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italian greyhound meetups

How to find a meetup group for your Italian greyhound

Here's how to find other Italian greyhounds to socialize your pet.
Irish setter in the show ring

Want an active dog? 3 reasons why an Irish setter may be for you

If you're looking for an active dog, an Irish setter may just be for you. Here's why.
pet profile armie harpo pembroke welsh corgis tongues out

Pet profiles: Meet Armie & Harpo, two adorable Pembroke Welsh corgis

These cute corgis stole their editor Dad's heart — and most of his socks.
Adult walking a dog on a beach at sunset

5 tips to help you find the perfect pet sitter

When you travel, you want to make sure the right person is caring for your pets. These 5 tips can help you find the perfect pet sitter.
Dog up close to camera in the desert

We can’t stop watching this docuseries on Peacock

This docuseries is amazing and every pet lover should watch it.
Dog taking a treat.

The best flea and tick prevention medicines for Labrador retrievers

Want to keep your playful, adventurous Labrador retriever safe in the great outdoors? Try these flea and tick prevention medicines.
a white wesite dog stands on a grooming table while a groomer with long curly hair uses scissors to give the dog a haircut

How to choose the right dog groomer for your pet

This is what you need to know to choose the right dog groomer.
A brown and white mixed-breed dog curled up in bed.

Why you should adopt a mixed-breed dog next

Purebreds are great, but so are mutts. Here's why you should adopt a mixed-breed dog.
Close up of happy collie dog's face.

This is the totally normal reason why your dog’s nose is cold

It's fine if your dog's nose is wet and cold. Here's why.
A Black and Tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel lying on a white bed.

These are the best breeds for first-time dog owners

If you've never owned a dog before, you should consider these amazing dog breeds.
dog body language girl hugging

Learn to understand a dog’s body language to avoid a dog bite

Dogs communicate their feelings in many ways. Learn how to know when a dog is feeling scared or aggressive in order to avoid a dangerous situation.
A veterinarian in a lab coat holding a brown puppy.

This vet’s podcast is amazing, and you should listen now

Listen to this podcast for some useful information about pets.
lhasa apso grooming long hair

Long hair vs. puppy cut: Which is better for your Lhasa apso?

Which haircut is right for your Lhasa Apso? We tell you the pros and cons of long hair and puppy cuts.
Tiger cat lying on a rug

How to help your new cat settle in

Follow this handy guide to bringing a new cat home to make sure your pet is safe, confident, and comfortable.
A golden retriever puppy and an orange tabby kitten at the vet

What you need to know about pet insurance and vaccines

Not sure if pet insurance will cover vaccines? Here's how you can affordably keep your dog or cat healthy.
australian shepherds in bandanas

5 DIY tips to make a homemade flea collar for your dog

Thinking of making your dog a DIY flea collar? Here's what you should consider.
A gray cat biting someone's finger.

Why clicker training for cats is a great idea

This is why you should try clicker training for your cat.
A woman sitting on a windowsill holding a calico cat.

9 telltale signs you’re probably a cat person

There are dog people and cat people in this world. Are you a cat person? Here's how to tell.
A gray Scottish Fold cat.

3 effective flea and tick sprays for cats under $20 you can get today

Are fleas or ticks a problem for your cat? These are the best flea and tick sprays for cats.
Woman stands silhouetted with her horse in stables

Is your child ready for a horse? What you need to know

Consider these factors before getting your child a horse.
pet profiles lucy

Pet profiles: Meet Lucy, a terrier mix who’s a writer’s best friend

This adorable rescue girl is sweet, speedy, and sometimes a little snacky.
A person holding a pill out in front of a white cat

6 effective tips to make giving a cat a pill easy

Giving cats pills can be challenging, especially if you have a particularly uncooperative cat. Here's how you can make giving a cat a pill easier.
Person walking two dogs on leashes down a trail

How to set your pet sitter up for success

If you've hired a pet sitter, follow these steps to ensure their job is easy and your pets are well cared for.
a cocker spaniel sits and looks at the camera in front of a field of orange flowers

Why do cocker spaniels get chronic ear infections? Here’s what to know

Here's why cocker spaniels get ear infections and what you can do to help.
Scared dog hiding under furniture.

6 effective ways to keep pets safe if a fire breaks out

No homeowner wants to think about a house fire, but when it comes to protecting your family (including pets), being proactive is essential. Here's what to do.
An orange and white tabby cat grooming their paw.

7 common reasons your cat is losing weight and throwing up

If your cat is losing weight and throwing up, it could be a serious issue. These are the most common reasons for this behavior and what you should do about it.
Two cats curled up together for a nap

Yes, cat retirement homes exist — this is what you need to know

It's terribly sad when an owner passes away or is no longer able to care for a cat. This is what you need to know about cat retirement homes.
A woman in a yellow sweater holding a puppy in a shelter.

How to find a purebred dog at a rescue shelter

You can find purebred dogs at shelters. Follows these tips to do so.
A smiling young woman holds a shiba inu in her arms in front of a city in the background

These are the most dog-friendly cities to live in

These cities top the list of emerging dog-friendly places to live. Does your hometown make the list?
A black kitten lying on a desk while a woman works.

Why adopting a kitten is good for your health

Kittens aren't just cute—adopting one offers these health benefits, too.
dog going blind old golden retriever pet head sit

6 telltale signs your dog is going blind

These are the telltale signs your dog is going blind.
Dog taking CBD oil from dropper.

What you need to know about CBD oil for dogs

Are you unsure if CBD oil is good for your dog? This is everything you need to know about it.
a tan Chinook dog stands outside and looks to the side

3 rare dog breeds that almost went extinct

These three dog breeds almost went extinct. Here's how they made their comeback.
A white and tan English bulldog panting in a grassy yard.

How to keep your dog from getting overheated this summer

Summer can be a lot of fun, but it can also be dangerous for dogs. Here's how to keep your dog cool.
Dog having a bath.

4 flea and tick shampoos for dogs that actually work

These are the best flea and tick shampoos for dogs.
A black Poodle puppy in a wicker basket.

3 myths about poodles you probably believe

While pop culture would have you believe poodles are prissy, this is the truth about this breed.
A woman meditating next to a Shiba Inu.

4 amazing dog breeds to consider instead of a pomsky

Yes, pomskies are cute, but these dog breeds are just as adorable.
dogs dental hygiene 3

Why you need to pay attention to your dog’s dental hygiene today

If you want your dog to be in the best health possible, make sure proper dental hygiene is part of their routine.
An adult Rottweiler lying on pavement.

Are Rottweilers friendly with strangers? What you need to know

This is what you need to know about rottweilers and strangers.
Firefighter rescuing dog.

4 ways to keep your pet from starting a house fire

Plenty of house fires get started by pets. Here's how to keep that from happening to you.
Young woman choosing dog at shelter.

How to find the shelter dog that fits your lifestyle

We've got the tips and tricks you need for finding a dog at a shelter.
Person scratching under a relaxed cat's chin

5 great calming aids for cats under $40 you can get right now

These are the best calming aids for cats that you can get.
Beagle sitting in car.

Taking your dog on a road trip? Don’t use an electric vehicle

Here's what you need to consider before taking your dog on a road trip in an electric vehicle.
white puppy running in grass

7 effective ways to puppy-proof your backyard

Puppy proof your backyard with these simple strategies.
Woman putting flea and tick preventative on a dog

5 fantastic flea and tick treatments for your golden retriever

These flea and tick treatments work great for golden retrievers.
cute gold puppy on gray rug

What you need to know about your dog’s eye care

This is everything you need to know about caring for your dog's eyes.
choosing a pet carrier 34141555351 e99ff6f40e o

How to choose the perfect pet carrier for your small dog or cat

The right pet carrier for your small dog or cat depends on the type of travel you're planning and many other factors. Here's how to make the best choice.
beagle rolling in the grass

How to choose lawn care products that are safe for pets

This is how to find lawn care products that are safe for your pets.
dog sniffing benefits collie red flower jpg

Why you should let your dogs sniff as much as they want on walks

It might sometimes be annoying to wait while your dog sniffs everything in sight on your walks, but there are good reasons to let them. Here's why.
A gray and white cat in a wicker basket.

Now is the best time to adopt a cat — here’s why

Adopting a cat is a great thing to do for many reasons. Here are some of the biggest benefits.