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Help your dog and cat play: The body language communication guide you need

Not sure if your dog and cat are playing or if it's something more? We'll show you what it all means and how it relates to their behaviors.
does dog breed affect behavior multiple breeds

Study: Your dog is special and its breed has nothing to do with personality

Does dog breed determine a dog's behavior? A new study sheds some light on how much dog breed affects personality.
Kitten chewing on a toothbrush

5 easy ways to freshen your cat’s bad breath

If you're hoping for a way to make your cat's breath smell better, you've come to the right place! We list five tips to freshen your cat's breath.
Cute pug with veterinary travel certificate booklet.

Yes, there are passports for dogs, and Fido needs one STAT

Here's what you need to know about passports for your pets if you move abroad.
A group of six dogs emerging from the back of a white car.

Need a pet-friendly car? These are the best electric vehicles you can get

These are the best electric vehicles to get if you have a pet.
adorable dog magic video trick

Cuteness alert: This dog’s reaction to a magic trick is so pure

Have you ever considered performing magic tricks for your dog? In less than 10 seconds, this adorable video proves why magic for dogs is a good idea.
Dog rolling in grass with a ball in his mouth.

Skip the Roundup and use these pet-safe yard care products this spring

These yard care products are safe to use around pets, if you have dogs or cats who spend time in the yard.
A cute yellow lab puppy walking across the floor.

Myth buster: 10 Labrador retriever ‘facts’ that are actually false

10 things you have misunderstood about Labrador Retrievers that are actually false
Senior woman walking her dog.

Grandma needs a loyal companion: The 4 best pets for the elderly

Why pets and the elderly go together so well, and how to know which pet is best.
A Siamese gazes into the camera while curled into a ball.

Are Siamese cats friendly? The real truth about this misunderstood breed

Everything you need to know about Siamese cats to determine if their personality traits are right for you.
German shepherd in a grassy field

Not all pups have what it takes to be a guide dog — does yours make the cut?

What breeds make for the best guide dogs? Does your have what it takes?
A German Shorthaired Pointer sits in a field of tall grasses

The best dog breeds for outdoorsy pet parents may surprise you

Want a hiking companion? These dog breeds fit the bill.
Little girl playing with a beagle.

Everything you need to know about the beagle dog breed before bringing one home

Everything you need to know about the Beagle dog breed before you commit.
Gray Persian cat lying down

Yes, your Persian cat is indeed a prince or princess and needs special care

If you have a Persian cat, there are aspects of persian cat care you need to know.
Sad dog chained in yard.

Worried about a neighbor’s pet? Knowing these animal rights laws could save a life

Know the laws that protect your beloved pets. Is your pet safe?
a chihuahua on the floor

Is a small breed the right dog for you? Know this first

Here is everything you need to know about the small breed dogs.
A German Shepherd tilts their head and looks at the camera

These dog breeds have highly sensitive ears: Be careful with them

These dog breeds have more sensitive ears than other breeds.
A woman hugs her Great Dane who stands with front paws on her shoulders

10 dog breeds that grow so big they might outweigh you

These 10 dog breeds grow so big they can be larger than humans.
a happy gray pit bull running outside

Why everything you believe about pit bulls is probably dead wrong

Pit bulls get a bad reputation but here's the real truth about them.
a Dachshund sitting outside in the grass

Thinking of getting a Wiener Dog? Read this first!

Here's everything you need to know about how Dachshunds are as pets.
chocolate lab puppy sitting on floor

Why Labrador retrievers make excellent pets for families

Here are all of the reasons why Labrador Retrievers are perfect family dogs.
mudi playing frisbee

These rare dog breeds will be the perfect pet

Here's a list of the best rare dog breeds for every type of pet parent.
A yellow Labrador retriever puppy playing in the grass.

How to train a Labrador retriever puppy to be a good dog

Follow these tips to learn how to train your Labrador puppy to be a good dog.
Training French bulldog.

Try these simple tips to train your new French Bulldog puppy

These tips will help you to train your new French Bulldog.
chocolate lab discovers pacifiers puppy pacifier

This video is further proof that dogs and babies are the same

Ever think there's not much of a difference between dogs and babies? Watch this dog discover a shared love for most babies' favorite possession.
Yorkshire terrier in small carrier.

Looking to crate train your Yorkie? Follow these easy tips

These tips will help you easily crate train your Yorkie.
French bulldog relaxing in a crate.

The best tips for successfully crate training a French Bulldog

Follow these tips to crate train your new French Bulldog
dog and tortoise friendship sulcata

This puppy’s friendship with a tortoise is just too cute

We can't stop watching the videos of this dog sharing toys with their tortoise friend.
orange cat in a white fleece bed

How to get a cat to sleep all night so they stop waking you up

Here's what you can do to get your kitten or cat to sleep during the night.
a woman and a beagle on a computer

Wondering where to adopt a dog? How to find dog rescues near you

If you're wondering where to adopt a dog, these tips will help you find rescues.
a group of puppies on a wooden step

Try this puppy personality test to pick the perfect dog for your family

There's a puppy personality test that will help you choose the right breed.
a kitten sitting on a woven chair

Wondering which kitten breed to get? Try this simple tool

Try this selector tool to find out which breed of kitten you should get.
an orange and white kitten with blue eyes

Why do kittens have blue eyes? The answer is really simple

There's a simple reason why kittens are born with blue eyes.
a sad gray kitten in a woven basket

How to comfort your scared, crying kitten after bringing them home

Here's why kittens cry and what you can do to comfort them.
a yellow lab puppy on a wooden deck

10 quotes about puppies guaranteed to give you all the feels

These 10 quotes about puppies tug at the heartstrings.
Close-up of Labrador dog looking out of a barrier fence

Our top tips for crate training a Golden Retriever

Follow these tips when crate training your Golden Retriever.
Closeup of a brown dog with a gray muzzle.

6 senior dog adoption stories that will make you weep

Get the tissues out for these senior dog adoption stories.
A dog wearing a red jacket plays with a ball in the snow.

These best-dressed pets on Instagram are way more stylish than you

You'll love these stylish pets on Instagram who are better dressed than everyone.
A senior cat sits outside with her head in the air

6 stories of senior cat adoptions that will tug at your heartstrings

These senior cat adoption stories are so moving. Get the tissues ready.
A small senior dog sits in a field of wildflowers

6 amazing reasons you should adopt a senior pet this (or any) month

If you're getting a pet, consider adopting a senior who needs a home.
A man hiking with a Golden Retriever puppy in a backpack.

Study shows if you’re traveling with your pet, Oregon is the place to go

A new study shows Oregon has the most pet-friendly Airbnbs.
A woman and dog having a training session in the park

2022 training tips: How to stop being a total pushover with your dog

Here are tips and tricks for how to get your pet to obey you once and for all.
A woman holding a gray and white kitten.

Everything you need to do to prepare to care for a new kitten

Don't miss anything on this must-have new kitten supply list.
woman teaching a dog to sit outside

How to train your puppy at home to be an obedient dog

It's easy to train your puppy to be obedient right at home without a trainer.
Grey kitten sitting outside on a stump

Cute and unique names to call your new grey kitten

Give your grey kitten an appropriate, fun name with this list.
A Black and Tan Dachshund puppy standing on a log.

When should puppies have vaccinations? It might depend on your vet

When the experts say that puppies should have vaccinations.
Orange and white kitten lying on a bed playing with a wand toy

What are the different stages of kitten behavior? You’ll want to be prepared

Get ready for new kitten behavior by studying up on these stages.
A chocolate Labrador Retriever sniffs a newborn puppy

Taking care of a newborn puppy: 5 steps you don’t want to miss

There are certain steps you'll want to follow when caring for a newborn puppy.
Two kittens lying in a soft cat bed

Kittens from birth to adulthood: The scoop on how they grow

What you need to know about how kittens grow after birth.
a dog sitting in a straw chair next to banana basket

Can puppies eat bananas? You’ll want to be careful

Here's what you need to know about whether puppies can eat bananas.