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A dog lies on a bed looking up

Here’s what you can do to relieve your puppy’s hiccups

Learn how to help your puppy if they have hiccups.
Siberian huskies pulling sled.

7 amazing facts you may not know about Siberian huskies

Facts about Siberian huskies you never knew before today
A closeup of a chocolate brown lab lying down outside.

What causes digestive issues in dogs? Here’s what we know so far

These digestive issues in dogs should be taken seriously.
A Malamute howling while playing in the snow.

Dog wakes up entire ‘family’ in true Call of the Wild style

Check out this adorable video of a wolf dog unable to resist waking up his entire doggy family.
A Golden Retriever lying with his head on his paws on a wooden floor

5 telltale clues your dog is sick and not just being lazy

Is you dog sick? Here's what to look out for in Fido
A Labrador Retriever lies on the wooden floor next to a food bowl

This is probably why your dog is having digestive issues

What you need to know about what's causing your dog's digestive issues.
caring for a senior dog

8 tips for caring for a senior dog to make their final days memorable

Follow these tips to properly care for your senior dog.
dog cancer symptoms

These 4 seemingly normal symptoms may mean your dog has cancer

Common issues that could be dog cancer symptoms in your pet
A dog sleeping in a bed with a water bottle on his head and a thermometer in his mouth.

What to do if your dog keeps throwing up with no sign of stopping

This is what you need to do if your dog won't stop vomiting.
A Fila Brasileiro sneezing in the woods.

Is your dog having an allergic reaction? Watch out for these warning signs

Here's how to tell whether your dog is having an allergic reaction to something.
An Australian cattle dog puppy wearing a blue harness sits in a grassy yard.

How to train a dog to sit in 3 easy steps

Follow these easy tips to teach your dog how to sit.
chocolate lab discovers pacifiers puppy pacifier

This video is further proof that dogs and babies are the same

Ever think there's not much of a difference between dogs and babies? Watch this dog discover a shared love for most babies' favorite possession.
A puppy eating blueberries from a terra cotta bowl.

Can dogs eat blueberries? What you should know about offering them as a treat

Here's everything you need to know about whether dogs can safely eat blueberries?
A German Shepherd playing in the snow.

The smartest dog breeds: Yours might not be as intelligent as you think

These are the smartest dog breeds for people who want trainable dogs.
A black and tan dachshund wearing a pink bow sits in her bed

You won’t believe what the top names for girl dogs are

Here's a list of the top 20 names for girl dogs that you'll love.
dog and tortoise friendship sulcata

This puppy’s friendship with a tortoise is just too cute

We can't stop watching the videos of this dog sharing toys with their tortoise friend.
Terrier acting aggressively on leash.

5 tips for training reactive dogs who just don’t want to behave

Try these tips to train a dog who's super reactive to everything.
A Golden Retriever eating from a stainless steel bowl.

Can dogs safely eat cinnamon? Experts agree you need to be super careful

If you feed your dog cinnamon, there are some guidelines you'll want to follow.
A black and white Husky puppy stands beneath a tree.

10 unique names for male dogs you probably haven’t heard yet

These 10 male dog names are so cool and so unique.
long leash training

Are long leashes bad for dogs? You’ll want to know the basics before using one

Here's what you need to know about training your dog on a long leash
Man sleeping with his dog.

The 4 best places for dogs to sleep at night

Should your dog sleep in a crate or in your bed? Here's what you need to know.
A woman wearing a face mask gives her dog a kiss on the couch

What you probably don’t know about emotional support animals — but should

If you want your pet to qualify as an emotional support animal, here's what you need to know.
A Bernese Mountain Dog offers their paw during a training session

The 8 easiest dog breeds to train for people who have no patience

These 8 dog breeds are easier to train than others.
Dog licking woman's feet.

If your dog likes to lick your feet, consider yourself very lucky

If your dog likes to lick your feet, you should consider it a privelege.
stop dog from chewing

Try these expert tips to stop your dog from chewing everything in sight

Follow these expert tips to stop your dog from chewing on things.
Dog enjoying belly rub.

The sweet, simple reason why dogs like belly rubs so much

If you've ever wondered why dogs like belly rubs, the reason is so simple.
puppy sees reflection video mirror

Puppy sees their own reflection and it’s the cutest thing we’ve seen all week

When this puppy sees his reflection for the first time, hilarity ensues.
Dog eating dirt.

Why do dogs eat dirt? There may be a huge health issue, experts say

If your dog eats dirt, there might be something serious going on that requires a vet.
train dog to stop barking

How to train a dog to stop barking so your neighbors won’t hate you

Try these tips to train your dog to stop barking once and for all.
why dogs chase cars

Why do dogs chase cars? There’s a reason why they can’t help themselves

There's a reason why dogs chase cars. Here's how to keep them safe.
shih tzu on a white table with valentine's day collar

10 reasons dogs make the perfect Valentine’s Day dates

Here are 10 reasons why your dog is the best Valentine's Day date.
A young couple hugs their Samoyed dog on a park bench

10 quotes about dogs that remind us why we’re lucky to have them

These 10 quotes about dogs will bring tears to your eyes.
A dog rests their head on their person's hand, looking up at the camera

Are dogs really color-blind? A veterinarian tells us the truth

Here's the scoop on whether or not dogs are really color blind.
best hypoallergenic dogs

These are the best hypoallergenic dogs for people with allergies

Here are the best hypoallergenic dogs for people who have issues with animals.
A Yorkshire terrier lies on a fluffy dog bed and looks ahead

5 signs your dog is sick and needs help ASAP, experts say

You'll want to pay attention to 5 signs that indicate your dog is sick.
a dog humping a person's leg at a park

How to stop your dog from humping legs so you can save face

Try these tricks to stop your dog from humping your leg.
A puppy lies in bed wrapped in a green blanket

Is your small dog trembling nonstop? We finally know why

This is why your small dog won't stop trembling and how you can help them.
A dog sniffing a cat on a bookshelf

Video of cat feeding a dog treats like he’s some sort of peasant is priceless

This video of a cat feeding a dog treats shows they're a perfect team.
Someone in the background feeds a dog table scraps from the table

10 human foods that are safe for your dog to devour

Feel good about feeding your dog these 10 human foods.
shih tzu underneath a tree

How long do Shih Tzus usually live?

Everything you need to know about how long Shih Tzus live.
A Shepherd dog lies on the bed and puts a paw over their face

If your dog won’t stop dragging his butt across the floor, you should be worried

Here's why dogs drag their butts across the floor.
A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel begs for food at the table.

This is how you stop your dog from constantly begging at the table

Get your dog to stop begging at the table with these tips.
A black and white border collie eating grass.

Is it bad for dogs to eat grass? You’ll want to be extra careful

There are risks associated with your dog eating grass.
a chihuahua in winter boots and a coat

5 great winter dog boots to keep your pup’s paws safe and sound

These are the best winter dog boots for your furry friend's pawas.
why dogs sigh

Why do dogs sigh? It’s not just because they’re tired or bored

There's a good reason why dogs sometimes sigh. Find out what it is.
A white dog tilts their head and perks their ears

This is what it means when your dog tilts their head at you

What your dog is trying to tell you when they tilt their head.
A yellow labrador licks his lips as he waits for his meal

5 healthy homemade dog food recipes your best friend will love

These easy homemade dog food recipes are great for your pup.
Dog barks as woman works from home

Do dogs ever get sick and tired of barking so much?

The truth about whether dogs get sick of barking all the time.
Closeup of a brown dog with a gray muzzle.

6 senior dog adoption stories that will make you weep

Get the tissues out for these senior dog adoption stories.
A German shepherd jumping on a woman wearing a black puffer coat.

How to easily stop your dog from always jumping up on people

Get your dog to stop jumping on people by following these tips.