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Small dog's butt, tail, and back paws while lying on a bed

How to deal with your dog’s out-of-control stinky farts

If your dog has stinky farts, here's how to cope without losing your mind.
White dog catching red ring in the snow

This dog tried to upstage his human’s photoshoot and absolutely won

While playing in the snow, a dog showed his human the right way to pose for an Instagram photo.
a german shepherd in the backyard

Why do German Shepherds have such a short lifespan?

Here's why German Shepherds don't live as long as other dogs.
A man's hand pets the head of a Shepherd dog

The best ways to pet your dog to show them how much you care

There's a certain way to pet your dog to show you love them.
why do dogs eat poop

4 totally normal reasons dogs eat poop (and what to do about it)

Here's why dogs eat poop even though it's disgusting.
A brown dog wearing the Invoxia Smart Dog Collar looking past the camera

This new collar is like an Apple Watch for your dog and we love it

This cool Smart collar keeps track of your pet's health and location.
Two dogs looking up into the camera.

The best dog DNA tests to find out your furry friend’s true breed

Find out your dog's ancestry with these easy dog DNA tests.
why dogs roll on their backs

Why do dogs roll around on their backs? It’s not just because they’re weird

The reason your dog rolls on his back could be good or bad.
An adorable puppy behind the bars of a cage in an animal shelter.

Shelter begs for an ‘angel’ to adopt dying dog to fill her final days with love

The SPCA of Wake County in North Carolina is hoping someone will adopt Joyanna, a dog who is dying of terminal cancer.
An English bulldog lies on the floor and looks at himself in the mirror

Rescue dog sees a mirror for the first time and hilarity ensues

The first time this rescue dog saw a mirror, his reaction was too cute.
A yellow Labrador retriever sniffs at the hands of a sitting person

Can dogs really smell fear? Here’s what’s actually going on

Here's the scoop on whether dogs can actually smell fear or not.
A woman holds a French Bulldog who smiles with their tongue out

8 signs that show how much your dog really loves you

Watch for these signs that your dog truly loves you.
An Australian Shepherd offers his paw to someone's open hand

‘Talking’ dog may hold the answer to whether dogs miss us when we’re gone

A "talking" dog offers insight into whether dogs miss their humans.
Senior poodle laying on the floor

Try these nutrition and supplement tips to keep your older dog in optimal health

These vitamins and supplements for older dogs can help keep him healthy.
A beagle sniffing a bright yellow suitcase.

How COVID-sniffing dogs from Bark are helping bring people back to the office

The pet care brand Bark is using COVID sniffing dogs to help get people back to work.
A black and white French Bulldog sniffs a bowl of chocolate biscuit cookies.

There are 10 deadly dog poisons near your home that you might not know about

If you have these 10 dog poisons near your home, you'll want to take caution to protect your pup.
A small dog sits on top of a toilet in a bathroom

How long does it take to potty train a dog? Probably longer than you think

Here's how long it really takes to potty train a dog.
Three dogs sniff a fourth dog's behind while outdoors in a park

The truth about why dogs sniff each other’s butts

Here's the real reason why dogs sniff each other's butts upon meeting.
Two dogs playing.

There’s a ‘Tinder for dogs’ that helps pups make new friends (Yes, really)

A man made a Tinder for dogs to help his pup find playmates
Chocolate brown Labrador retriever with a graying muzzle.

Here’s why old dogs have seizures and how you can best help them

What you need to know about caring for older dogs who have seizures.
A Golden Retriever stands in front of a lit Christmas tree.

Golden retriever loves watching cartoons and it’s so cute, we can’t even

This video of a golden watching a cartoon dog is the cutest thing ever.
A chocolate Labrador retriever puppy lying on stone tiles.

These are the most popular dog names in the world

A list of the 10 most popular dog names in the world
golden retriever sledding

The internet is in love with this dog who wants to race his dad down a snowy hill

This Reddit video of a dog racing its owner down a snowy hill on a sled will make you LOL.
Woman petting dog outdoors

How to potty train an older dog who’s set in their ways

Tips for potty training an adult dog who is difficult to train.
A Dachshund walks next to a person through tall grass

Dachshund takes his sweet time on walks and we’re so here for it

This video of a Dachshund going at his own pace on walks is just too cute.
An Australian Shepherd sitting with his front paws raised.

Is it too late to teach an old dog new tricks? You might be surprised

Here's the scoop on whether it's too late to train an older dog
pet profiles louie louie2

Pet profiles: Louie provides sales supports, snorts, and smiles

Meet Louie, a French Bulldog with a personality the size of the sun.
new years resolutions smiling red haired girl celebrating the year with her big

Should you make New Year’s resolutions for your dog even though it sounds silly?

Here's why you should consider making New Year's resolutions for your pet.
Woman kayaking on lake with a small dog.

6 coolest dog-friendly destinations in the U.S. to take your pet in 2022

Here are some of the top dog-friendly destinations to take your pet to in the US in 2022.
A Bullmastiff sits in a field of flowers in the park

Is peppermint toxic to dogs? What you should know about mint poisoning

Here is what you need to know about peppermint and mint poisoning in dogs.
A close up portrait of a white Pomeranian baring their teeth.

New disturbing TikTok trend is met with a harsh warning from veterinarians

A new trend on TikTok has vets warning of possible dog bites.
dog friendly destinations in florida

5 cool dog-friendly Florida destinations to take your pet this winter

Here are some great places to take your dog this winter in Florida.
woman petting dog by tree

6 fun holiday activities you can do with your dog to create lasting memories

Here are some fun holiday activities to do with your dog to create lasting memories.
A large dog sleeps curled up on concrete dotted with rain

Why do dogs turn in circles before lying down? The answer goes back centuries

There's an ancient reason why dogs turn in circles before they lie down.
A Golden Retriever smiling and showing his teeth.

What does it mean when a dog’s teeth chatter? The answer is concerning

Here's what it means if your dog's teeth are chattering.
Hurtta winter dog parka.

5 interesting holiday gifts your dog will actually be happy about

Here are some holiday gifts that your pet will actually use and enjoy.
how to ace dog application

Want a successful adoption application? Follow these tips from Toronto rescues

Toronto rescues are sharing tips on how to be successful with your dog adoption application.
Dog and owner matching PJs.

6 awesome dog-themed gifts for the pet owner who’s obsessed with their fur baby

Here are some cool dog-themed gifts for the person who is obsessed with their pet.
Aa man petting an old Golden Retriever on the head.

What you need to know about treating vestibular disease in older dogs

Everything you need to know about vestibular disease in dogs.
A French Bulldog snuggles a teddy bear while sleeping on a dog bed on a hardwood floor

Do dogs dream? The answer is yes, and wait until you hear what they dream about

Dogs do dream, and what they dream about is actually quite fitting.
small dog baring teeth and human hands

Is your dog aggressive toward you? It might be your own fault

Here's what you need to know about why dogs are aggressive towards owners.
how to potty train your dog cute near toilet bowl in modern bathroom

How to potty-train any dog from puppy to adult

Here are tips for training either a puppy or adult dog.
A young woman pets and makes a kissy face at her yellow Lab

Why does your dog follow you everywhere? It might be cause for concern

These are the reasons why your dog follows you everywhere.
A Yorkshire terrier stands outside in the snow wearing a coat and booties.

Waterproof dog boots are easy to make at home (Yes, really!)

Here's how you can make waterproof dog boots at home.
Colorful ugly Christmas sweater.

The best dog Christmas sweaters (from ugly to classy) under $30

These are the best dog Christmas sweaters under $30
Dog looking at food in dish.

What are the best high-fiber dog foods? Here’s what the reviews say

This is the best high-fiber dog food under $65 for your pet.
A bull terrier and a chihuahua wearing jackets play in the snow

5 small-dog coats under $50 that you won’t be able to resist

Here are 5 small dog winter coats we can't get enough of.
Two poodle puppies sit at the dining table with plates of kibble

How much should you be feeding your dog? Consider this first

Here's how much kibble you should be feeding your dog.
A woman holds a pug in a towel after a bath

Follow this bathing schedule to keep your dog looking his best

Here is how often you should bathe your dog to keep him clean.
telemedicine for dogs shutterstock 1724880328

Get ready: The telemedicine trend is coming for your pet

Veterinarians are turning to telemedicine to treat pets instead of in-office visits.