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Pets 101

Sad dog chained in yard.

Worried about a neighbor’s pet? Knowing these animal rights laws could save a life

Know the laws that protect your beloved pets. Is your pet safe?
a chihuahua on the floor

Is a small breed the right dog for you? Know this first

Here is everything you need to know about the small breed dogs.
A German Shepherd tilts their head and looks at the camera

These dog breeds have highly sensitive ears: Be careful with them

These dog breeds have more sensitive ears than other breeds.
A woman hugs her Great Dane who stands with front paws on her shoulders

10 dog breeds that grow so big they might outweigh you

These 10 dog breeds grow so big they can be larger than humans.
a happy gray pit bull running outside

Why everything you believe about pit bulls is probably dead wrong

Pit bulls get a bad reputation but here's the real truth about them.
a Dachshund sitting outside in the grass

Thinking of getting a Wiener Dog? Read this first!

Here's everything you need to know about how Dachshunds are as pets.
A Malamute howling while playing in the snow.

Dog wakes up entire ‘family’ in true Call of the Wild style

Check out this adorable video of a wolf dog unable to resist waking up his entire doggy family.
chocolate lab puppy sitting on floor

Why Labrador retrievers make excellent pets for families

Here are all of the reasons why Labrador Retrievers are perfect family dogs.
mudi playing frisbee

These rare dog breeds will be the perfect pet

Here's a list of the best rare dog breeds for every type of pet parent.
An Australian cattle dog puppy wearing a blue harness sits in a grassy yard.

How to train a dog to sit in 3 easy steps

Follow these easy tips to teach your dog how to sit.
A black and tan dachshund wearing a pink bow sits in her bed

You won’t believe what the top names for girl dogs are

Here's a list of the top 20 names for girl dogs that you'll love.
dog and tortoise friendship sulcata

This puppy’s friendship with a tortoise is just too cute

We can't stop watching the videos of this dog sharing toys with their tortoise friend.
A black and white Husky puppy stands beneath a tree.

10 unique names for male dogs you probably haven’t heard yet

These 10 male dog names are so cool and so unique.
Man sleeping with his dog.

The 4 best places for dogs to sleep at night

Should your dog sleep in a crate or in your bed? Here's what you need to know.
A woman wearing a face mask gives her dog a kiss on the couch

What you probably don’t know about emotional support animals — but should

If you want your pet to qualify as an emotional support animal, here's what you need to know.
A closeup of a gray cat's whiskers.

Why do cats have whiskers? The answer is more in-depth than you think

There's a scientific reason why cats have whiskers on their face.
Dog licking woman's feet.

If your dog likes to lick your feet, consider yourself very lucky

If your dog likes to lick your feet, you should consider it a privelege.
stop dog from chewing

Try these expert tips to stop your dog from chewing everything in sight

Follow these expert tips to stop your dog from chewing on things.
A tabby striped American shorthair cat staring at a butterfly.

How long do American Shorthair cats typically live?

Here's what you need to know about the lifespan of your American shorthair cat.
orange cat in a white fleece bed

How to get a cat to sleep all night so they stop waking you up

Here's what you can do to get your kitten or cat to sleep during the night.
Dog enjoying belly rub.

The sweet, simple reason why dogs like belly rubs so much

If you've ever wondered why dogs like belly rubs, the reason is so simple.
a woman and a beagle on a computer

Wondering where to adopt a dog? How to find dog rescues near you

If you're wondering where to adopt a dog, these tips will help you find rescues.
An orange and white kitten huddles under a gray blanket.

The cutest kitten names that start with the letter ‘A’

Here are some adorable kitten names that start with the letter A.
a group of puppies on a wooden step

Try this puppy personality test to pick the perfect dog for your family

There's a puppy personality test that will help you choose the right breed.
why dogs chase cars

Why do dogs chase cars? There’s a reason why they can’t help themselves

There's a reason why dogs chase cars. Here's how to keep them safe.
shih tzu on a white table with valentine's day collar

10 reasons dogs make the perfect Valentine’s Day dates

Here are 10 reasons why your dog is the best Valentine's Day date.
A young couple hugs their Samoyed dog on a park bench

10 quotes about dogs that remind us why we’re lucky to have them

These 10 quotes about dogs will bring tears to your eyes.
A dog rests their head on their person's hand, looking up at the camera

Are dogs really color-blind? A veterinarian tells us the truth

Here's the scoop on whether or not dogs are really color blind.
best hypoallergenic dogs

These are the best hypoallergenic dogs for people with allergies

Here are the best hypoallergenic dogs for people who have issues with animals.
a kitten sitting on a woven chair

Wondering which kitten breed to get? Try this simple tool

Try this selector tool to find out which breed of kitten you should get.
an orange and white kitten with blue eyes

Why do kittens have blue eyes? The answer is really simple

There's a simple reason why kittens are born with blue eyes.
a sad gray kitten in a woven basket

How to comfort your scared, crying kitten after bringing them home

Here's why kittens cry and what you can do to comfort them.
a black and white cat in front of a green screen

10 reasons why cats are totally superior to dogs

Here are 10 reasons why cats are so much better than dogs.
a yellow lab puppy on a wooden deck

10 quotes about puppies guaranteed to give you all the feels

These 10 quotes about puppies tug at the heartstrings.
a white cat on a white blanket with roses

Why your cat is a much better Valentine’s Day date than any human

Here are the reasons why your cat is a way better valentine than your partner.
a dog humping a person's leg at a park

How to stop your dog from humping legs so you can save face

Try these tricks to stop your dog from humping your leg.
Close up of Labrador dog looking out of a barrier fence

Our top tips for crate training a Golden Retriever

Follow these tips when crate training your Golden Retriever.
maine coon green background

What is the lifespan of a Maine Coon cat?

Here are the details on the expected lifespan of a Maine Coon cat.
shih tzu underneath a tree

How long do Shih Tzus usually live?

Everything you need to know about how long Shih Tzus live.
A Cavalier King Charles spaniel begs for food at the table.

This is how you stop your dog from constantly begging at the table

Get your dog to stop begging at the table with these tips.
persian cat lifespan yawning

How long do Persian cats typically live? That’s up to their human

This is how long you can expect your Persian cat to live.
A black and white border collie eating grass.

Is it bad for dogs to eat grass? You’ll want to be extra careful

There are risks associated with your dog eating grass.
why dogs sigh

Why do dogs sigh? It’s not just because they’re tired or bored

There's a good reason why dogs sometimes sigh. Find out what it is.
A white dog tilts their head and perks their ears

This is what it means when your dog tilts their head at you

What your dog is trying to tell you when they tilt their head.
Dog barks as woman works from home

Do dogs ever get sick and tired of barking so much?

The truth about whether dogs get sick of barking all the time.
Closeup of a brown dog with a gray muzzle.

6 senior dog adoption stories that will make you weep

Get the tissues out for these senior dog adoption stories.
A German shepherd jumping on a woman wearing a black puffer coat.

How to easily stop your dog from always jumping up on people

Get your dog to stop jumping on people by following these tips.
White dog catching red ring in the snow

This dog tried to upstage his human’s photoshoot and absolutely won

While playing in the snow, a dog showed his human the right way to pose for an Instagram photo.
Ragdoll cat lying on a table

4 most affectionate cat breeds for pet parents who love to snuggle

There are some cat breeds that are much more affectionate than others.
A dog wearing a red jacket plays with a ball in the snow.

These best-dressed pets on Instagram are way more stylish than you

You'll love these stylish pets on Instagram who are better dressed than everyone.