pet.
adorable dog magic video trick

Cuteness alert: This dog’s reaction to a magic trick is so pure

Have you ever considered performing magic tricks for your dog? In less than 10 seconds, this adorable video proves why magic for dogs is a good idea.
Dog rolling in grass with a ball in his mouth.

Skip the Roundup and use these pet-safe yard care products this spring

These yard care products are safe to use around pets, if you have dogs or cats who spend time in the yard.
Senior woman walking her dog.

Grandma needs a loyal companion: The 4 best pets for the elderly

Why pets and the elderly go together so well, and how to know which pet is best.