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why do dogs eat poop

4 totally normal reasons dogs eat poop (and what to do about it)

Here's why dogs eat poop even though it's disgusting.
Two dogs looking up into the camera.

The best dog DNA tests to find out your furry friend’s true breed

Find out your dog's ancestry with these easy dog DNA tests.
A senior cat sits outside with her head in the air

6 stories of senior cat adoptions that will tug at your heartstrings

These senior cat adoption stories are so moving. Get the tissues ready.
A small senior dog sits in a field of wildflowers

6 amazing reasons you should adopt a senior pet this (or any) month

If you're getting a pet, consider adopting a senior who needs a home.
why dogs roll on their backs

Why do dogs roll around on their backs? It’s not just because they’re weird

The reason your dog rolls on his back could be good or bad.
A man hiking with a Golden Retriever puppy in a backpack.

Study shows if you’re traveling with your pet, Oregon is the place to go

A new study shows Oregon has the most pet-friendly Airbnbs.
A beautiful striped kitten lying on a tile floor.

This is the age when a kitten can be considered a grown cat

At this age, your kitten is considered a full-grown cat.
A woman and dog having a training session in the park

2022 training tips: How to stop being a total pushover with your dog

Here are tips and tricks for how to get your pet to obey you once and for all.
A woman holding a gray and white kitten.

Everything you need to do to prepare to care for a new kitten

Don't miss anything on this must-have new kitten supply list.
Three kittens lying in a pile on a rug

The cutest female cat names for every letter of the alphabet

These are the cutest girl kitten names that make the perfect monikers.
An English bulldog lies on the floor and looks at himself in the mirror

Rescue dog sees a mirror for the first time and hilarity ensues

The first time this rescue dog saw a mirror, his reaction was too cute.
A yellow Labrador retriever sniffs at the hands of a sitting person

Can dogs really smell fear? Here’s what’s actually going on

Here's the scoop on whether dogs can actually smell fear or not.
A woman holds a French Bulldog who smiles with their tongue out

8 signs that show how much your dog really loves you

Watch for these signs that your dog truly loves you.
An Australian Shepherd offers his paw to someone's open hand

‘Talking’ dog may hold the answer to whether dogs miss us when we’re gone

A "talking" dog offers insight into whether dogs miss their humans.
Grey kitten sitting outside on a stump

Cute and unique names to call your new grey kitten

Give your grey kitten an appropriate, fun name with this list.
A beagle sniffing a bright yellow suitcase.

How COVID-sniffing dogs from Bark are helping bring people back to the office

The pet care brand Bark is using COVID sniffing dogs to help get people back to work.
Orange and white kitten lying on a bed playing with a wand toy

What are the different stages of kitten behavior? You’ll want to be prepared

Get ready for new kitten behavior by studying up on these stages.
Three dogs sniff a fourth dog's behind while outdoors in a park

The truth about why dogs sniff each other’s butts

Here's the real reason why dogs sniff each other's butts upon meeting.
Two dogs playing.

There’s a ‘Tinder for dogs’ that helps pups make new friends (Yes, really)

A man made a Tinder for dogs to help his pup find playmates
White kitten lying on a table looking back at the camera

20 awesome cat names for your brand-new white kitten

These 20 cat names are perfect for kittens that are all-white in color.
A chocolate Labrador Retriever sniffs a newborn puppy

Taking care of a newborn puppy: 5 steps you don’t want to miss

There are certain steps you'll want to follow when caring for a newborn puppy.
Two kittens lying in a soft cat bed

Kittens from birth to adulthood: The scoop on how they grow

What you need to know about how kittens grow after birth.
A golden retriever stands in front of a lit Christmas tree.

Golden retriever loves watching cartoons and it’s so cute, we can’t even

This video of a golden watching a cartoon dog is the cutest thing ever.
Siamese kitten lying over the arm of a white couch

When do cats stop growing? It’s earlier than you probably imagine

Your cat won't be a kitten forever once he hits this age.
A chocolate Labrador retriever puppy lying on stone tiles.

These are the most popular dog names in the world

A list of the 10 most popular dog names in the world
A woman lies on the couch with a husky mix dog

You won’t even believe how much it really costs to have a dog

The cost of having a dog is so much more than we ever expected.
Gray and white kitten in a box with its mouth open

How (and when) do kittens lose their baby teeth?

Here's when you can expect your kitten to lose their baby teeth.
golden retriever sledding

The internet is in love with this dog who wants to race his dad down a snowy hill

This Reddit video of a dog racing its owner down a snowy hill on a sled will make you LOL.
A Dachshund walks next to a person through tall grass

Dachshund takes his sweet time on walks and we’re so here for it

This video of a Dachshund going at his own pace on walks is just too cute.
new years resolutions smiling red haired girl celebrating the year with her big

Should you make New Year’s resolutions for your dog even though it sounds silly?

Here's why you should consider making New Year's resolutions for your pet.
Woman kayaking on lake with a small dog.

6 coolest dog-friendly destinations in the U.S. to take your pet in 2022

Here are some of the top dog-friendly destinations to take your pet to in the US in 2022.
White cat wearing a Santa hat

Watch for these hidden holiday dangers that could put your pet’s safety at risk

Hidden dangers to your pets you need to avoid during the holidays
Golden retriever pup out for a walk.

When do puppies start taking walks? How to know when your pup is ready

Puppies start walking earlier than one might expect.
A Scottish wildcat hiding in the foliage.

This video of a cat chatting away at mealtime is priceless

This video of a Scottish wildcat chatting away at mealtime is just too cute.
Mom with her newborn puppies.

What are the development stages that a puppy goes through? What to expect

Here's info on the development stages that puppies go through.
A close up portrait of a white Pomeranian baring their teeth.

New disturbing TikTok trend is met with a harsh warning from veterinarians

A new trend on TikTok has vets warning of possible dog bites.
Black cat lying in a grassy yard

What are some cool names for black cats? This list has you covered

Find a cool name for your black cat on this list of unique names.
A closeup of three white, blue-eyed kittens on a man's lap.

When can you expect kittens to start walking? What first-time owners should know

How to be prepared once your kittens start walking

Woman finds her tiny dog being stalked by a mountain lion by the back door

Viral video shows a Shih-Poo watching a mountain lion right outside the house.
dog friendly destinations in florida

5 cool dog-friendly Florida destinations to take your pet this winter

Here are some great places to take your dog this winter in Florida.
Golden Retriever and cat sitting together

Video of cat pushing senior dog down the stairs has people all bent out of shape

Viral video shows a cat pushing an elderly dog down the stairs.
Orange and white kitten lying on a bed, playing with a feather wand toy

You won’t believe what the most popular boy kitten names are

The list of most popular boy kitten names has some surprises
woman petting dog by tree

6 fun holiday activities you can do with your dog to create lasting memories

Here are some fun holiday activities to do with your dog to create lasting memories.
Grey cat sitting in front of a stack of wrapped Christmas gifts

4 holidays gifts that are so cool even your standoffish cat will like them

These holiday cat gifts are so cool, no cat can resist them.
A man and his cat both dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow.

There’s a subreddit dedicated to “pirate kitties” and we’re totally obsessed

There's a Reddit that's dedicated to cats who have pirate-like features.
Orange cat lying on an orange blanket

20 names for orange cats that couldn’t be more fitting

These 20 names for orange cats are absolutely perfect.
how to ace dog application

Want a successful adoption application? Follow these tips from Toronto rescues

Toronto rescues are sharing tips on how to be successful with your dog adoption application.
A dog and cat cuddle under a blanket together in front of a Christmas tree and presents

How to choose the right pet with your head instead of your heart this season

Here's a guide on how to choose the right pet this holiday season
An overweight Labrador retriever lying on the floor.

2022 tips and tricks: How to get your pet to lose a few pounds

Here are tips and tricks for how to get your pet to shed a few pounds.
Two cats in front of a Christmas tree with presents and cat toys

8 perfect cat-themed gifts for the ‘crazy cat person’ in your life

Here are some cool gifts for the cat lover in your life.